The Gourmet Food Experiment

Last week I had the occasion to prepare an elaborate dinner for over 30 women. That doesn’t seem like a big deal on the surface; after all, I’ve created dinner for several wedding receptions, Christmas parties, and I actually love the occasion to spoil folks with yummy food. But this event was indeed different as I didn’t have all day to prepare, I was already exhausted from a previous day of 16 hours of non-stop filming and a day that already had more activity than I typically have to do in one week. All of the dishes had to be made without the luxury of refrigeration or electricity on demand, be worthy of the label of “gourmet”, and oh, yeah…the dishes had to be “camera ready” and tasty so that the cameras didn’t catch anyone spitting it out in disgust.

The Self-Inflicted Wound

“Hello. My name is Kellene and I’ll be volunteering as your victim today.  Please try to keep your assaults isolated to hidden areas as I have an image to uphold.”

As I’ve said a hundred times, there are no victims, only volunteers.  When we volunteer to pay 300% more for something than what we could spend if we were more patient or proactive, then I consider that to be a self-inflicted price gouging wound. A real danger comes when we’re faced with the painful reality of such decisions in light of today’s economic stage. Attempting to ignore the consequences of seemingly innocent spending choices can literally make the difference between being financially strong or falling into a death spiral of financial ruin.

Great Wheat Meat Recipes

[caption id="attachment_1705" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Doesn't that look delicious?"]Doesn't that look delicious?[/caption]

Ribs, meatballs, steak, corned beef and ground beef–made from wheat? You bet! And it’s tasty too!!!

As covered in the last 2 days of our articles, “wheat meat” is a GREAT alternative for traditional protein sources in your food storage. It’s also healthy for you and requires less energy for your body to process than “regular meat.”

My Spice of Life

  spice-of-life1 Stores of food staples are meaningless without the proper add-in ingredients.  Remember, you need to be prepared to provide meals for your family that are as “normal” as possible in order to help alleviate the stress of change and chaos and to literally provide comfort.  This is why I’m sharing with you my “never be without” spice list.  This list is actually in addition to what I hope would be standard in everyone’s kitchen such as salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, Tabasco sauce, soy sauce, barbeque sauce, Worchester sauce, Italian seasoning, caraway seed, and All Spice. (more…)

Why You Will LOVE a Pressure Cooker!

A couple years ago I was interviewed by a magazine and asked what was it that I couldn’t live without?  I replied that other than my husband, I couldn’t live without my pressure cooker — but it was a close tie.  I am so absolutely in love with all of the features of a quality pressure cooker, that I’m out to convert every person who considers themselves a cook, or concerned with emergency preparedness.