Prepper Syndrome

My "prepper syndrome" started a long time ago when I was a little girl. I can remember my mother canning and canning and canning...and she said was for "just in case something happens" . I never asked or understood what that meant but it stuck in the back of my head. My three brothers and I always had a specific job to do to help her and then all of us carried those precious jars to the basement for storage.

This past Christmas my mother bought us another freezer because the one we had was totally full. She was as excited as we were about filling up this second freezer. My beautiful mother passed away last month on St Patrick's Day. I know she's looking down on us with approval.

I only started prepping myself a few years ago. I would always get the BOGO deals at Publix and one day it dawned on me to put one back for "just in case something happens". That stash has been a life saver many a times. My husband is not totally on board with the prepping thing BUT he sure does like to go to the basement to "shop" when we need something!
My brother called me one day and told me about this new show called "Doomsday Preppers" The 1st show that I recorded was Kellene's show and I was hooked big time. I've threatened my husband with his life if that show gets deleted! LOL ! So now my wish list for Christmas and birthdays included things like the All American pressure canner, a dehydrator and food saver.

I started my canning two summers ago and fell in LOVE with it. I've told many people that I could stand and can all day every day. There is just nothing like looking at the accomplishments on the shelves "just in case something happens".
I always start my vegetable plants from seeds so I can get the heirloom varieties. Each Feb. I start more and more seeds and the other day my husband said "we'll never get all of those plants in our garden" to which I responded "yes we will...we always do"!

This spring his hunting buddy asked us if we wanted to plant some things in his ONE ACRE garden...yes, I did the happy dance. So they plowed and fertilized and planted until they were so tired they couldn't hardly move and they still have room for more seeds. So my quote about canning all day every day will come to a test this summer...but I know I can do it because it's for "just in case something happens"!


D. B.  GA

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