Is My Mother Crazy?

Here the 20 year old son of a passionate prepper shares his thoughts on whether or not the concept of prepping is crazy and what he believes members of society should be on the look-out for. If you ever wondered what your kids say about your prepping when you're not around, this is likely to be the semblance of an indicator. *grin*


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Loved your title! I know my kids ask this about me.

love it

Awesome video,, Wonderful points made about prepping... I'm not currently a prepper, but this makes me want to start. Now. ;o)

Great Video!!

I have made this video into a Pin on Pinterest!

I vote for YOU!

Vote #5... You get all my votes!! ;o)

Yes!! yes yes yes. I love your pointing out that by asking if it's ok to prep, the asker is assuming it is wrong. Very compelling. If you decide you don't want to be in medicine anymore, you should be a radio or tv personality.

Good video. I hope it hits home with non-preppers and they'll get a clue!

This was so good , i'm posting it to my FB so my loved ones can watch !

Very good points!

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And 5

A vote from a Lady Prepper.

Great video, love it!! I hope my kids understand prepping as much as this kid. =)

Awesome video! You raised a smart young man. This video can do a lot of good in helping families see the need to prep. You've got my vote.

Great video! You've raised a smart, thoughtful young man. Hopefully this video will help get more young people involved in prepping. You get my vot.

The asker may be referring to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA) this indicates that anyone with 7 days of more of food stored could be a terrorist .

Way to go Joey!

yay Katie!

If having more than 7 days of food on hand is terrorism then I know tons of terrorists... it's called living in the country!

vote 4

vote 5

Loved the video! You put that perfectly and I have shared your video with friends hoping they will watch!


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