Carrot Cake Jam Recipe

If you’re the least bit curious what I’ll be conjuring up in my kitchen this weekend, it’s this new recipe that my friend Holly shared with me today. Carrot Cake Jam. I mean really, with a name like that, how can you NOT love it, right? If you’d like to join me on this journey, here’s the recipe that Holly swears is her very favorite and is worth the effort. And considering that she’s staying up until stupid o’clock to finish her canning of this concoction, I’m going to have to believe her. Besides, she’s never led me astray previously.


Thanks Holly! I’m SO looking forward to this!


Carrot Cake Jam
1 1/2 C finely grated peeled carrots
1 1/2 C chopped cored peeled pears
1 3/4 C canned crushed pineapple with juice
3 Tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cloves

1 package powdered pectin (1/3 C bulk pectin)
6 1/2 C granulated sugar

In deep pan, combine carrots, pears, pineapple with juice, lemon juice and spices. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring frequently. reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and whisk in pectin until dissolved. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring frequently. Add sugar all at once and return to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Boil hard for one minute. Remove from heat and skim off foam.
Ladle hot jam into prepared jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Wipe rim, put on lid and ring and process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Makes about 3 pints.



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Thanks. Am shopping for a Food Saver and anxious to use it. Have lots of things to put in it. BTW I made the jam and I loved it, as did my hubby. Love the cinnamon/clove bite to it.

Yes you can double it fine. Wow, I can't imagine it without cloves. Ground ginger perhaps?

I love the sound of this recipe! I have two questions. Do you think I could double it successfully, and is there any other spice I could use beside cloves? Some family members don't like anything made with cloves.

I often substitute allspice for cloves. It has a similar taste and I have a large container of it in the pantry whereas ground cloves here can cost over 5.00 for one of those tiny little containers. I have even put whole cloves in my Bullit and ground them that way as for some reason whole cloves are much cheaper.

Ooh, I'm going to have to check out that one!!

Love your site and agree with all you say. One question--how can I keep cornmeal from going rancid other than freezing it?

Instead of storing corn meal, try storing popcorn/dent corn instead. That way the inherent oils aren't exposed to oxygen. Other than that, your best bet will be keeping it in a cool, dry place using the FoodSaver and jar method. (See "FoodSaver Saves the Day" article on this site.)

I have tried this recipe. Everyone raves about it. I also serve it over cream cheese with graham crackers as a snack.

With the weather getting cooler and all, this recipe is perfect with the autumn like spices. Thanks for sharing!

If I can them in #10 cans with H2O abosorbers is that as good as food saver in a jar? (I #10 canned both the popcorn and cornmeal)..

yes, if you seal the cans, of course. Very few folks have access to a can sealer though so I don't usually go into that option.

There is a very old recipe Mrs Beeton's carrot jam to imitate apricot preserve which is very simple and very good - I found it in my copy of Jane Grigson's cookbook - Good Things (1971). Also a very good section on salting meat.

I thought the carrot cake jam recipe was just weird enough to try it. Made it today and my husband loves it! Now I find there is an apple pie jam and peach cobbler jam. Who knew? I LOVE this site!

I saw this recipe on another website, and it sounded so delicious I immediately made a batch. I didn't have any cloves so I reduced the amount of the nutmeg and cinnamon, and added a bit of pumpkin pie spice (which does have clove in it), but you could use apple pie spice, which has allspice but no clove. Anyway, it IS delicious. Schmear a bit of cream cheese on whole wheat toast, add a layer of this jam, and it's like eating carrot cake for breakfast. Yum!

My son-in-law's favorite thing is my carrot cake, so I had to try this for him. It's really good. My son said it was his favorite so far. Sweet!!! Thanks for sharing.

Hi everybody,
I'm proud to announce that I finally faced my fear and canned meat for the first time. I jarred stir-fry beef, chicken, loin of pork and beef cubes. I was so scared of undercooking, since I canned them all in the same batch, I had the pressure stay at 10 for 90 minutes. Canned meat isn't too attractive but I'm trying to convince my daughter it's going to taste great....god willing (: I'm still nervous since There are no times given for a lot of foods I'd like to can.
I have an important question-I have several cake and brownie box mixes that expire this month. If I jar the mixes now will they be safe to store? I only buy mixes that you have to add eggs and such. I fear storing mixes since deaths of children from moms using expired pancake and cake mixes. They weren't jarred either. I want to be safe so any input is so appreciated! Thank you!

I agree, it's not attractive, but that's why you never see it sold in clear jars. :-)
I've used cakes and other mixes years and years past their expiration dates. Read the article I wrote on expiration dates by putting "expiration dates" in teh search bar.

I made a double batch over the weekend and it is delicious, thank you for sharing this recipe! I am thinking these are perfect for a Christmas gift basket!

This was the biggest hit of all the jams and jellies I canned last year! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe!

I too love this jam. The aroma and taste are wonderful. However, I don't have much experience with jams/jellies. Mine seems to have crystalized the sugar. What did I do wrong?

I'm thinking that you cooked it too long so that it crystallized again (hard ball stage will do that.)


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