RZ Mask Winners Announced

The winners of the 4 RZ Masks that we're giving away have been determined.  If you're a winner, I've posted a comment after their comment to notify them! Congratulations to

"Bunny M"
"Gail Vance"

If you're one of the winners, be sure to message me via the "Contact Us" portion of the blog so that I can get your details so that I can send you your prize. There are 4 RZ Masks to choose from. They will be chosen based solely on the order in which the winners respond. So the first winner to respond is SURE to get the one that they would love the most--though they are ALL pretty dang awesome, of course.
Thanks goes out to RZ Mask, of course, for donating the product for our 4 lucky winners!!


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Just making sure it is

Just making sure it is suppose to be Bunny M and not BUDDY_N lol

Have a great day


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