It's Better Than Prozac

75% of all dr. visits are stress related.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, if we do not secure  basic needs such as security of body,  employment, resources, the family, healthy, property, food,  and water our bodies will respond with a feeling of anxiousness and tenseness, with no motivation to obtain our higher needs of love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.  Being prepared secures those basic needs and relieves our bodies of stress, and opens the way to obtain our other basic needs.

Being prepared has helped me:

  • Survive the too much month left at the end of the check syndrome.
  • Get through times of unemployment without losing the house or having bill collectors’ call.
  • Lower my monthly food bills.
  • Allowed me to stay home and not worry about having food, water, heat, and shelter for my family during major life threatening storms.
  • Allowed me to be ready to help other during a head on collision on the highway
  • Kept my family and I hydrated and fed when our car broke down in 100 plus degree weather in the middle of nowhere.
  • Avoid taking out more student loan debt, while my husband was in school.
  • Gave us a peace of mind during a fire storm, wind storm and ice storm that we would have what we needed to be comfortable.
  • To endure the hardships of long periods of time without water and electricity with relative ease
  • Helped us to be able to save a down for a house
  • To be able to assist family and friends during hard times in their lives
  • Have a peace of mind when driving 60 miles each way to work during the winter
  • To have less stress in our marriage
  • To have the peace of mind that if for some reason I could not buy food for an extended period of time we would be ok
  • Given me more independence
  • Taught me life skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Taught me basic car repair so I could fix my car when it broke down at night in a scary part of town
  • Knowledge that I don’t have to rely on government programs if we lost our income
  • Knowledge that my husband has a plan in place if he is at work and something happens that he can’t get home
  • Knowledge that my husband knows we have a plan in place at home if we have to evacuate when he is not here
  • Far less stress in my life

A peace of mind………


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If you have members of your family or friends that are not convinced about food prep this article will convince them. Disaster is hitting all over the U.S. as I write and afterward people will hit the stores, if any are left. Planning and storing are life savers. Thank you for the article

Using one of my votes for this entry. ~ Thanks, S.A.

Using one of my votes for this entry.


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every person needs to be prepared for the eventual accident or disaster in their lives. With every new event that occures billions of times in a persons day any preparation increases your chances of success to move on to the next day. I love this artical

I like this post, this is my vote

stress is a friend of mine, any break is much appreciated from that friend

we all have an obligation to our families to support them and to build them and this is never more true during times of stress. the only real way to better support a person in time of need is when we are able to support our selves and lend a helping hand

Nothing is better than Prozac.
Just kidding.

What awesome real life every day examples that we can all appreciate! Thanks for sharing!!

I too have learned a lot of new skills practicing preparedness.

When your needs are filled through preparedness hard times can be an adventure.

I love being prepared!

So true!

It is so nice during a disaster to be able to help others because you are not struglling to take care of your own family.

I'm voting.

I'm voting again.

It is always better to be prepared.



Trying to get there.....

Thumbs up


Someday we will get there

I feel the same way. Knowing that "my cupboards are full" gives me an immense sense of peace. So many outside stresses everyday, who needs to worry about being able to feed their family, provide medical supplies if needed, have a light source in their home and have a heat source for the home, have a way to cook food without power, etc. About the only thing that makes any sense in today's world IS to hope for the best but prepare for the worse. We would all be a lot safer if everyone would prepare!

I hope that someday soon I can be prepared and have that peace of mind. It would be nice not to worry all the time about where bill, food, medical, gas, etc money is going to come from and it would be nice to know I am ready if something happens

You have my vote

I would love to be in a position where I am prepared for anything for my little family and my big family and to be able to help others.

I'm voting for this one

Thanks! :)

One vote

How great are the blessings that come from obedience. Its nice to see it all in print tho. You have my votes.

Keep up the good work!

Good work

I am voting for this

Voting here

Got my vote.

I am voting for this

Prepare for the worst.
Expect the best.
Accept what comes.

Great entry.

Voting for this one.

You've got my vote. Totally Agree.

You get my 5 votes.

Here is vote 3.

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Hope you get all the votes you need!

Can u come up here and teach me please??!!??!!

I need someone to hold my hand!

And some serious organization!


Yeah for natural Prozac!!!

Indeed. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

a vote for prozac

another vote for prozac

a vote for self-sufficency

we know about long periods without water

a vote for preparedness

a vote for piece of mind


A vote for prozac

Alway be ready for anything

Stress stress good

25% of all doctor visits are husbands for causing stress

Be ready


I agree, it's so worth the effort to be prepared!

I agree with Bill-Stress is bad

Love this entry!

A another vote for this entry! :D

Yes, being prepared for anything that may come your way is always good! :)

Great entry!

Always be ready


Another vote for being prepared! :)


prozak is good when it is natural

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Got my vote

Well said

Way to go


Yes, you don't want stress in your life. So be prepared! :)

awesome entry!

Anything can happen


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this page rocks

prepardness is the way to go. Look to your past to look for the future

I vote for this one

time to make a difference in your life

Being prepared makes sense

life if full of changes and we need to make positive changes and stay away from it

i like this site, lots of things to learn about.

vote 4

vote 5

vote 2

Great site, thanks for the link!

Keep up the good work!

This is a great website, keep spreading the word!

Good luck!

Totally agree, here is my vote # 1


Being prepared is better than having an insurance policy. Vote # 2

Vote # 3

Vote # 4

Vote # 5

great site.




maganda ang website na eto

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Being prepared is always a good idea (just ask the Boy Scouts!)

I agree

Good ideas

Glad to see you are so independant

Wish everyone could do basic fixes on their own car

vote 1

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vote 3

good article

Less stress is good

vote 5




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