The Irreplaceable Ultra Important Preparedness Tool--Part I

After watching the extensive devastation that’s happened in the Philippines and the Midwest region of the U.S. this past week, I felt the need to emphasize the most important resource that we all MUST have in order to be able to withstand something as devastating as what these millions of people have had to endure. 

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So, today, I have a bit of a secret to share with you.  I’m not happy it is a secret, mind you. I do earnestly wish that more persons were aware of this to the point that it couldn’t possibly be deemed a secret, but alas, it is. I realize that I may never have served in military combat, my close quarter combat skills are lacking in comparison to those who do this everyday. And I am limited on funds, physical and mental energy many times, but in spite of these weaknesses, I am at peace and confident because of the fact that I possess a great deal of the most important resource that any prepper could ever have.  I have lots of it, I’m familiar with it, I know how to use it, and I know how to make more of it whenever I need. I’ve found an endless supply available to me to the point that all I really have to do is spend a few moments each day to take care of it and know that in return, it will always be there for me no matter how devastating the crisis that I might be faced with.


The Irreplaceable Ultra Important Preparedness Tool

When a tornado flattens your city and takes everything you own with it, it doesn’t matter how many pints of chicken you’ve canned or how organized your inventory is. All that matters at that time is what you have left of this irreplaceable, ultra important preparedness tool.  In fact, in situations of complete devastation, this is the FIRST and in some instances the ONLY tool that will help you survive such destruction.


Prioritize, Stock Up or Perish

Sadly, MOST “preppers” improperly identify their most important tool in their supplies. And by failing to properly identify and obtain this most important tool, they readily feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed,  scared, hopeless and even depressed when faced with one of life’s challenges. Surprisingly, even grizzled preparedness veterans throughout the world are dangerously vulnerable in this most critical aspect of preparedness. Their long lists of everything they need, neatly checked off, and yet they don’t even begin to see the gaping hole in their preparedness supplies. Regardless of their strength of their other skills and the breadth of their other assets, they will soon see just how painful the consequences are for failing to take the time and resources to build up their stores of this particular asset.  Worse, there is no quick fix, or easy solution if you’re vulnerable in this way. Even the luckiest of individuals will not be able to escape the consequences that will come to those who have failed to stock up on this particular asset—even if they recognize their problem an entire week, a month, or perhaps even a year before one is suddenly faced with a devastating scenario.  No matter their wealth or social standing, they will not be able to buy their way out of this problem. They will not be able to chase down or loot this resource at the last minute prior to a disaster.  Nor will they be able to “fake it ‘til they make it.” In the face of a real crisis, we will either have it, or we won’t; and if we don’t, its absence will fuel our fear and desperation and quickly expend what token amounts of this asset which we may only marginally possess. No matter the mass and scope of all other preparedness resources we might have at our disposal, and regardless of the nature of the disaster we’re faced with, it is absolutely impossible to obtain this all-important resource in any other way other than organically and paying any price that may be attached to it.


Cost, Availability, and Acquisition Requirements

There are never any discounts on this tool. There’s no buying in bulk. There are certainly no corners to cut. There are only a small number of outlets which provide this tool and they all operate in a strong show of solidarity with regards to their terms of purchase, pricing, terms of use, and the time commitment necessary to acquire it. At the time of purchase, any who wish to receive this resource will only be able to do so if their proposals are accompanied with proper forms of acceptable identification to prove who they are in every possible way. No one can obtain this resource fraudulently and it’s impossible for one person to obtain it on behalf of someone else. It’s simply impossible. Furthermore, those who would purchase it with any kind of offensive attitude or sarcasm will be denied.  However,  the good news is that I’ve noticed that it’s readily accessible regardless of a person’s disability or other physical impairments.


Shelf-Life, Storage Ability, and Suitable Amounts Per Person

You also should know that you will never have all that you need of this resource. You will forever have to pay the going rate to acquire it. Sometimes you will need only a little of it and sometimes you will need all that you’ve got—quite suddenly.  But its features and benefits are well worth any hassle and any price as it has an unlimited shelf-life. Furthermore, history has proven for thousands of years that this particular asset is uniquely qualified to protect us and rescue us from any crisis scenario we could possibly imagine. It’s universal that way and, thank goodness, it’s easily portable without adding any additional bulk to your 72 hour kits, trunk space, etc. So regardless of what the storage capability is of your present home, you will always have room for it. It is also unaffected by climate conditions—though in some scenarios it may be used up more quickly than others. This is strictly determined though by the habits one uses in the maintenance issues.


Maintenance and Warranty Issues

It’s critical that when you obtain this tool that you protect it at all costs as you can’t afford to lose it completely. It works best if it is strengthened and nourished properly every single day. At the very least, I invest 30 minutes a day, plus another 4 to 6 hours a week to its proper care and maintenance. If you take care of it in accordance to the Directions, you will find that it will last longer than any other self-sufficiency asset. You also must use your Tool properly. Any attempt to use it improperly will negate your ownership thereof and even its ability to help you in a time of need.


Chain of Title

Once you have been approved and have received your customized tool, it is yours to keep and only yours. You may share small amounts with others in order to encourage them to obtain some for themselves, but it is impossible to give any of your resources of this manner to someone else no matter their relation to you, your love for them, or how powerful and conniving their attorney may be. Once received, the “unalienable” clause comes into play. It’s yours to care for and to keep forever. Should you choose to abandon your tool, you may do so at any time, however, it is significantly easier to maintain and keep this resource rather than losing it completely and having to start all over to get it again. In its absence, you will be vulnerable to the very worst aspects of any and all challenges.  I strongly suggest that you never part with it at any price.


This is Not a Fading Trend Item

Most preppers spend exhaustive amounts of time emphasizing the less important aspects of preparedness and always to the detriment of the most important aspects. When this happens, the preppers, homesteaders, or even Rambo-like survivalists will end up spending too much time and money relying on faulty information that will only serve to distract them from the absolute most important component of preparedness.  This resource is universally applicable to ANY and ALL scenarios that one might encounter.  It never loses its efficacy and its position of importance to those who have it.

Question mark

So what is this must have tool that every prepper, every person in the world must have?? Where can you get it?  How can you take care of it and store it properly for an unlimited shelf-life?


I’ll tell you in the very next article. In the meantime, here’s to Peace in your Preparedness.

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You are very right! This is

You are very right! This is the most important resource of all... without it we perish. Absolutely love your introduction ;)

Pastor Garry

The answer is: Faith in Jesus

The answer is: Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord &Savior. Amen.

LOL...No fair..I was getting

LOL...No fair..I was getting so excited to read what the tool is.

The secret tool you are

The secret tool you are writing about is the knowledge store house in your brain. In other words, how much knowledge do you have about wild edible plants, finding water, filtering water, and other wilderness survival skills. But, also, this secret tool is the amount of strength you have from working out in the gym, the fighting skills you have honed sparing with others. But, is also the psychological skills you have mastered which allows you to put angry people at ease. Well, the list could go on.

Close...but not quite.

Preparedness Pro's picture
Close...but not quite. However, yours IS the 2nd more important tool. :-)

Thanks, Pastor!

Preparedness Pro's picture
Thanks, Pastor!

Yeah, some kids never grow

Preparedness Pro's picture
Yeah, some kids never grow out of teasing others. :-)

My 'tool' the 'tool' you are

My 'tool' the 'tool' you are talking about is The Lord! He gives and He takes away! I love to look at my food storage but I also know The Lord can take it away from me in a snap. I don't want to cling to that. But I will cling to The Lord. I know He will never leave me or forsake me! I am His and He is mine!

Ya that's cool. So tell where

Ya that's cool. So tell where God has been lately? Where is she? There is so much strife in our world, so much cancer, so much death, so much disease. Our money system is collapsing around us. I'm very glad that I have little time on earth left and will enjoy every moment !!!!

At first I thought man you

At first I thought man you need to know this, then about 2 seconds later it slapped me in the face and I knew it was true, but I had to read further, then at the end the big cliff hanger.

I was also wondering if you had a copy of the most important things to stock first , I thought at one time when I was foolish that you published how to stock your pantry by the week, if so is there a way that I can get that list. Thank you and may GOD bless.

Bran, I usually don't

Bran, I usually don't comment on these posts but felt moved to do so regarding your comments. I once saw a church sign that read "Feel far from God? Who moved?" God promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us. We are in this world but are not of it... if we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God is where He has always been..just one prayer away if you seek Him. He never promised any of us a rose garden but has promised us that we may have eternal life with Him if we would just ask.

Oh no, what if it all hits

Oh no, what if it all hits the fan before your next post? :)

Great intro to a difficult

Great intro to a difficult topic for many. I know I have told many preppers who are constantly worrying, we do our best and allow God to take care of the rest. Loved your tease of an opening. Can't wait to read how to handle the rest.


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