Spiritual and Mental Preparedness

I became interested in preparedness in 2002. At that time, I would store a little food or medical supplies, only for it to be used up a few weeks later because we needed it. It never really crossed my mind that true preparedness is more than just tangible items like food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. Not until the fall of 2010 did I realize we need more than those items to survive.
On September 16th, 2010, I gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. The time after his birth was difficult, but my relationship with my Savior kept me going. When I was too weak to stand, He held me up. When my heart was broken, the Spirit was there to bring me peace and salve my wounds. I know where my son is, that he is with our Father, and that I will see him again. I was spiritually prepared, so I was able to have the spirit to be with me throughout this entire trying time. I had the knowledge, both in my mind and heart, of the Lord's plan for my life, and for my boy.
Not only was I spiritually prepared, I was mentally more prepared than I would have thought. I knew which herbs to take to aid healing from the birth, help my depression, and dry up my milk. I knew which foods would nourish me best during this healing and grieving time, and which would rebuild some areas (such as my liver) that had been overworked from my pregnancy. I also had knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, so that I knew nothing I did caused my little boy's passing, and that knowledge helps help me not to be afraid for my future pregnancies. This also gives me peace.
When preparing your household, please do not overlook spiritual and mental preparedness. They do not cost a dime, but are more precious than 1000 pounds of wheat. Both together provide you the peace, knowledge, and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, so you can make it through whatever comes your way. The knowledge you receive can help you better use what you have, and not get discouraged. These types of preparedness are synergyistic with the others, and will multiply your efforts. They are also the easiest to do. I challenge you to work on both spiritual and mental preparedness daily, and you will see the difference in your life, emergency or not.
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I am so sorry for your loss. But please know that your story has touched me greatly. You are so right. Being prepared physically is a drop in the bucket compared to be prepared spiritually and mentally. Thank you for sharing your story and for that reminder!

Thank you for sharing your testimony. VOTE!

You are a strength to me.

Thank you for sharing your heat.

Being prepared spiritually will he get us through anything and you know this more than most. I also know how much being physically prepared is important to you and i know you will accomplish it.

Thank you for sharing, and letting your spirit into my home through your testimony.

I sure hope you win. You deserve it.

Thanks for sharing. Love it!

New way to look at preparedness! its great!

Hope you win! you definitely deserve it!

love this! Thanks for sharing a part of you with us!

you have all my votes!

loved it

thanks for sharing your story

means a lot


you get my last vote

Thank you for sharing yourself with me. It takes alot of courage to open yourself up like that.

You are a beautiful writer.

Love you and your family

You are a strong woman.

Hope you win.

Beautiful Donna!

Thank you for sharing your heart!

You are inspiring!

Love your Testimony!

Beautiful! It is so important to have spiritual and mental preparedness!

This is beautiful, honey, I agree that mental preparedness is very important. You have my vote!

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I like it!


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Touched my heart

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