Preparedness Pro Kicks It Up Gourmet Chef Style



This Saturday, June 9th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., The Preparedness Pro will be honored to teach  a culinary class at the prestigious Thanksgiving Point Emporium Kitchen. This room has hosted some of the best chefs that our area has to offer and Kellene is excited to participate. Her class will demonstrate a full 5 course gourmet meal made exclusively from shelf-stable foods and is sure to make all attendees drool. Just as a teaser, she’ll be creating a long forgotten authentic Italian Dish that transforms its simple ingredients into a memorable entrée. As one of the appetizers, she’ll easily create homemade Pecan Wheat Crackers which will hold her original chicken salad recipe that will make all other chicken salads look like cafeteria food. We don’t want to give away too many of the surprises but we can’t hold back on what she’s serving for dessert! She’s elevating the world of cookies by making delectable homemade Lemon Zinger Cookies which will be served alongside the luxurious homemade Minted Marshmallow Fluff.  Oooh…your pantry never tasted this good!


Be sure to register for the class right away as seating is limited. Cost is $40 and includes all of the recipes and generous servings of the presented dishes. You’ll learn some great techniques as well, which are sure to convert your pantry from Ho-hum to Hallelujah!

To register call 801-768-2300 or go online at:


Hurry to register before seating runs out!

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Will you be sharing these recipes on your blog since most of us do not live in Utah?

Nope, these will not be shared on the blog, but they will make their way into the cookbook.

Did you ever decide to compose a cookbook of your recipes? If so, when will it be in print? Hurry! Things aren't looking too bright as far as the economy is concerned!!!

Yup, it's in the process now, actually.

Wonderful. Can't wait.

Way to go, sweetheart. ;)

One of the many reasons why I love you. ;)

too bad I live 2000 miles away....or I'd be there :)

Do you ever do classes in CA?

I did last year. But that was because a reader did most of the work in getting it together and marketing it, etc. :-) hint hint...

How about a class in good ole Washington State? The east side, of course, Spokane to be exact!!

Hope all goes/went well with your class. Wishing you the best since I know you are one of the best.. Thinking of you.


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