Prepping; It's a Positive Thing's a positive thing.

Being a post depression baby, the youngest of seven children, I’ve always admired survivors’. You know, those individuals who when life throws them a curve, knocks them down, they get up, dust themselves off and get back into the game of life. I saw, “Waste Not, Want Not” lived out on a daily basis and still stand in awe of my parents for having survived the so called, great depression. I’m sure it was providential for me to learn the practical common sense way of thinking for this very time in my life!

Years ago I wrote my Mission Statement which was, 

“I absolutely refuse to allow anything happen to me that I don’t derive something positive from it”.

To rewrite would "improve" the wording yet would remove the passion I felt when I first committed it to paper and life has taught me, passion is an important emotion to nurture. Little did I know how important that statement would prove to be, after suffering a life altering accident which resulted in massive injuries.

Our efforts to prepare for what life may toss at us are vitally important yet failure to prepare our minds has the potential to make all things more difficult.

We store supplies, water, heirloom seeds, ammunition, for our weapons of defense and fortify our homes yet neglect the task of prepping our mind. The most powerful weapon we have is “what goes on between our own two ears” and often, becomes the most neglected of all learned skills. Ask a gardener the results of allowing weeds to grow or a food preserver about being slothful in the canning process and they may not answer because the answer seem so obvious. 

When I first began to consider these ideas probably 2004 quite frankly I was angry and filled with fear. I’d hope this phase of my life would be better and less stressful but maybe not. We’re seniors and under no illusions about our abilities and know our options are limited but isn't everyone's? Yet to be forewarned IS to be forearmed and I have found that fear, like anger can either be immobilizing or a great motivator. I've learned even in trying to write about "what we're doing to prepare" is something I'm not comfortable with doing. Just a bit to revealing and I doubt I'm the only one :-) However let me say, I am so proud of you, the younger generation for revealing an inner strength you probably didn't even know was there!


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