The Facts About Fish Antibiotics

fish antibioticsI’ve received a LOT of questions lately as to the notion of using fish antibiotics (fish mox) for human use as well as livestock antibiotics and other livestock medicine for human use—of course not for everyday, but certainly in an effort to be medically self-reliant if an “end of the world as we know it” scenario occurs. (Yes, there actually are other euphemisms to describe a crisis other than “when the *bleep* hits the fan.” *grin*) Well, the short answer to these queries is NO, livestock medicines are not fit for human use and YES, fish antibiotics certainly are acceptable for human use. So…go fish.

All Hail the AMA

Today’s article comes to us courtesy of a reader who took such great exception to my article from yesterday.  I have never taken this type of approach previously, however, I feel that it’s important to do so in this case so that there be no disillusion as to what this year has in store with Preparedness Pro. The post yesterday was as follows, with an anonymous name and non-working e-mail address (kind of funny when you think about that aspect actually because anonymity is the ideal characteristic of someone who’s attempting to do something in secret, don’t ya think?)