There are more than 110 nutritional supplement manufacturers in the U.S.  Each of these manufacturers produce product that is slowly killing the majority of the persons who partake of the multi-BILLION dollar supplement industry!

In this education event, we’re going to revolutionize what you know about nutrition and supplements today, and your world will never be the same.

The errors, misinformation, and blatant deception in the nutrition industry are at the core of every single illness in this nation. Ironically, when people become ill, whether temporary or long term, they only exasperate their health by NOT knowing the truth about nutrition. Of all of the education which a medical professional could learn, NOTHING would have a more lasting effect on the HEALTH of their patients than the application of the TRUE science of nutrition, and yet, less than a half a percent of all medical professionals in the U.S. have ANY training in this arena. What’s worse though is that what they do receive in the form of education, even formalized education on the topic of nutrition, is typically skewed by the inherent loyalties within the medical industry to the pharmaceutical, diagnosis, and treatment corporations.  

Perhaps you can begin to understand why everyone needs someone who is knowledgeable in the world of nutrition AND that will tell it to them STRAIGHT!

After tuning in to this education event, you’ll see EVERYTHING regarding nutrition very differently. We don’t use the term “life changing” lightly, and this is one education event that has the potential to truly bring about an “ah ha” moments for everyone in attendance.

Limit 100 Attendees.

Scheduled Time: 120 minutes (includes some live question and answer time)

Tuition: $10 and includes a Resource Guide by the same title written by Kellene, The Preparedness Pro

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(Event Closed-stay tuned for our new schedule!)