Peace By Piece

I started prepping about  2 years ago when my husband decided at the age of 68 that he would work 2 more years and then call it quits.  I realized I needed to PREPARE for a change in our lifestyle.  I never really paid attention to the cost of food before since I really didn’t need to watch my pennies.

WELL..................what a shock for me when I did start shopping for COST versus want.  I needed to make some pretty big adjustments.  It was the best thing that could have happened to me!  One thing led to another and that led me here.  I have learned to do so many things, including canning (Zaycon food), bulk buying (FoodSaver/Vacuum sealing), GARDENING (and actually getting it to grow), and so many things I thought I could never do.

Preparing is not just for THE UNEXPECTED, but for the expected too!  Well my husband is now retired and I feel comfortable knowing what I KNOW and having what we NEED.  A little here and a little there................peace by piece!


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I'll use one of my votes for me so that I can at least have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will give you a comment for the title alone! But also because I can relate. Who knows if there will be any money available as we retire? Prepping is peace of mind. Thanks!

I think alot of retirees are preppers and just don't know it. Our lifestyles change and the years go by quicker than we expected. If we're careful we can save stuff for ourselves and help our children who are alittle tight for extra money to put stuff away. This isn't just a couple thing its a family "thing" and a neighborhood thing. You don't have to show everyone your extras but its a nice feeling to have extras.

We are close behind you in trying to figure out how were able to retire and keep up with food inflation and ever rising property taxes and medical premiums. Fortunately our mortgage is paid and we have zero debt but the day to day expense is rapidly climbing.


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