Hunger Was Never Far Away

When I was growing up, I was raised by two grandmother's. One a farmer's wife who grew up thru the depression;  farming didn't make a lot of money but it did make food. The other grandmother escaped Nazi Germany before no one was allowed to leave. Both were very frugal and raised vegetables and grew orchards, raised chickens, hogs, cattle. They canned, made sausages, soap, sewed all themselves to save money and keep extra in case another war or depression came.

Being young, I didn't think much of it, but as I went thru life I was poor and sometimes okay financially and hunger was never far away. As a now retired police officer I witness more people who were worse off than I. I also witness people panic during storms, civil unrest and other events. After I retired, I began noticing the increase of all of these things combined with chemicals in our foods from big cooperate farms.

After I joined a prepper network I realized I'd always been a prepper. These ladies made me think of what I needed to do no matter what happens of how I should be prepared to help my family. In doing so, I am now also able to give to Food Banks, fresh foods and canned foods from my garden that have no chemicals. With all we see these days, one can only imagine the "what if's" and if I am prepared as I grow more and more vegetables and plant fruit and nut trees, how many people can I help?  How many people can I teach?

I see the generosity of sharing amongst the Lady Preppers and so if the "What If" happens, I can feed my family and those who may reach out in need. All because of all of you.

Thank you,

M. G. NC

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Thank heaven for the ladies that came before us, the ones that sustain us now, and the ones that will endeavor to follow in our prepper predecessors footsteps in the future. As we learn from each other, we reinforce and prepare another generation of responsible citizens.

I really agree with what you're saying here. What lovely lessons you've learned!


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