UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Preparedness Part 1 of 8

PreparednessWhen I speak to people about their emergency preparedness state of readiness, inevitably the conversation begins with food storage.  In fact, for most individuals, food storage is what they think of when they hear “emergency preparedness.”  This is actually a bit of a problem, because food storage is only one aspect out of my Ten Areas of Readiness I teach

about on a regular basis.  And yet not only do many feel that it’s the primary area of focus, but they are completely overwhelmed with the requirements to be ready in this area.  To allow only ten percent of the whole picture of readiness overwhelm a person just brings on a lot of stress.  Personally, I think there is way too much that’s worthy of a bit of stress on our part without having to stress about one of the EASIEST components of preparedness.

Why might you be OVERwhelmed by preparedness?

Before you think that I may be hitting the hard stuff and thus a little off my rocker, let me assure you that I’ve heard (and personally experienced) every possible reason for people avoiding the task of food storage.

  1. I can’t afford it
  2. I don’t have room for it
  3. I don’t know how to cook my “food storage”
  4. I believe there’s really a need for “food storage”
  5. It’s too overwhelming
  6. My spouse won’t let me.  He/She thinks I’m crazy
  7. I don’t know what to store

Do any of these responses sound familiar?  I can tell you that with little exception I’ve personally traveled through each of these excuses at some point in my life.  But, standing where I am now, I’m happy to tell you that they can ALL be overcome.  Even the one with the spouse.

The reason it’s important to me to share all of this with you is primarily so that you won’t be overwhelmed with food storage.  There are some other more critical areas of preparedness that you do need to focus on, and being distracted with an EASY component of preparedness is obviously unproductive.  So, my goal is to make the food storage aspect of emergency preparedness a “no brainer” for you to the point that you’re actually UNDERwhelmed with food storage.  This way you can expend your energies on the more important aspects of preparedness.

In this eight-part series, I will address each one of these components and put them in a factual perspective that you may just have been missing in the midst of your crazy, overly scheduled life.  The good news is you’ll have one less thing on your emergency preparedness list to worry about.

Here’s a sneak preview of the series on preparedness.

  1. YES, YOU CAN afford it. Even if you are on food stamps, you can not only afford scrumptious meals for your family that would make any nutritionists pleased, but you can have plenty left over to store away for a “rainy day.”
  2. Yes, you do have room for it.I’ve even assisted folks who live in a tiny studio apartment.  Being prepared is not wise counsel only to those who live in 5,000 square foot homes.  You may just be trying to find room for the wrong items.  Don’t worry, we’ll cover that as well.
    Bachelor Apartment photo
    Bachelor Apartment photo c/o houseandhome.com
  3. Not only can you cook your food storage, but you can cook it in only a few precious minutes.  I work a very long day, everyday.  The last think I feel like doing is making something extravagant or time consuming.  I like to say that my cooking of food storage ideas are simple enough that even a “bachelor” can do them. :)
  4. Not to sound too alarming, but not only is there a NEED for food storage, time is actually of the essence.  There is indeed a food shortage headed our way.  I’ll give you the facts, and then direct you to the solutions you can take now.
  5. Food storage is only overwhelming when there’s an absence of knowledge.  When my dad was trying to teach me how to tie my shoes, I remember crying and just wanting the world to crash in on me because I was having such a hard time grasping it.  Later my mom took me aside and taught me the simplest way to tie my shoes and I went away a happy and confident 3-year-old.  I’ve discovered it’s not what you know, it’s how you learned it that makes all the difference in the world.
  6. Not only will your spouse wholeheartedly support you in your food storage efforts when I’m done with you, but they may actually get ADDICTED to the concept as well.  (Sorry. I’m not available for marriage counseling though. :) )
  7. What to store is more of what you already may be storing.  You simply need to know HOW to store it.

I look forward to walking this journey with you over the next eight days.

UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage Series

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I am really looking forward to this series, especially if it includes recipes like your "Spam Fried Rice" recipe that you posted previously. Purchased the Rice-a-Roni that I've been using at $.98/box (complete with 20% more!) and at the same store Spam is on sale for $2, so with a can of vegetables, it's economical-- money, energy, and time wise. Just one example (that is now one of the staples of my 3-month supply) of some of the information you have provided that I've found beneficial--will be reading for more!

Hey Kris,
I always love your great questions.
Actually, this may not sound "sexy" but I manage my food two different ways. By zone and by groups. I will completely address this in part 6 of this series. I used to try and to the list thing, even on my computer, but it was too blasted arduous.
And no, I'm certainly not concerned about anyone forcibly taking my food storage. The U.S. Constitution clearly opposes such an act, and I will defend it vigorously as a result of the 2nd Amendment if necessary. *wink*

Play your hand close to your chest. Don't tell most people your personal business. "They" can't search and confiscate from 300 million homes in America. Just Shh-shh. Same with weapons, your family income, your sex life, the color of your underwear. It's just not "their" business. Also, they would never confiscate home canned and home packaged goods. Anything seal-a-mealed and home bottled would not be considered "public safe".

I'm SO glad to hear that you are benefitting from all of this! It makes my day. Keep it up!

Marie, Search on Prep Pro for the 10 Minute Soup and you'll find another winner! It feels great when you have a cold/cough too!

I'm looking forward to this series too. You'll prob get into this, but do you keep a written inventory of what you have? How do you manage a large quantity of food.

And pls let me put on my tin hat for a sec... are you concerned about the gov't taking your food storage if there is a shortage? I know that is not a reason "not to plan", but just interested in your thoughts on that subject.

Actually, Caroline, I'm working on creating that. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Holy cow! Coming soon.


I, like the others, can't wait! Thanks in advance!

Kris raises a good question, if you wouldn't mind answering that, too :)

Do you have a list of what you have bought...or something similar to a check list for us to print.

This is supposed to be Part 2 and Part 1 came up again.


Lillian, thanks for helping us out! I'll get this rectified.

I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Me coming across this website is a literal sign that I am doing the right thing. The Lord has prompted me to become more prepared, and has been putting it on my heart for quite some time now. I have talked to my pastor about it, and he doesn't see the urgency in it as I do. After praying for confirmation over and over, I came across your site, and it has exactly the confirmation I needed. After comparing your site to others,this has the most in-depth information as to WHY we need food and emergency storages. I know the Lord answers prayers, because He is doing so for me now - through this website! Thank God for answering prayers and thank you for such great info!


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