You Know You Married a Frugal Prepper If...

Top 10: You Know You Married a Frugal Prepper If...
10.) Your wife scours neighbor's refuse, dumpsters, and roadsides (sometimes roads) the night before garbage pick-up day.  She even gives the stink-eye to like-minded people who are out trash-picking and is known to come home from a run early to grab the car and bring some unnecessary thing home.
9.) Your wife has decided that the basement (in our present and first home) need not house exercise equipment, shop tools, or "man cave"-like materials.  Instead we need to house dehydrated food and large barrels of water.  Nothing exciting down there, folks.
8.) Wifey buys RV toilet tablets--when you don't own an RV!  ("to disintegrate the waste in our makeshift toilet...just in case...")
7.) Piggybacking on number 8, when whatever explanation for a newfound contraption around the house is prefaced with a "just in case." (yes, we have two back-up charcoal bbq's, even though we own a gas bbq.  and two small and extra freezer chests.  "just in case...")
6.)  Your wife won't pay for cable.  But she's obsessed with "Doomsday Preppers" and waits and waits until a kind soul posts it on Youtube for her to devour and re-watch, taking notes all the while.  The conversation start-ups afterward are not for the faint of heart. (Including fish antibiotics, self-defense, former military transportation, electromagnetic pulse (still not sure what that is), owning/fishing/eating tilapia fish, and lots of guns and ammo).
5.) Same said wife will dicker over a 34-cent charge difference with Comcast but will take on a part-time job to afford some food storage for our family of four.
4.) Instead of wanting a wedding band for our 5-year anniversary (which she never got when we first married) she keeps asking for a solar oven, tazer gun, more dehydrated food, solar panels (ouch!--pricey), "off-the-grid" living.
3.) Wife insists on planning evacuation routes by foot, bike and trailer (our kids are 3 and 1), car, lawn mower (yes, really), in case something really bad happens in our peaceful suburbia.
2.) Time is spent on preparing "bug-out" bags for our family instead of Friday night movie night.
and the number
1.) Wife now sizes up our geriatric neighbors to see what sort of threat they might be to us in her many and varied "just in case" scenarios.
I'm just wondering where my wife of nearly five years has gone and when (if) I'll get her back.
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So true. And funny! My hubs can relate!

Katey, let's be friends. My hubby can relate, too! :)

very witty writing. her husband must be super smart!

Vote them #1!

they got my vote.

he's hilarious. and so is his wife!

My vote!

I vote for them!

I cast my vote.

I can commiserate.


another vote.



made my day. hahaha

good fun.


i vote!

What a hoot! I love this guy’s humor. Seriously though, I hope he realizes that he is so blessed to have a wife like that. I wish my DH was more supportive of my endeavors.


I vote for this guy. Sounds like my husband complmenting ME! Except we are just getting started. Excellent, entertaining post, haha :)

The Preparedness Pro gives one of her 5 votes to THIS one! Nicely done guys. It was one of only 2 that I felt went for the humor factor, and we can all use more of that! Thanks!

You crazy!

Su Clazy!

Ru Clazy!

Poor James.

Poor Anna.

I voted for her!

This definitely brought a smile.

You've got my vote!

vote #1

vote for him, poor guy

the wife sounds pretty eccentric and funny. I'd date her. :)

the last one was a joke. obviously she's married.


yay! that's my sister we're talking about!

She never wins anything so this would be good for her.

and p.s.) her husband loves and adores her. this preparing is definitely a newfound quirk but he's (mostly/nearly) behind her, too.



I suppose I should vote for myself.

and another time. it seems appropriate.

thanks for the props, you guys.

let's win!

i voted.

oh he sounds terrific!

can I vote just by commenting here? hope this works...

hello? I voted and loved it!

put me in for a vote.

me voted.

priceless. funny vote right here!

count this guy in!


and yet another...

I am dying right now!!! I am picturing James buying a tazer gun and telling the cashier that it's your anniversary present!!! You are so quirky and I love it!!!

here's to a vote.

So funny! Got my vote!

You can never be too prepared!!

I cast my vote!

I can relate!

We just bought a power generator!

And we just planted a garden too!

Good and funny. This gets my vote for sure.

Love that lady!!! ;) Vote #1


Voting again!

...and again! ;)

and my final vote! Good luck guys! ;)


I vote for him.


my vote for here!

:) this one's great.

here's to the geriatric neighbors. haha

and the stink eye to other trash pickers


This is great! I'm not sure if my giggles are due to the content or the late hour, but I LOVE this post. Here's my vote #5.

I vote!

this guy's hilarious.

let's help them win a solar oven. I know that's what the said frugal prepper gal wants!

help a sista out!

I voted!

Here's a vote!

:) too funny

geriatric neighbors, huh? :)

yikes. today's garbage day. better watch out!

last one.

estou a votar.

podes contar isso para a sister?


helping him..

me vote



:) i like his humor


double vote

here's hopin

trash picker!

super divertido


alli es super chistoso

Not just frugal, but resourceful! Good luck!


I hope you win!


Voted sweet friend


I vote for this one!

My vote


A vote for this one

VOte for sure

Good luck.

I know where to go in a disaster!

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