worryLast night I was begrudgingly up until 1:45 a.m. Finally I resorted to a sleeping aid so that I could get some much needed rest. (Thank goodness it kicked in at 2:00 a.m.) In spite of being reasonably comfortable in my personal preparedness efforts to be independent and thrive regardless of the scenario, I do have a nagging thought that plagues me and won’t let me sleep at night. What keeps the Preparedness Pro awake at night? It’s YOU.

I sincerely worry about you.

If I’ve ever smiled at you in a grocery store, communicated with you via letter or e-mail, attended church with you, or seen you in one of my classes, I worry about you. In fact, even when I get a solicitation call and hear a human voice, I worry about that person. Here they are going on in their life conducting a mundane task and they aren’t the least bit aware just how vulnerable they are. When I sit down for a meal in a public place and watch people walk by, I genuinely worry about them. I find myself very aware of the human connections in nearly every aspect of my life. My postal worker, my doctor, the tellers at the bank, the TV news anchors and even the kids who left an empty beer bottle on my lawn—these are real human beings to me, not just an interaction. I worry because the vast majority of the people are completely unaware as to what I believe is coming soon that will alter their lives tremendously. I worry not that trouble will come, but that when it does, real human beings will needlessly suffer because they failed to take action now. It’s as if they are seeing the rows and rows of beautiful harvest but assuming it will always be there, never spoil, and thus they leave the reaping for another day. There will be much suffering of real people as a result. This is why I worry.

worryYou don’t have to be a Christian to see innumerable evidences that our nation is ripe for a bumpy ride. You don’t have to believe in global warming to notice that our weather patterns have been peculiar as of late and devastating to many. (For the record I am a Christian and don’t believe in the global warming rhetoric.) A person’s political affiliation does not exempt them from cause for concern. An earthquake or tornado does not set its boundaries of damage by voting precincts. Clearly this year’s wheat infestations are no respecter of religion, income level, or astrological sign.

The fact is, our nation’s currency is only one courageous expose away from being worthless. The performers are stoically committed to their charade, but commitment does nothing to alter reality.

I clearly expect Iran and Israel to be involved in a widely prophesied war within the next 3 months, the ramifications of which will be undeniable to our nation.

Our nation’s enemies are merely emboldened in their evil intents as they watch our economy fail, our leaders bumble, and our citizens do nothing noteworthy in response.

The swine flu may fall short of its mainstream media billing, but considering the alarming increase in the numbers of tuberculosis and other diseases which we had previously eradicated from our nation, H1N1 is simply a dress rehearsal of what is legitimately to come, in my opinion.

Regardless what the talking heads say, we are about to see a food shortage unlike any since the days of Joseph in Egypt. Even the wealthy will find themselves in want for wheat and sugar in due time. These are just a FEW of the obvious concerns that make up a perfect storm for the unaware and unprepared. This is why I worry about you.

worryThere are at least 12 different studies which I’ve read over the last month which conclude that less than 2% of the homes in our nation are prepared any differently than those persons were who were involved in Hurricane Katrina—even after we all witnessed their suffering as a result of a lack of preparation. To me, it’s just as ludicrous as watching the 10th season of Survivor and seeing that they STILL can’t start a fire. You would think after a couple of seasons these so-called ardent fans who find themselves as contestants would have had enough time to figure out how to build a fire in the wild! The majority of the homes in this nation do not even have two weeks worth of food and water. In fact, some of you mistakenly believe that the water in the nearby lake is your own personal answer to water storage. That’s why I worry about you.

I worry that you are not doing enough now to get prepared

Some of you refuse to prepare for your own defense, thinking that the military or law enforcement will be miraculously available and trustworthy to aid you in your moment of despair. Over half of the homes that own firearms for self-defense do not have more than a round of ammo to go with them. I worry not only about you in this regard, but for our nation as a whole. No defenseless people have ever been able to obtain freedom and independence.

Some of you are working feverishly at a late hour to get prepared. But in your haste will you remember it all? Will there be enough time before you have to rely on what you have right now? For those of you who have seen a smidgen of light, don’t you wish you had started sooner in your preparedness efforts? I stay up at night wondering if you’ll be ready for what’s coming.

Some of you may have “stuff” but no sense. The solar oven has been sitting in your basement and you’ve never used it. The empty water barrels in your backyard are now an accepted part of the scenery. I once had a gal tell me that she LOVES her pressure cooker but she’s never used it with the lid on it. Some don’t know what a mortar and pestle is for, what to do with a shovel, how to ensure heat remains in a home, or how to filter their water safely.

worrySome of you have no plan for how to reunite with your family if you are ever separated. I’m sure there are lots of families who lived through those awful hours following 9/11 wishing they’d had a plan.

A wise friend once told me “People who stop living the way they believe, start believing the way they live.” In other words, I hear hollow excuses from countless individuals as to why being prepared in any capacity is “categorically crazy, unrealistic, impossible, irresponsible, and futile.” But these excuses will be inconsequential when the real turmoil manifests itself in their lives. This is why I worry about you.

Unfortunately, the problem is that none of you are reading this.  Surely your loved ones have pleaded with you to get prepared, but you’re not inclined in your comfort zone and fluffy state of mind to do so. Perhaps they will share this with you in another futile effort to calm their fretful minds. That’s why I worry about you. But that’s also why I do this every day. While I may not know your name, your history, or your dreams, I do know that there exists a beating heart and a soul beyond all of those formalities. I know that you are important to someone. And as such, I feel like you’re important to me. I may not ever benefit or change a single person through my knowledge and passion, but it won’t be because I did not give my all. I can answer to God with clean hands. May you go and do the same.



Cybrludite · October 27, 2009 at 9:16 am

The world weighs on my shoulders, but what am I to do?
You sometimes drive me crazy, but I worry about you.
I know it makes no difference to what you're going through,
But I see the tip of the iceberg and I worry about you. – Rush, "Distant Early Warning"

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 2:25 am

    I liked this Cybrludite! Thanks.

jamie · October 27, 2009 at 1:47 pm

Some of us are listening and taking you lessons and implementing them. Can you save everyone no, and the people that die will be good and descent folks, and some that live will be predators an evil. I think most folks in the "Western World" have no idea about how bad it can get. well you just have to keep putting out the info because that's what you do. I know I have learned so much from you, and got my Mom hooked on you as well. Plus reread all those comments on your blog. You are making a difference. I can tell you that you have gotten 5 families prepped for 3 weeks plus 2 of those households prepped for a year plus. That's just me and mine. I know more folks have been helped by you.
I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. But you do your best and let God take care of the rest. Worry does you no good and does me no good. The folks that try to do their best to prep, you don't need to worry about. The folks that don't prep, well don't and all the worry in the world won't make them do it.
So we do read, and you aren't alone. We are spreading the seeds around. In good soil they will take root, in bad soil they won't. We may do all we can to make it good soil and still nothing grows.

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 2:26 am

    Thanks Jamie. I know there are some. But is that enough to maintain a civil, free society? That's what I worry about. And I also worry abou the suffering… and…and…and… 🙂

      jamie · October 29, 2009 at 6:32 am

      Not sure about maintaining a free and civil society. I hope so. I think that there is a lot a good folks out there. Look how the Dakotas pulled together during the floods. and those folks during the Ice Storm. Americans in Flyover Country tend to be pretty darn good at helping out and taking care of each other.
      As far as Suffering goes it's part of the human condition. We make a lot of our own problems, but we can also solve a lot of them as well. Look at how long we live, Babies that can be saved in Neonatal units, Cancer is no longer a death sentence. The Internet, I have friends all over the world now.
      Remember the glass can be half full or half empty it only depends on your point of view.
      Your old site had hit counter. Go look at that number again.

LEH · October 28, 2009 at 3:31 am

Kellene, I understand your angst and worry. I too suffer with the same. You can take comfort in that there are probably more people in the US preparing than you know. See those Preparedness and Survival sites to the right. Behind each one is a human face trying to get the word out. Their visitors relay the information to their families and so on. There are thousands upon thousands on the internet like that. I cannot write very well so I take another approach. Everywhere I go, I make sure to mention preparedness. The Post Office, the grocery store or other public place, connect with whom you are speaking.
Example: I live in a small mountain town. I went to the Post Office and talked with my Post Master. Talking about the status of the events in the US (political rant excluded ) I asked her if she was prepared if something awful happened in the US. We talked food storage, weapons/ammo, Garden ect. Just that one conversation will carry in this town sense she is the go to person for information. This is how everyone can help spread the word.
Take heart my dear you are making a difference with this website. Blessings to you and yours.

amber · October 28, 2009 at 3:52 am

Oh Kellene…you've done SO MUCH! Before you I just wrung my hands over the news and didn't know what I should/could do. Now I have a plan of ACTION! I probably am not approaching in quite the way you would recommend but it makes sense in my head (I'm an incredibly methodical person, LOL).

I tried to list everything I've done/accomplished/learned to do since I started reading your blog in May, but the comment section wouldn't let me! It was too long!!!! THAT is how much you've done for me (if you really want to know, tell me where to email the list, hehehehe).

On top of that because of the domino affect, others in my family are following my example. AND my mom is a teacher and trying to implement an emergency plan at her school because of YOU. That is countless lives that may benefit from your info!

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    First of all, I thank you so much for your comment. Secondly, I think others might be interested in hearing some of what you’ve done so that they can get some ideas for themselves. Share…. J

Marie · October 28, 2009 at 3:56 am

I appreciate all that you do to help others prepare. I see a little of myself in what you have written–one example being that I have preparedness equipment that I am not yet skilled at using. I am learning, though, and due to some wisdom that does not originate with me, I figure it is better to have tools/supplies available because people will be more likely to help me learn a skill with my own supplies than to just give me what they have prepared, and I might be able to make some kind of exchange or sharing of goods in an emergency situation. Of course, it's more ideal to have practiced and nearly perfected skills and supplies before an emergency, but it is still better to have something to work with than have to try to pull something out of nothing. The things I learn on your site are helping me, so again, thank you.

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Ok then. Great to hear. Now your next trip to the store should be for some books to help you with those skills. Hee hee

Laurie · October 28, 2009 at 6:28 am

If each one of us reaches even another family or two, then we are doing what we can. I am sharing with anyone who will listen even though most think I am a fanatic and giggle at me behind my back. I can sleep at night knowing that I have prepared well for the ways of MY household and I will encourage others to do so as long as I have breath. Blessings to you and to your readers as we all try to reach others.

    Rhonda · October 28, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    I'm like you … people think I'm crazy and they laugh at me when I tell them about being prepared. I wish more people would open their eyes.

razr · October 28, 2009 at 6:41 am

Kellene, you got through to me….and changed my lifeI am extra stocked…besides my winter storage (which is normal here in woods) I have invested in Costco’s deal on yr’s worth of food… mostly freeze dried then extra freeze dried meats,veg,fruit….meds…also carry Emergency kit in my car….two weeks worth of all, water pure,any and almost everything…. thanks to your book suggestions …I am learning sooooooo much am now grinding my own wheat….and learning….baby steps….my car is winterized and I have superstocked with ammo for all of my sidearms and rifls and I can use em’ better than i can spell on computer…I also just bought a solar oven…(those ppl love u!)…I had built a small log cabin next to my house as a “craft” cabin…as economy has gone south It is now a safe house and storage with wood cookstove in case elect goes….best part my friend …who thought I was a little crazy for doing all of this …is now on board…he and his wife have also stocked up and is stored at the cabin…we have he is a builder/contractor so we are “stabelizing the cabin in case we need it…..some of my neighbors are on board as well stocking, learning and reading you …and several great online sites….so take a deep breath….know that you are getting the message out and peeps are listening …and learning…ps, we are all doing coupons now….and we all actually feel better about taking control of our lives….that is thanks to you and all of your hard work….sleep well friend you are doing a GREAT job

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Razr…when I read your post I couldn’t help but think of the scripture that talks about your life being saved if you bring one soul (meaning yourself), but “how great shall be your joy” if you bring many unto me. I’m sure that the Lord is grateful for your efforts, because safe people are smart people. Thanks, Razr!

Kristine · October 28, 2009 at 9:40 am

I have a large family and the stress from each of our 8 children's challenges can keep me up at night, but I have to turn it over to God. He's really the one in charge. I employ the stress management skills that I teach and I now sleep well. I like some of your other comments can sleep because we are prepared and becoming more so.
It's funny the reaction that I got telling people about your No Currency Challenge that we didn. Then I got follow-up calls telling me what they did, or are going to do soon. This is how the word is spreading. We each have a sphere of influence and most of us don't keep quiet. Be assured that the prepardness message is getting out.
Do you know about As A Mom…Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots? http://asamom.ning.com/ I'm a coordinator for WA State of over 400 moms and the national group is only 29 days old and it has thousands of members.
Mom's can move mountains, we do it every day! Potatoes, laundry and the building of a new generation.
Many Blessings for a Sound Nights Rest,

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks Kristine. I will definitely check out that site!!!

razr · October 28, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Kellene, I just wrote a long thank you….but was not used to this new format….I have listened and I am better for it an now stocked for well over a year and am reading all the books that you recommended….learning so much… friends…who originally thought I was "crazy" are now on board and stocking up big time we are now grounding our own wheat and learning how to use it…we just bought 2 solar ovens and we store all at a log cabin I originally built as a "craft" room…but as the economy goes so did that plan….my best friends are stabelizing the cabin for any purpose, we are stocking ammo…have a big supply of wood,water and what ever we think we may need….we are listening and we are learning….so get some sleep you are getting through to people thank you…your great

Rhonda · October 28, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Kellene, I thank the Lord every night for bringing me to your site. I've told you before how lucky I am am to have found you! My entire company's salaries were recently cut by 10% — it was either, everyone take a pay cut or some people would have to be let go — we chose the cut so everyone could stay. We've had to cut back on expenses but I'm using at least $100 a pay period, sometimes more on my storage items and so is my husband. I'm in charge of food and water and he's in charge of tool, tarps, first aid and all that other stuff that can't be eaten :-). It's amazing how much you can acquire within a few short months!

I've subscribed to the Lehman's catalog so I can get appliances that do not require electricity or at least get an idea of some and then maybe find it cheaper somewhere else. It's really surprising how, now, when I look at appliances, I think to myself, "It's nice, but it's not going to do me any good when the electricity goes out"

While I have your ear/eye can you give me some suggestions where I can go on the 'net to get more storage items that will be shipped across the country? So many of the sites I go to will only ship in Utah or the surrounding states. Same goes for a lot of the low price bucket people. 🙁 Currently I buy from USA Emergency Supply and The Ready Store, but are there any others that you could suggest? I found one called MRE Depot because I was looking for Yoder's bacon. DO you know anything about them? (MRE Depot) I like to have a lot of options. 🙂

And just one more question … when you're grinding wheat — which I plan on doing very soon, how much wheat does it take to make, say 6 cups of flour? I am totally clueless!

Thanks again, you're AWESOME!

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    About 12 cups of grain will do 6 cups of flour in my experience. But it depends on how fine you grind it.
    I love the Yoders bacon, but yes, it is pricey. You’d do better to can your own price wise.
    I’m doing a LOT of research on various foods from companies all over. Some so disappointing, some very promising. It’s a huge undertaking.

      Jackie · October 29, 2009 at 9:03 am

      HOw do you do the bacon….fry it ……put in jars…..do you cover with water and process how long?

        preparednesspro · October 29, 2009 at 9:31 am

        You can it, raw, no liquid required. Follow the manufactures instructions for canning times.

Becka · October 28, 2009 at 8:17 pm

I agree with Laurie, most people think that we are "fanatic" and strange, but that does not stop us from talking to anyone who will listen about being prepared. Sometimes you just need to plant a seed, it may sprout right away or it may take some time, but eventually most seeds to sprout and grow. We have had a very cold, wet fall and I've been using the premise of being prepared for blizzards and no electricity/heat to encourage those we know to have at least a couple of weeks of preps on hand. Usually they see the "sense" in this and somthing is better than nothing. We also worry and pray every day for those around us, our country and our world.

Julie · October 28, 2009 at 8:42 pm

Wow. What a powerful post. I have tried to motivate family, friends, and neighbors to prepare for years while constantly working on my own family's preparedness. Some people choose not to listen, choose to ignore warnings, and while making those choices, they also choose the consequences. Thanks for your diligence and for helping me to stay focused on what is important.

KStrating · October 28, 2009 at 9:22 pm

Kellene – first I feel your angst. I seem to have no trouble falling asleep, but am awake at 3, 4, 5, 5:30 with my mind racing. Know that all that you record, here, is reaching many of us. A question: Your last comment struck me so hard… I can answer to God with clean hands. I can't. Why? Because I am at too often at a loss as to how to "bring others into the fold", regarding awareness of what is going on around us & steps being taken to prepare – even if it is "just" harder times!! I think I have been beaten into submission with those "What? Are you crazy?" comments / looks. HOW do you do it? Immediate family tolerates my mindset, sees the worth of "our own grocery store" in the basement, etc, but beyond that they roll their eyes & "put up" with Mom's weird behavior. (4 grown children, 1 DH – need to add 1 DD & son-in-law ARE on the same page.) The "keep them in a state of panic" includes me & I KNOW it shouldn't!!

    preparednesspro · October 28, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    K, know that our efforts in earnestness is what qualifies us with having clean hands. Not our success. The Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah felt that he had VERY little success in saving the children of Israel. But he did save one particular family that we have ancient records of and that particular family created a whole other nation of Christian believers. So I don’t worry about my standing before God so long as I don’t give up. But not worrying about the people, that’s a whole ‘nother issue. *heavy sigh* I hope that some of the detailed information I’ve written for you on here has helped you to educate others in the manner that you’re looking for. That is part of my goal…to give others the “ammo” that they need to properly educate others.
    Education does a GREAT deal of alleviating any doubts of sanity. Educate yourself. Calmly educate others. At least then you can feel comfortable and at peace in your own skin. I don’t say this trivially. I say it in earnest. Keep up the fight. They are worth it.

dee · October 29, 2009 at 4:29 am

this is your louisiana connection. I and my two daughters so enjoyed your couponing class last week . I saved 20% MY FIRST TIME OUT. For me, that is a vast improvement. My last UT daughter plans to come to the next class if she is off. Thanks for your concern on our parts. i helsd a self-reliance class last night in my home, and touched others lives who are already preparing, but i steered them to your and other sites. The Lord has increased your compassion, because you desire to serve Him by serving others, like King Benjamin taught. Just don't let yourself get despaired over the knuckleheads, that is a weapon the adversary uses. Peace out!

Pam · October 29, 2009 at 7:53 am

I have a lot of food in my food storage. I am trying to prepare for "things", but I must say it is still quite overwhelming with all that has to be done and thought of in all the areas one must preapre for. There are so many scenarios to think about…
I will keep at it though and thanks for all your wonderful ideas and thoughts.

BLG · October 29, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Sometimes I think it's easier not to feel, not to think, not to dream, not to live.
The rewards of society pale and cold.
Sheepishly preserving the now, shunning what might once be, what will be.
The foundation upon we stand, so solid, yet so fragile.
At night, thoughts about reward, thoughts about what matter.
Sleep brings closer the things we fear.
Steadily closing the gap between the now and future history.
No solace in uncertainty,
One foot in society.
I wonder.
I cry.
I dream.
I suffer.
Am I alone?

Carmen · November 1, 2009 at 12:05 am

You said, "I clearly expect Iran and Israel to be involved in a widely prophesied war within the next 3 months, the ramifications of which will be undeniable to our nation."

Politicians and normal people make predictions. Prophets prophesy. Who do you believe is a prophet?

URL · February 18, 2012 at 3:26 pm

… [Trackback]…

[…] Read More Infos here: preparednesspro.com/why-i-worry-about-you/ […]…

Candee · July 16, 2012 at 12:11 am

Kellene, I had this EXACT thought today while at church and it made me so sad! It is hard to see people you know and love choose NOT to prepare themselves. I constantly post on FB what you post and I think a lot of people write me off as being crazy. But I believe in obedience and I know my needs will be taken care of. But I keep having the nagging feeling…..what about all these people I love? I thank you for posting all that you do. I thank you for speaking your mind. It has given me the courage to stand up for those things I believe in, even if it is not the popular thing to do. You have touched so many lives and it is great to see that so many are listening. Take courage in that thought.

Carol Funchess · July 16, 2012 at 1:48 am

Worrying will not change anything. Action will. You are preparing and encouraging others to do the same. Worrying will destrtoy your health and you will not be able to help anyone!
As for me, you and others have helped me and my husband make some pretty drastic decisions.
We are selling our big, energy monster home and building a earth sheltered home, comlplete with a safe roon. We plan to bug in when disaster strikes.
We will be debt free as a result of this decision. We will have little maintanence, a stingy power bill, and a place to store our supplies and our family!!
Cheer up. God wants Happy Christians!!

Denise · August 1, 2012 at 1:48 am

Kellene, I want you to know that all the “education” I have has lacked the “peacefulness in preparedness” you and your site have brought to me as well as this community. I have, many times, shared your wisdom and inspired others to prepare in peace. Am currently working on a project with some community women to inspire them to reach out and can foods they would not normally, and to do so with confidence in their work. We have discussions on other topics of preparedness and how to share that with their families and friends. I have spent countless hours, days, and weeks, working on skills, and supplies that will carry not only myself but others through difficult times. My work position is tenuous at best and I know, I am ready should something happen beyond my control. Yes, we can always do more, get more, practice more; but we are moving ahead with our plans diligently and peacefully – thansk to you! You have touched many, and will touch many more. Sleep well my friend, there are good folks out here that will ensure with the grace of God, a decent society prevails. God will guide us in the aftermath as he does presently. Thank you for all you do…..

Dorothy (the perky gramma) · January 25, 2013 at 12:36 pm

You are making a difference. I promise. But what is even better, you are
not benefiting one person through your knowledge & passion…
This is an exponential concept. You are not only “teaching people to fish”, you are teaching people to “TEACH OTHERS to fish”. You are making a huge impact!

Deb Kluskiewicz · January 25, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Kellene, I don’t have a lot of eliquent words to post, but I would like to say…..
Sincerely, I listen to you, I do my very best to implement what you teach, and I love you for your amazing servant heart! Please don’t grow weary in your good works! And most importantly, Thank you…

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