Think Like an Ant

I grew up in the Golden Days. We never had to "want" for anything. Shopping for clothes was seasonal. Food shopping was from local community grocery stores. Freezer and pantry was always stocked with garden goodies from Mema's garden.

There was always summer vacations and camping trips...with and without electricity. I have had a camper or tent in my life since I was 5. Latrines and outhouses do not scare me.

Survival and being Prepared learning came from being a Girl Scout and a Uncle who was a Green Beret and grandparents who lived and breathed farm life. We were verbally talked to about How to do something. We were shown how to garden, how to build a latrine, how to butcher a chicken...
I heard the story of the ant preparing and always least a hundred times.

So when this young girl got married at 19....I had to rely on all these past experiences to get me through my new life. Limited income,gas shortages,5 hours from family,and daily life... Well it is called survival!!

I did research at my local extension office how to garden in the new area I was in. I listened to the local radio at noon each day for sales and bargains.
I was known as the Queen of Garage Sales.

A few years later and 5 children...
Cutting corners, garage selling, stocking up on items we went through a lot, gardening and canning,and sewing. Buying next years winter clothes. Buying like brand new shoes for the next season. Being cheap or frugal or tight ....This was our life.

Trips with 5 children whether daily or for long trips meant always carrying extra stuff. I was also know as the Queen of Fanny the car always had extra stuff in it and we did not live in a bad weather area.

As the kids became teens, there were long trips with their youth groups. And I packed my "stuff". Whoops we need a it. Wow our socks are wet and no dryer....yep I had cording to be used as clothesline. Several had blisters after a hike...yep there were band aids in my stuff.
I was teased by the youth ... Mrs. Survival!!

Y2K came around and more researching began on really living without electricity. Now don't get me wrong...I love my electricity and the comfort I get from air conditioning!!!  Lol  Now with my knowledge of this type of living and my bucket storing methods...I was now being called... Mrs. Wack job... Behind my

Creative storage for dry goods has been fun. Living in the country mice and other rodents can make short order of your supplies. I would make trips to our bakery for icky buckets to be washed out and stored in. My grandchildren's juice containers washed and dried stored rice and beans great!!

All my storage food came in handy this past 2 years. The economy and no work for our 2 business.... Well we ate our way thru the supplies!! God knew the big plan we didn't. Just thankful we listened to that voice!!

I also didn't have money for foil or ziplocks...gasp!! I used canning jars. No paper towels ... I found old linen napkins for dimes at garage sales. Detergent... Wow high in cost.... Made my own along with other cleaners.

Recently I put $5.00 on that big whopping lottery ticket. Yes I did!
Then we discussed what we would do with the money... It is always fun to dream. I made the statement I would still shop at Goodwill and Garage sales. I was really happy with my simple life. With my back to basics life.
With now living in our 5th wheel and renting our home out. With gardening and my girls laying their yummy brown and blue eggs. A simple life is very peaceful!!

The whispers behind my back, the loneliness of living like this daily, the looks you get.
I don't mind. I was following that still small voice that had led me to the right garage sale or to the Goodwill when I needed something. That voice that urged me to garden when it wasn't popular. That voice that keeps me researching and learning about old ways and ways in other countries.

I am a survivalist... Hello natural birth 5 children....that in it's self is surviving!!

I am a prepper....or a very organized mom.... a family of 7 on one income. And now 11 grandchildren. You have to be prepared!!!

Whatever titles or labels people put on us... Well we shrug it off , we offer knowledge we have absorbed and try to pass it on. We keep doing what needs to be done for our families. We give unique Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts....who wouldn't want cast iron cookware or rubber boots!!!

We keep gardening and giving away fruits of our labor. We raise animals that can be used as food .... Yes butchered... Killed ... We are survivors and preppers and great neighbors!!

I  am a woman who appreciates this network of humans who have their own stories to share and that I can learn from!!
Do you work like an ant? Do you store away for the seasons? Do you fight for your family? Do you fight to survive?
If so ....Hi friend!!!!

Thanks to our Hostess with the Mostess.... Literally!!!! Lol


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Such a great story...I love the way you dont care what people think...Just keep on truckin.. you have my vote #1

Wow, did I connect with this. As we sit here feeling alone it is so nice to read of someone else living the way we do. (By choice) You get my vote.

Cheri thank you for recognizing the bond we all have. I just wished more preppers lived in our community. I think it would be fun to go prepping with a sweet group of friends.
Thank you for commenting.


Hi friend, back to you...

Hi friend Lilly! Thank you for commenting.

Friend Cindy

Wonderful story, people think I am crazy too but I don't care. I just hope I can get them to stock up a little, just start them thinking about "what if?" You have my vote.

Deborah words do hurt. I just push through it and keep my head and heart on Jesus. I feel so sorry for those not prepping. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Been there-doing it too! you have my vote!!!!

My hat is off to you! Great example.

Great story! Those grandparents knew how to do everything, didn't they? My parents did too!
Vote #1

Vote #1
Lots of good ideas here! You learned well from your grandparents, uncle, and the Girl Scouts!

Oops, I put #1 on both comments! Well, this is #3 now :) My grandparents and parents always worked hard to save and be prepared too. Not much wasted! Sounds like you're doing a good job!

You can never be to prepared. You have my #1. Kim

I'm always looking for uses for all the containers too, so like your juice box idea! Hate to throw anything that might be useful away!

Vote # 2. :-)

Being prepared is a great way to live, especially in these tough economic times and with all this terrible weather we've been having the last year or so. Good for you!

Oh I totally agree! I am thankful for being raised in the Country and enjoy living simply:) Thanks for sharing your story with us!


Good job!! Vote #4

You have also taught your kids why and how to be prepared. Vote#5

We can all learn from each other. You have many good ideas and have lived all those ideas. I think our world is trying to get back to the basics like how ou grandparents lived. I am frugal and learning every day to be more so. Too many people I know that are struggling.
I admire all that you do.......(((((HUGS)))))

Unbelievably true...if only more people saw the world for what it was. I to am a girl scout and love being prepared. It makes me feel safe and in turn my family more safe. Miss Cindy you have nailed the head on the nail. Winning the lottery is the love of others around you not the money in your wallet. Thrifty is saving treasures of the past and loving them like others did before. You are now my Ant Cindy...thank you for the smiles...Renee

Vote #2

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Vote #5

I really enjoyed reading your story. I can relate in many ways. I have learned well from my parents about the value of hard work. I live a simple life and it is a good life. Not until reading your story, have I considered prepping. I plan to learn more about it. Thank you!

Good Job!

Vote 2

Vote 3

Vote 4

Vote 5


Vote 2

Vote 3

Vote 4

Vote 5

Vote #1! You are such an inspiration to me! I understand the feeling of lonliness and the whispers behind backs, but just like you, it hurts but doesn't deter me in the slightest! Keep right on being Cindy, because to me you are PRICELESS!

vote #2

vote #3

vote #4

vote #5


Im so glad your brain works this way... mine does not. But at least i know who to contact if i have a question. enjoyed reading this

you have my vote

vote 3

vote 2

vote 4

vote 5

vote 1

Great Job Nana

way to go

Great job!

Thanks for sharing.

Love you

Oops. I put the wrong email address on the first two votes. So this is vote # 3.


Vote # 5

Wow great story! Vote 1

Enjoyed reading this a lot.

vote 2

vote 3

vote 4

vote 5

Yes ma'am the simple life - prepared, no pretending necessary!! Hope the grandchildren inherit this attitude - "if you don't pay my bills, I don't care what you think of me & my life" Vote #1

Love it!
Vote #1

Good job!!

Vote #2


Vote #4


Living frugal is being wise with the things God has blessed us with.

Vote # 2

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Vote # 5

Your story is wonderful. More of us need to think like you.

vote #2

vote #3

vote #4

vote #5

If I am in a disaster, I want to be with this gal.

Voting again for my sweet friend

This should be number four.......go Cindy,

I really was a mazed that you were able to live off your supply for so long when times got rough.

Vote #1
You won my vote when you said you were not scared of latrines and outhouses LOL. also you are a hard worker and you listen to that still quite voice.

What a wonderfully organized and thoughtful person you are. It's obvious how much you love your family and always put them first. I think your frugal life style is what we all should follow.

I remember using an outhouse at my aunt's house when I was a little girl. She had 11 children and lived in this tiny little house with no bathroom. I thought it was loads of fun to "tinkle" outside:)

Wouldn't the world be a better, happier, and beautiful place if we all just learned to live simply?

I've always loved the fable about the ants and the grasshopper. We can all learn a valuable lesson from those little ants:)

Sorry you didn't win that big lottery...if you had one I was going to ask for a small loan:)

Thank you for writing a motivating story with simple ways to prep. It is nice to see folks willing to share ideas without overwhelming new people!

vote 2

vote 3

vote 4

vote 5

Mom great job. Vote 1.

I know where I will go. vote 2

Store me some grits please. vote 3

vote 4 for my mom.

Store dog food for Bo. vote 5

vote 1 Thank you mom for all the "teaching" you did for us kids through the years. It's been a huge lifesaver in helping us budget and safe!!


Great story!

Always need to be prepared!

Vote #2

Vote #3

Vote #4

Thanks for sharing this story!

I would love to be able to grow my own food!

Sometimes we just have to follow our gut instinct despite what others think.

Better to be prepared than the ones trying to up catch up once these supplies are truly needed!

Having kids certainly shows us what is really important in life and that we need to be better about spending our money and the foods we consume.

I am using my last say Thank you to my new friends. To my blogging girlfriends. Thank you to my sweet family. Thank you for your votes and sweet comments. I pray that prepping for whatever God has you doing....that it goes smoothly and have some fun with it. It is a fun adventure!!
Thanks Kellene for hosting this.
My 5th vote.

Vote # 2

Vote #3

Vote #4


Loved your story and having a family and being in a very hard spot makes you realize what is more important. I know we have talked many times on what we would so if we ever won the lottery and fancy things were never mentioned. we own land and have everything we need and thats all that does matter. Now we talked on building on what we need and helping and saving.
I also get buckets from the bakery too! The food grade buckets they get in for icing. There free and food grade just my price! lol


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