Good for the Body and Soul

Since May of 2011 I have thrown away several no longer needed prescription drugs, and I have lost 40 pounds, because of things I learned and practiced while prepping.

I learned a lot of great stuff from Kellene. I learned about the right oils to use, including essential oils. I learned about the proper intake and use of vitamins.

I am a much stronger and better health nut today because of prepping. I went from being the pickiest child in the USA to eating kale, spinach, quinoa, chia and flax seeds, and liking them.

I learned so much from my mother. We canned and made jam. We ground our own wheat and made bread and rolls.

There was an unforgettable summer when my mother brought home a 50 pound bag of onions from the packing sheds and told us kids we were going to dry them. Oh, the moaning and crying that went on. One of my brothers even tried swim goggles. But we dried the onions and used them.

So I learned the basics when I was a kid at home. But I've gone far beyond that now. It started with my husband about five years ago. We had a beautiful suburban home we designed and built. We loved it. But in the small back yard there was only room for the pool and barbecue and a couple of trees.

We felt uneasy about our ability to sustain ourselves and started our search. We now have five acres in the country with our own well, pond, septic, dogs, chickens and solar. Not to mention a big garden, our own fruit and nut orchard, and DH has just started beekeeping.

In the last three years, I have felt a greater sense of urgency to get prepared, after observing the constant calamities of nature, economics and politics. So the prepping is seriously amped up in quantity and scope.

In the house, I am filling every nook and cranny with food storage, sprouting seeds and grains, freeze dried fruits and veg and everything I can find to make fabulous pantry meals. I've learned to make soap and lotion, and I'm willing to try anything new. One of my favorite new things is some solar lights I found.

Some of my efforts have gone a little haywire. My first batch of soap was a lumpy kitchen adventure, and the cheese waxing is a moldy little secret. Those definitely need work. A few of the pantry mixes went to feed the dogs, but we're working on refining those to be more enjoyable to eat.

I know I have a long way yet to go, but I love the journey. I'm thrilled every day the trucks are still running. And looking forward to our own honey!


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Good job mom! Keep up that prepping!

Hope you win something awesome.

Number one prepper!

Go for the gold!

Keep your eyes on the prize!

You are awesome so keep moving towards your goals.

My mom gave me some tiny hotel soaps, so I'm going to melt them down in the crockpot tomorrow to make liquid soap. I won't have to buy dish soap or hand soap!

I love prepping. I do it and plan it and think about it every day.

One of the projects I have in the works is to make a detailed inventory instead of my usual seat of the pants style.

Today I made an alcohol stove by squeezing a roll of toilet paper into a quart paint can, with an empty number 10 can (with holes on the sides) on top. It heated a quart of water in my prepping teapot in ten minutes, then I made a grilled cheese sandwich in a little frying pan.
And it's safe to use in the house.

I've decided spring really is the perfect time for canning the beef in my freezer since all the fruits and veg aren't ready yet.
As soon as I get myself into the kitchen to do it.
Is one of the prizes a big pressure canner????

Boo yah!! You are prepping your brains out!

I am your grasshopper. And by that I mean I am going to latch on to your preparations...

I can't believe you cut up and dried 50 pounds of onions! Thank you for not making me do that!

Great job prepping!

The amazing thing is that you are taking all the research and figuring out how to put use it practically!

I love the story about the onions...uh, because I was there chopping & crying. I remember it stinking up the neighborhood.

I was hoping you were going to post a picture of your canned butter. Now I'm bummed that there are no photos. Will you post a pic on facebook of your winning pile of loot?

have canned both chicken and ground beef successfully. My friend here in Ohio helped teach me, when I asked her. We did it in the summer. Whew. Hot. The ground beef has chopped onions for added moisture, as reccommended by my friend. Yum.

Just spoke with another friend tonight who is raising two pigs for meat. Their names are bacon and sausage. (No joke) I may end up doing that too.

Just wanted you to know that I am proud of you. Good work!!

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