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Is There a Water Disaster Coming Your Way?

water, faucet, clean water




What could be so important that I just HAD to write about your water storage efforts again?  Is our water supply seriously threatened? Is there a water crisis coming to a city near you? Is the U.S. about to experience a disaster that will affect your access to water? Once again I find myself struggling to write a particular article—not because of the complexity of the topic, but because I don’t want to cause any alarm, just some proactive behavior. It’s my hope that once you’re finished reading this little diddy, you’ll understand why I stepped way outside of my typical modus operandi and decided to share this information—and the lack thereof—with you today about water.

Preparedness Pro Says “Team Freeze-Dried”

“If you don’t like the information about freeze-dried food that’s out there, then all you have to do is dig deep enough or pay steep enough to find information which refutes your information”, right?*  Now, what does this have to do with preparedness? Well, another ridiculous preparedness myth has come across my desk recently, and I found it to be so misleading in its information that I just had to offer up some well-known facts and science to set the record straight.  So, for the record, dehydrated produce, i.e. vegetables and fruits, DEFINITELY have an inferior nutritional value than freeze-dried produce.


The Armenian Woman of Valor

armeniaYesterday I was profoundly affected by a conversation I had with an amazing woman who was only 12 years old during the big earthquake in Armenia. She generously shared so much of her 13 year experience without running water or electricity, and how she survived in a community that was nothing more than rubble during that time. Though she’s alive and well and happily married now living here in the U.S., it was obviously very emotional for her to discuss this extremely challenging part of her life. I’d like to share with you today a few tidbits about her story.

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Self-Reliance for Man’s Best Friend

When it hit me, I felt  so foolish for not having thought about it more specifically before, let alone plan for it. I mean really, you’d think that someone who eats, drinks, sleeps, thinks, writes, and talks about self-reliance would actually have the presence of mind to address being prepared for the long-term care of her babies in any scenario.  How in the world can I be a proudly obsessed preparedness-minded person if I don’t have a long-term game plan to feed my pups quality nutrition regardless of the scenario in which I might find myself? Oh well; I guess I can still hold the title of Preparedness Fanatic now that I’ve at least learned my lesson and solved the problem.Binky, Roxie, Sinta

Tornado Warnings for Us All

tornadoWhile I was teaching classes in Vegas this weekend, I had a gal come up to me and share some of her personal stories. One of which was about her daughter who lives in “tornado territory.” The woman shared with me that she was happy her daughter had finally started being mindful about being better prepared. She says that her daughter realized how often they hear tornado warnings and decided to “get on the stick.” The thought that came to my mind after hearing her story was how we ALL have tornado warnings going off all of the time. It’s my hope that we’ll learn to

Discovering Wheat Meat

[caption id="attachment_1537" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Wheat meat photo c/o delectable-victuals.blogspot.com"]Wheat meat photo c/o delectable-victuals.blogspot.com[/caption] To some hardcore carnivores, the idea of eating wheat gluten may sound like a form of vicious torture. But I can assure you from experience and experimentation that when it’s prepared properly you won’t be offended. (Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who are gluten intolerant.) Many years ago I willingly decided to cut down on meat in my diet.

Food is the Best Investment

[caption id="attachment_725" align="alignright" width="216" caption="Photo: James Davies"]Photo: James Davies[/caption] With the market being the way it is, many are asking what is the safest investment nowadays.  I’ll tell you.  FOOD.  FOOD is the BEST investment today.

Why?  Because if used properly, it’s life saving.  A meal today will always be worth a meal tomorrow.  Food is the best investment because Wall Street can never alter its impact on our appetites.