Ready to Survive a 90-day Quarantine

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Are you ready to survive a 90-day quarantine?  Is such a scenario even realistic? Well, let’s explore that.

Suppose the flu virus did get out of hand.  In all actuality, it’s quite likely.  The most current strain is eerily similar to the Spanish flu virus of 1918 which went pandemic in less than 3 months.  It took the lives of over fifty-percent of those who contracted it.  It took only 8 months for it to kill 100 million people.  The only thing saving us right now is that the swine flu and the bird flu have not completely morphed to the point that it transfers easily.  Once that does occur, you can indeed expect to see a quarantine situation.  It means that each and every home affected by a pandemic must be ready to survive a 90-day quarantine.

Photo c/o AP

Photo c/o AP

Why a 90-day quarantine?  Because our government and the World Health Organization will definitely demand that the virus be halted.  This can only be done through a quarantine period of time that is sufficient to ensure that the virus ceases to be transmitted.  Ten to twelve weeks is that appropriate period of time to ensure that someone is past the incubation period and the virus is no longer spreading.  (But remember, it took 8 months for the Chinese to eliminate SARS from their country.)

While our nation has not experienced such a quarantine in over a century, I assure you that when a quarantine occurs, it will cause panic and unintentional deaths.  Many of these deaths will NOT occur as a result of the pandemic, rather as a result of a lack of preparation.  Being ready to survive a 90-day quarantine is about much more than just food and water.  To be sufficiently ready you will require several components you may not have previously considered.

So what does this mean to you in terms of physical and emotional survival?  Well, for starters it means that the person’s household you planned on joining to live off of their preparedness supplies will NOT be an option.  You will be forbidden to travel under any circumstances.  While many have strategized that they will gather in groups to survive a crisis, such a plan under these circumstances could mean death to those who leave the sanctity of their homes.  However, travel restrictions may require you to stay right where you are which may be in a gathering.  This means that if you are visiting at Aunt Beatrice’s or on a vacation when the pandemic hits, you will have no choice but to stay put and ride it out for 90 days.  Ask yourself.  Do you have at least a multiple day survival kit on hand with food, water, a change of clothes, and simple medical supplies such as a dust mask for such an occasion?  Remember.  You must think in terms of surviving a full 90-day quarantine period.

This also means that you will NOT be permitted to go to the grocery store or gas station for a last minute stock up.  A mandatory quarantine of this nature will require that the roads are clear of anything other than non-essential travel.  This also means that if you have the luxury of the quarantine order going into effect while you are home, you—and all those with you at the time—must be able to live off of the food, water, medical, and financial supplies that you have for three whole months. It means you will NOT be able to visit your grandmother in the nursing home.  Depending on where you are, this could also mean that you will NOT be able to get to the hospital to give birth to your child—and frankly, you will not want to go to the hospital in order to avoid getting deathly ill.  Typically, only life and death cases will be admitted during a quarantine.  This means that many of the businesses you rely on will be shut down as the owners and employees will also be quarantined to their homes.  As such, this also results in many desperate individuals, unable to obtain their oxycontin or other drugs of choice, who may roam the streets.  Not only will you need to make sure you can survive in your home with sufficient food and water, you will need to make sure you can defend safely as well

food-storageAnother consideration to survive a 90-day quarantine is whether you will be able to endure the flu itself should someone in your home contract it.  The food you have in your storage could literally mean life or death to all who are dwelling with you—not just from the standpoint of providing meals, but being able to provide nutrition for the ill.  Stocking up on effective anti-oxidants, intensely nutritional products, air masks, sanitizing solutions, WATER, FLUIDS, nutritional foods, and other needs are also vital for you to be prepared.

Food, water and medical supplies are obvious needs in such a situation.  Please understand that regardless of whether or not you’re permitted to go out and work, your obligation to pay your bills, your mortgage, and credit cards will NOT go away.  In fact, in the midst of such an event, it’s likely that companies which find themselves financially vulnerable right now may act with less compassion and patience than they may have in the past.

I’m not attempting to alarm or panic anyone.  But I assure you I will be quite distressed to think of all of the folks I know presently who are indeed NOT ready for a quarantine.  To me this is not a matter of IF it will occur.  It’s a matter of WHEN such an instance manifests itself.

Here’s a little bit of comfort for you.  Chances are, in a quarantine we will still have electricity and sewage services.  Thank goodness.  So that means that while we may have to endure a 90-day quarantine with people we don’t get along with 24/7, at least we can have some comfort.  Refrigeration should still be viable, as should microwave uses, and even video games.  :)  Additionally, sufficient food for one person can be obtained for only a dollar a day.  You do not need to spend a fortune to get ready for such an instance.

So, don’t panic.  Just get educated and get prepared.  You can indeed be ready to survive a 90-day quarantine.  And in fact, that’s just the beginning.

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Please cite your sources for the following statements you made:

"...our government and the World Health Organization will definitely demand that the virus be halted," with a 90-day quarantine.

"You will be forbidden to travel under any circumstances."

"...a plan under these circumstances could mean death to those who leave the sanctity of their homes."

" restrictions may require you to stay right where you are."

" will NOT be permitted to go to the grocery store or gas station."

"Chances are, in a quarantine we will still have electricity and sewage services."


My sources for everything that you've mentioned here are based on the FEMA site, history, WHO's site, and 3 interviews with medical experts. One of these is also common sense, ie: the existence still of electricity and sewage services.

Russ, since I've logged over 38 resources for this article, it's simply not prudent for me to post each one, and since my goal is to make things EASIER for folks, instead of THEM having to go and find it all, my articles are always about summations. However, since it was convenient for me on another article I'm writing I found another excerpt that supports part of what I've shared with you in the article which is "Private American citizens should be aware that it may not be possible to travel during an outbreak. Governments may close borders suddenly and without advance warning; commercial air, land and sea carriers could curtail or cancel service; and restricting travel may be the best way to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. These developments could impede a return to the United States or travel to another country or region. Therefore, Americans who are overseas during a pandemic may need to remain where they are until conditions improve, a situation which could last several months." This can be found on the U.S. Dept. of State's website.

Huh? On what exactly? Because we run a "professional" emergency preparedness blog, I don't print anything that I haven't checked and usually double checked. So if you have something specific that you take issue with, I"ll be happy to redirect you.

Doesn't that feel SO good to be able to say? Bet you never need "Tylenol Simply Sleep" at night, right?

I believe that it will be different depending on whether or not your in the dead center of the city, the suburbs or the country. Good thought process, Michael.

Yes, that's right. But hopefully the quarantine scenario helps us to legitimize the need for 3 months preparation, even financially.

In the future, Shreela, feel free to split the post up into parts and post multiple times. No problem with that. (I dont' know how to change it otherwise.)
To answer you questions, First of all, yes there are different levels of threat and appropriate protocols. The 90-day quarantine would be warranted in the event of a true pandemic, level 6 warning. This would mean tht ALL cities and suburbs would indeed be under a level of martial law and forced to stay in their homes. In such instances, FEMA could omit country homes from being quarantined as well, but it's not likely that they would. If a pandemic state is decided, then ANY law enforcement agency would have the authority to refuse anyone access to public roads.
However, prior to a 90 day pandemic quarantine, we are more likely to see smaller versions of quarantine such as we saw recently in spots across the U.S. with the H1N1 virus. I hope this helps!
You can also go to the FEMA site to see what their various protocols are supposed to be, although I wouldn't live and die by those. Execution of their intents are a different story.

my husband works for a company that gave everyone across the board 5% pay cuts -- with less than 2 weeks notice. i know for a fact that was enough to send some families over the edge and into foreclosure. the financial aspect of preparedness can NOT be underestimated. it is so critical! how that can be perceived as less than legitimate is beyond me.

Yes, there are causes for concern about utilities. However, several OFFICIAL reports I've read have stated that since so much of them are controlled internally, at a control booth, etc, it's not LIKELY that we will have to do without. Might we. Sure. But that's what preparedness is all about. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thanks for your comments.

I personally agree that if the pandemic occurs, then the financial market, which is so vulnerable right now, will crumble if the pandemic goes longer than the 90 days, but maybe even if it goes 60 days. You're right on the money on that one in my opinion, but I didn't have any hard-core research yet on that, so I didn't put it in the article.

Really smart, Tauna!! Many feel that if they are prepared all is well, but you're taking it one step further and training those around you. Awesome!

Yep, I doubt we could make a 30 day quar. Government would totally take over and we'd be a completely socialist nation. Then we'd see if there is an internal war. I'm not a professional prepper and don't have research, but I wish I'd have listened to my instincts / common sense and started getting ready earlier.

I really love your site. I am pretty sure I could survive a quarantine. I'm an ER nurse and have been vaccinated with smallpox and my name is on the statewide list to be a responder. I have prepared well and taught my family what they need to do because I may not be there.

I can make it three months. But I think if it happens it is the end of our world as we know it b/c our economy will crumble. Stock market will tank, USA credit rating will tank, the list goes on..... I wish I had a farm, a goat and more guns.

Great information with a lot of questions I hadn't thought of before. Just one more thing to prepare for, huh? :O)

just when i start to think i've got things covered, i come up with a new set of stuff to prepare for. very thought provoking.

if you are prepared to weather a 3 month quarantine, you would also be prepared to handle a job loss (no income, no spending allowed) as well. right?

Yes I am ready to survive a 90 day quarantine.

You really must cite your sources on this one because I think, unlike most of your excellent hands-on information, you are looking out the window and typing.

Thanks for answering my questions, and I'll break up numerous questions into their own comments next time 8^)

We'd probably squeak by for a 90 day quarantine, but it would be pretty iffy. Most of my prep-focus has been for the six weeks after hurricanes, and lately to have a few months cache in case hubby loses his job in this economy.

I did manage to snag a few N95 masks right after seeing so many flu tweets come through before the media started covering it. Hubby acted like I was paranoid -- until the next day he watched report after report about the outbreak in Mexico, then the death in our own city, and about N95's flying off the shelves locally. He called earlier from Home Depot, and I told him about the pandemic being upgraded to the highest level, and reminded him about the masks flying off the shelves last time, so he picked up a few boxes while there.

Food wise, we'd make it 3 months if I rationed what I had on hand right now. And I have a shipment of #10 cans coming in soon that will help. But I'll pick up more pinto beans and rice next time I'm out.

Wow, there are some very interesting comment here. It's great! I have a comment on electricity, water and sanitation. I have spoken with the manager of our local electric company. He tells me all electric companies are VERY concerned about power outages during a pandemic. Equipment failures happen every day and during a pandemic there may be no one to go and repair those. This is also true of water treatment and sewage treatment facilities. I recently wrote a post about this:
I also post H1N1 updates when something important changes and each Friday I post specific ways to prepare for a pandemic. Please take a look.

I wonder if a quaratine will restrict you to your property or strictly to your home. That can be a big difference to people who live in the country.


i wouldnt be to sure about the power remaining on. You need people in the field to keep power on and if they are sick or home taking care of family members who are sick you may not have the "man-power" to keep the power going. Youve made preperations for 90 days why not budget for alternative power ie generator just to power neccesities. just a thought Im a lineworker and i have a generator!

Kellene, I've read conflicting info about those N95 masks. One source said they're supposed to be used one time only, and another, the manufacturer's info, said they can be reused. What have you found to be true in your research?



Just like expiration dates, masks that say one use only will usually come with some claim as you've described. Ultimately, you're using them to avoid breathing on others and to avoid inhaling what others may breathe on you. As long as they still function accordingly, you've taken a great precaution. You could even use a handkerchief for that. Personally, my husband and I have stored enough for 1 to be used every day because frankly, after a day of breathing in them, they're simply going to feel a bit gross.
Understand that hospitals go to much greater lengths to protect them, including a specific seal around the mask once it's come in contact with the face. They wear it only as long as the seal is in place. So yes, you could be more diligent in protecting yourself, but ideally you'll be quarantined and only associating with that which is in your home.

I just found this site. I am intrested in preparing for the swine flu. There are a lot of great comments on this site. We are planning to do a lot of seed sprouting and have a green house to help extend our food supply. We are in the South so we will have a fall and winter garden. Maybe I'll through in a few goats and chickens.


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