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Hey Folks. Several months ago I was waiting for a solar oven business to finally post it's site. They didn't. Why? Because they were bought out by another company--Five Star Preparedness. So when I found that out, I made friends with Five Star. (It wasn't really hard because they use the same executive virtual office that we do--mine! Hee hee) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that they ARE able to take solar oven orders now. All you have to do to find them is go online at They only offer one solar oven though, because there's only ONE that is actually manufactured to handle "worst case scenario use".  And the best part is,

that they are offering a KILLER price on these. After they shared the price with me I thought, "Hmmm...that's pretty much in line." But then they shared with me that EACH solar oven purchase includes two 3-qt enamel pans, thermometer, and a WAPI--oh, and the prices included shipping. In that case, I have to say that they are the best priced that I've seen. In fact when I went to the manufacturers sites, they didn't even offer them for these prices.

five-star-preparedness-global-sun-ovenI'll give you the run down on the oven for your education. The heartiest one is the Global Sun Oven. It's got a 15 year guarantee and is intended to be used everyday for 15 years. (You're not likely to use it that much. So that should tell you about it's ruggedness.) It weighs 21 pounds, but it has a "suitcase" handle on it and is easily portable. It gets up to 450 degrees and you can double stack pans in it. It also has a leveler in it, so that regardless of you having to tilt its base in the winter time, your food stays level.  I have personally done a 17 pound turkey in mine (about a pound shy of what they claim you can do in them...but I couldn't find a bigger bird.) Anyway, the limited time offer price through Five Star Preparedness is $255. That includes shipping, thermometer, two 3-qt. dark enamel pans, a water pasteurization indicator, and the reflector, of course.

Photo c/o Solar Cooker

Photo c/o Solar Cooker

There are some less ovens out there such as the SOS Solar Oven (also known as the Sport). This one weighs only 10 pounds. It's intended for regular use for 5 years. It has a wider surface than the Global, but it's not as deep. I like mine for that reason, but it's not as rugged as the other. My biggest issue with that oven though is the flimsy materials it uses. In fact when I called the manufacturer, they actually said "the lid is not intended to receive direct Utah sun light so don't use the reflectors." Whaah?? A solar oven that's not intended to use direct sunlight in any state doesn't sound like a solar oven I want to risk my family's well-being on.

By the way, I tried to get a discount for Prep Pro folks, but they claim (reasonably enough) that every day, every item is priced rock bottom so that they can get as many of these into people's homes as possible. Makes sense to me.  Let me know how you guys like them. I LOVE mine. (And am DEFINITELY considering getting another Global in the event I have to cook for a small army of folks in a disaster.)

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Thanks for going out of your way to make friends with Five Star and getting us a great deal. :-)

I wonder, for the Sport, if that price includes the reflectors. I have found in my research they often don't automatically include them, and that can make a difference.

Thank I was wondering what that was.

Thanks so much for all the great info.

Kellene: it sez there are 17 comments but I can only see 9, is there a way I can see them all? Thanks

The count includes the nested comments (such as this one).

OOOH that IS a good price then!!! :-D

The free shipping does not stipulate a location, so you could order it from the Utah distributors I mentioned regardless of where you live.

Fabulous! Thanks Kellene!

They will do anything to eat,feed their young,or survive.....just as we do.....but they can't read....guess they don't know they shouldn't do that....

I'm wondering about animals too. Where I live if you have a small dog or cat, it has to be inside or it will get eaten by bigger animals.

Has anyone tried using these when it is overcast? Are they just for sunny days? It's probably good to have a few alternative cooking methods to use.

Thank you for the bear info....will print it out and put it on BBQ in case the bear that stole the steaks off my very hot BBq can read....we do have a bear problem here....they are hungry too and that may be something to look into in the future....I know that most do not have that problem....and I don't mind it as I have no small children....but you do have to be aware.....they were here first, I chose to live in the mountains....I am the intruder...I am wondering how would a major intrusion of people or whatever may come effect animals ....they have to eat,feed their young just as we do....I have to deal with very large animals on a daily basis.....but how many are???? How many people would shoot an animal that was just hungry? Then not know what to do or how to preserve that meat and leave a smell or remains to bring in other animals....I know this is not one that most have to deal with.....most that live in bear,mountain lion country know how....there are few of us lucky enough to live in God's country.....what if city dwellers try to come to get out of harms way.....they need some instruction as well.....

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Holy cow! I was just reading a "big bad survival book" (Cody Lundin) that was even saying that they typically do not do that!

a bear won't get into a solar oven any more than they would het into food on a fire. it's dang hot and nicely sealed.

Sunoven sounds I have to figure out " bear proofing"

yes, it does include the reflectors.


That is a good deal for the Sun Oven with the included accessories. All Sun Ovens come with a thermometer, but the price of two pans and the WAPI (with shipping) is $40. The price of the ovens from the manufacturer are $289, but you can get them from local distributors (check the KSL Classifieds) for $220 - $230 (including shipping). So, if you want two pans and the WAPI, Five Star appears to be the way to go. I searched high and low for the perfect pan to fit in the Sun Oven and after purchasing and returning three different models, bought the one from Sun Oven. I am inclined to believe that Sun Oven has contracted with Granite Ware to produce the 9.75" pot as it is not available anywhere else and perfectly fits on the self-leveling shelf. This dark, thin-walled type of pan is important for optimal cooking in the sun oven.

That's cool if you're local Wade. But keep in mind we've got readers from New York to California. When you have the shipping in there too...well, I was just plain amazed, frankly.

Also folks, know that you don't HAVE to have the dark enameled pans to cook in a sun oven. But it sure does make it cook faster. I've also just sprayed the outside of a Pyrex dish with black BBQ grill paint, put foil over the top of it and then a dark towel over that and it cooked just fine. Just took a little bit longer.

I live on the western side of Washington State where the sun is a rare item from October through June. Are overcast sky's a problem for the sun oven?

As long as you have enough sunlight to cast a shadow, you can cook in a solar oven.

Yeah, this is something we need to consider in Northern Minnesota. I call it a blessing. Larger animals require less hunting time....I think an underground storage placedat least 1/4 mile away made out of ironwood cage, surrounded by and covered with log, covered with plastic and dirt, and an old steel door might do the trick. Surround it with traps, you have more meat.

Ms. Kellene, The website is showing higher prices. Did I miss a sale?

Hey there, I was going to send an update. The site has increased their prices, however, we can still get them for the “preparedness pro price” until Thanksgiving. Yeah! But you’ll have to call them to place the order. 801-734-9596. Be sure to tell them that you’re with Preparedness Pro.

That is really great! Thanks so much, Kellene!

I have been pricing the solar ovens and trying to decide which would be the best fit for me. The only concern I have is several of the reviews I am finding state there is a plastic-y taste to the food even if you follow the directions to clean the inside first. Have you had any issues with that? Does that add toxins to your food? Thanks.


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