Sneak Peek Recipe! Hungry Man One Pot Dinner

Today I’m going to give you a gift.  I’ve been working very hard on my cookbook to get it ready for publishing and as such there have been several recipes that I’ve not shared because they were IN the cookbook. But, my computer and YouTube haven’t been getting along very well and as such, in spite of all of my best intentions, the YouTube videos that I’ve made to post for specific days in this 100 Days of Prepping haven’t made it up yet. (grrrr….) So, I think that the least I can do is share with you one of my absolute favorite dishes. If I could, I’d make it for all of you and deliver it “poy-sen-al-lee” to you. But I insist on exacting revenge on this newfangled computer and YouTube instead, so you’re going to have to just throw this together yourself. It's certainly the perfect weather for this scrumptious dish! There are several things I love about this recipe with the variety of textures being just the beginning. To be perfectly forthright, I love the compliments I get when I make it. I’ve NEVER served it to someone new and NOT had them ask for the recipe. Secondly, it’s EEEEEZZZZEEEE! With the exception of the chopped onion, it’s an “Open, Dump, Heat” recipe and I guaran-dang-tee-yah it’s better than any freeze-dried MRE kind of food that requires the same hands-off kind of cooking instructions. Next, I love this recipe because it can double, triple or whatever very easily. AND it’s very hearty. I frequently make this recipe with my home canned hamburger and home canned bacon and freeze-dried onion. However, I’m going to give you the recipe with the regular, everyday kind of cooking instructions and ingredients. I suspect it will be obvious to you to see how easy it can be tweaked to be one of your shelf-stable recipes. Here you go…I present to you the Hungry Man One Pot Dinner recipe   Hungry Man One Pot Dinner 1 pound ground beef—browned, and drained (or ground turkey) 1 pound of bacon- crispy, drained, cut into small pieces (or turkey bacon) 1 C. chopped onion 2 1 pound cans of pork and beans 1 pound canned kidney beans--undrained 1 pound canned buttered lima beans (or Great Northern Beans)--undrained 1 C. ketchup ½ C. dark brown sugar 2 T. liquid smoke 1 T. white vinegar 1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce ½ t. salt 1 t. ground pepper If you like a little bit of heat, this recipe works well with just a bit of Srieracha or the dark chocolate peppers. Combine all ingredients and cook on medium heat until completely warmed through. You can use a stove top or a crock pot for this recipe. A pressure cooker will likely scorch on this recipe though.


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About how many does this feed? 100?

I think I will give this a try, even thought I DON'T like beans. And guess what? My husband works for the "number 1 baked bean in America" The one where the dog is always trying to steal the secret recipe. Arg, I know, crazy. But I am stockpiling lots of canned beans since they are so easy for me to get, my husband loves them, and I know they are good for me, especially in a SHTF emergency of any kind. You can alwyas just open the can and eat them if worse comes to worse. No added water and no fuel. So yeah, I need to like beans.

Love your site. Even have my hubby reading it and printing off articles. My question is When is your cookbook coming out? Can't wait to buy it.

what do you do when it's just yourself. The freeze dried food will last but is expensive. They say to rotate the cans but most of what I have are things I would not normally eat. i.e cans of corn, canned fruit. If I had a family that would be different but this stuff will go bad before I ever get to eat it unless something happens. Then of course you eat whatever you have.

Well, that's your first shouldn't be stocking up on anything that you wouldn't normally eat. I'd suggest that you take a look at the articles entitled "What I Wish I had Known About Food Storage" I think that will help and answer your questions.

I'll have to try this, it sounds good, but I will have to run the beans through the food processor so they can't be detected by the boys. :o)

don't bother with this recipe then. If you have to hide the beans or the onions it's not worth it. :-)

Sounds good. I will try it. Thanks

Hey Kellene can this recipe be canned??

But it's so simply, I wouldn't waste the space for it canned as every single ingredient can already come canned or bottled

Out of curiosity, how many of the recipes in your book contain some form of pork? Just wondering because we don't eat pork products so I don't know if it would be worth it to buy your book--which I sure will be awesome otherwise. I know that we can use chicken or turkey bacon as a substitute, but I don't think there will be much of that available when SHTF.

I've noticed lately that many of the 'comments' have been partially cut off on the right margin. I'm still able to figure out what people are saying, but it's a little time-consuming to read everything with that added 'chore'. Is anyone else having the same issue? Thanks.

Yes, there's been one other who brought this to my attention. It must be a new development. I'll most definitely take care of it.

This is my kind of recipe! It's easy and has beans, bacon and onions in it! A recipe has to be easy for me to attempt. Thank you so much for sharing it. I can't wait for your cookbook to come out.

The pot is simmering on the stove at this moment. The whole house smells wonderful. I didn't have any kidney beans so I just used great northern. A perfect dish for a cold winter's day. I can't wait for the cook book!

I hope that your new cookbook has lots of Sun Oven recipes since I purchased my Sun Oven specifically for when the SHTF. One wiseacre friend ask me how I will cook in it on the run? I said you know, I am pretty good with bungee cords and a roof rack! :) Seriously-can't wait to read your new book!

There are very few recipes that can't be accommodated for a solar oven.

Would it make any difference if you substituted another bean for the kidney? Maybe small red beans instead?

I think that an adzuki bean would be a wonderful substitute. I like the texture that the kidney beans give though, so I'd probably double the amount of any other bean that was smaller than the kidney bean.

I hope that the cookbook comes out soon! I'm waiting on it to finish my stockpile to make sure I have everything I need. Please tell me it will be out soon.


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