Gold Confiscation and Executive Orders

Today a reader asked me, “Do you think that we’re at risk for the government to confiscate our gold again?”gold bar

Answer—No. For two reasons:

First Reason) When FDR confiscated gold the first time he did it by Executive Order. That's the ONLY way such a request would be valid in this country thanks to the freedoms of owning property--gold being one's property. The original request was done by Executive Order, specifically 6102. Executive Orders are NOT valid or enforceable against everyday Americans. The POTUS only has Executive Orders for the benefit of performing his job as the “CEO” of those who work for him or are under his umbrella of responsibility. Those persons are strictly defined as Federal employees or those who live in Federal enclaves (i.e. Washington D.C.)  This whole Executive Order stuff seems to be so confusing to so many.  I had one lady frustrated with me in sharing this information, loudly yelling at me that “the EmancipationLincoln the movie Proclamation was issued by Executive Order!” Indeed it was. She’s correct. However, the records of Lincoln make it perfectly clear that the fact that it was “only issued as an Executive Order” caused a great deal of consternation to him because he was well aware of its efficacy—or rather the lack thereof. In fact, surprisingly, Hollywood even reinforces this mental struggle with Lincoln’s shackled efforts at freeing all mankind with nothing more than an Executive Order in the recently released film, “Lincoln”.


Look at it this way; if the CEO of McDonald’s sent out a memo today requiring all employees to now wear Yellow hats with the McD logo on them while at work, would it mean a lick of difference in how you dressed for work today?? Of course not! It’s the EXACT same scenario when POTUS signs an Executive Order.  Congress and POTUS have two legislative roles. One is as the CEO and Board Members for the Federal corporation and its assets/properties (don’t get me started on the legality of the Government OWNING any property) and all of the regulations and corporate rules that go along with running a corporation like any other AND that of serving the nation as a whole.  If it was set up any other kind of way then we would not be a Republic form of government, we’d be a monarchy—you know; one that’s run by a King.  Obama has the right to hire and fire and order the people who work for him and to regulate them as he sees fit, and that ability is given to him by the tool of an Executive Order. And that’s the only purpose that exists for the Executive Order.


So why did so many Americans comply with Executive Order 6102 in the first place? Well, to be blunt, because they were ignorant or cowardly sheeple who didn’t bother to learn the laws and who were led by numerous complicit political leaders who also were either ignorant or who were more than willing to allow their fellow Americans to be manipulated into thinking that an Executive Order actually has efficacy on everyone.  There are actually a great deal of accounts written by Americans who understood that FDR had no authority to abscond their gold and as such they did not sell it. Unfortunately, the willfully ignorant in the nation were the majority of persons, including those banks or pawn brokers who were their only source for gold owners to sell to. So, if one was willing to stand for their Constitutional rights and KEEP their gold, they had to do so understanding that it would be some time before someone would actually give them cash in exchange for that gold.  Some were smart and held out long enough to see the fruits of their legal defiance.


FDR Memorial The second reason why I do not believe that gold will once again be confiscated as before is because the same motive no longer exists. After FDR robbed Americans of their property he specifically devalued the dollar by manipulating the gold prices.  Today, the value of gold continues to be manipulated (It ISN’T happening organically, folks, I’m telling ya!) and is an accessory of the crime of this money manipulation with the Federal Reserve. In other words, the devaluing of the dollar shenanigan is ALREADY being done and will continue to be done without the need to confiscate our gold.


This is being accomplished by the U.S. Treasury playing in the stock market and global trading platforms (which is why the Secret Service now has to sign off on some bond and bank guarantee transactions—INSANE), the unprecedented skyrocketing debt the U.S. is being saddled with, the massive amounts of foreign debt (essentially IOUs) that are being sold for a song to foreign nations such as China and Japan, the leveraging of federal land and other assets such as mineral rights, water rights, and even the nation’s grain supplies in order to add value to the useless foreign debt that’s issued, the horrendous GDP numbers combined with the unemployment numbers, and the reckless issuance of more and more USD into the market with NOTHING required to back them. Furthermore we no longer require the Federal Reserve to provide ANYONE with an M-3 Report which accounts for how much currency is in circulation at any one time.  Now why would the M-3 Report information be hidden from Americans if not for the purpose of deception and devaluation. At one time we did back our USD with gold.  Now, however, we back it with the “good faith and confidence of the American people.”  Yeah, and that’s SO high up there now, right??  If you think of the value of the USD as the asset, much like you would a home, then look at the home as being stripped of every single viable aesthetic, functional, and protective piece of it and then mowed down into nothing but rubble. Yup. That’s where the US Dollar is now.


They don’t have to confiscate your gold because they are manipulating your dollars which you need to buy the gold, the gas, the food, the health care, and everything else that’s important to your life and pursuit of happiness.

So my answer to you is 100% NONo your gold will not be confiscated by the U.S. Government; but unfortunately, my reasons for saying as such are not all warm and fuzzy.   This is why I believe that purchasing gold right now is one of the most ludicrous decisions any serious self-sufficient person can make because there are all kinds of more valuable and lucrative essentials that can be purchased instead that will most definitely keep their value.



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Upon reading your comment I've come to the conclusion that you and I feel very differently about our obligation and duty to uphold our rights and freedoms. I do not subscribe to the opinion that the Constitution grants anyone rights, liberties and freedom; rather it simply puts the government on notice as to what they are and how I very well may respond, justified, in the event that they attempt to infringe upon those rights. Unfortunately, there are only a tiny percentage of individuals who practice the upholding of their freedoms any better than most parents practice discipline in their homes. A whole lot of threats, counting, promises of punishment or other consequences, only to never back up such consequences. I can assure you that I am not one of those persons who treats my freedom the same way a poor parent disrespects their stewardship and responsibility to raise moral, healthy, decent, charitable and confident children.

Where do you recommend we purchase our heirloom seeds? Thank you for all that you do to help us prepare.

Kellene, A friend once told me that the only thing that can not be taken from you is knowledge. Study all that you can on survival. Medical, planting seasons food storage and so on.....Your stock pile may be gone someday.

My hat's off to your Grandfather!

Um, there's no Homeland Security Bill that says what you're referring to, Marie. I think you need to recheck your info source. However, lets just say that things were to go really, really screwed up--as Americans we are obligated to stand for the Freedom that our forefathers fought and died for and that our men and women defend today. That being said, even if there was such a ridiculous notion that the food was limited in homes, which is contrary to a whole lot of other directives such as those from FEMA which is now a part of the DHS, ANY "law" that is unconstitutional is NO law at all.

EO's DON'T take away ANY person's rights. They are freely given. Period.

I'm in full support of the saying that "there will come a day when a bucket of wheat will be worth more than a bucket of gold." So yes, food, clothing, get out of debt, ammo--lots of ammo and I believe it will be a valuable currency in the not too distant future, unfortunately, heirloom seeds (non-hybrid, non-gmo, of course), water, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, etc.

As usual, you are right on point with your information, Kellene... I especially appreciated your last paragraph... Yes, much more important valuable and lucrative essentials to invest in... If the SHTF gold will be worthless, but food, water and survival necessities will be priceless... Once again, thanks for a wonderful, informative post...

The average citizen no longer owns gold and there is not much to confiscate of any Precious metals. Be it silver, gold or even copper. While I think the PTBs will confiscate any worthwhile asset PM are not on the radar nor savings in banks! 401 k's, Roth IRA's and pensions is were the money is at. Almost 19 trillion based on today's average market value.
Carrie, can you make your own clothes from cotton you grow or sheep you shear? Can you grow enough flax for linen and turn it into paper or cloth? I can't , though I have bought quite a few yards of cloth and have learned to spin and have a loom. Can you make a pair of socks for less than a dollar in materials? Cause I can buy some good cotton socks for about a dollar a pair. How much drinking water do you have on hand or basic medicine for dealing with a flu or virus and supporting a very sick person? I hope you have some basics Carrie as you and your family will depend on it. You might ask yourself what you consider the the bare minimum of what you and your family needs, instead of putting Kellene on the hook for your preparedness.
Carrie you are a "big girl "now forecast out what your family needs. I have no idea what you have stored or prepped. But you will need safe drinking water, shelter/security and then food at best look at Kellene's 10 steps of preparedness and really absorb the the steps. I did it Back asswards but I had time to screw up. I don't think new preppers have time to make many mistakes.
Carrie what do you think you need to store? It might be better to let those whohave prepped for a few years trouble shoot your preps as most of us have been there. While not pleasant you can learn a lot from folks that went through disasters.

I believe you are wrong about this. They will take anything they want to take... Money from your bank account (Think Cyprus), pensions, IRAs, gold, food. The Homeland Security Bill says we can only have 3 days worth of food and anything above that will be confiscated. Some states have passed laws that say rain water belongs to the state. The list goes on and on.

EOs have been issued that take away all our rights and give all of those rights to the state so Yes, I think they WILL confiscate your gold. so hide it and be careful who you trust.

Marie, they can't take away what they can't find in the first place, but if you don't have a first line of adequate defense--yes, firearms--then you're compromising every other aspect of your prepping. Make sure you have adequate protection, then prep like there's no tomorrow--but do it as discreetly as possible. I make most of my major shopping trips at night and don't take anything out of my vehicle until it's in the garage, so neighbors won't know what I'm stocking up. My next-door neighbors on both sides are prepper-friendly--one neighbor does a lot of canning, and my other neighbor has been getting an earful from her boyfriend for a while that she needs to stock up, and I've been gently encouraging her to take, say, 5 percent of her take-home pay every week to use to buy food for long-term storage. Do it quietly and incrementally, and before long you'll have a lot of preps and adequate protection.

Thank you Kellene! When you say, "more valuable and lucrative essentials" do you mean food, clothing, etc? Could you please give a few examples? Thank you so much!

Great post!!! I am the fortunate recipient of about $5000 worth of gold from my Grandfather was smart enough to not give up. Thanks for the education I fear it may come in handy in the future since the current POTUS is very fond of Executive Orders!!

You can prep all you want for physical needs but unless you have accepted Christ's payment for sin, as your own, you are only kicking your judgment down the road much like the Gov't has it's responsibility. Eventually the piper must be paid. Physical preppers will need to have enough to last through the seven years of disaster which will befall this country, to gain an extended timeframe with which to come to grips with their responsibility before God. Hope you got a Bible in your provisions and you take it to heart so you can allow Jesus to secure for you a future that no amount of food and ammo can secure.
Consider...FULFILLED PROPHECY AUTHENTICATES the scriptures as true and accurate, and God alone as their source. Wise men still seek Him today. For the sincere, read the third chapter of John, 7 times, and ask God to make Himself known to you. Don't be surprised if your life changes drastically and for the better. In Love and with concern for your future.

Clearly you're new on our blog; and we welcome you. However, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about the Ten Principles of Preparedness that we use as a foundation for everything on here. The First Principle, obviously being Spiritual Preparedness.

Helpful advice, but I certainly hope you're not encouraging people to just focus on the 8th Principle of Preparedness as there are 7 other principles that have higher priority than food and if a person neglects that prioritization, they will have some pretty miserable consequences in a crisis.

Kellene, I didn't mean to prioritize food over other principles, I just got into a zone while I was typing. ;) Thanks for the reminder.

I'd suggest you to an internet search of "raising rabbits jackie clay" That should take you to the Backwoods Home site on that particular topic. Jackie's a pro at that kind of thing. I'm still very new on that topic.

off the subject a bit kellene but i have rabbits inside all winter, just got them this winter. just wondering when it could be safe to put them outside considering we still have some cold nights ahead of us...i live in pa..i have all the hutches built and rarin to go.once again i would love to hear back from you since i've learned so much from you! you are my GO TO GIRL! thanx again... bill

So Kellene, would you recommend against buying property within a national forest? Would the POTUS or "feds" have the right to just take it if they decided to? THANKS!

You couldn't PAY me to take on that kind of a mess. No sirree. They don't have a right to legally claim ANY lands and the lands that they are claiming they are doing solely to hold up their worthless paper that they're selling on the foreign market, so yes, I'd say that buying land in a "national forest" is just asking for trouble.

So, what are those, "more valuable and lucrative essentials that can be purchased instead that will most definitely keep their value." my curious mind wants to know.

I think we ALL get into a particular "zone" when it comes to prepping. It's easy for us to get distracted even with GOOD things. :-)

Sorry - I disagree. If they can take your Guns, Food, tell you what to eat, shut down Organic food stores, OK GMO seeds ----- They can do anything they want!!! Including taking your Gold. Plus, they way Obama thinks, our property is Not our property. It's his and the Governments to take...

There's so much I see as flawed in that statement. A) Sure they "can" take the gold away, but they have no motivation to do it. B) The "can" attempt to take things away, but that's only IF people remain to be sheeple. My entire lifestyle is rooted in actions which counter their attempts to dictate what's on my dinner table, etc. c) It seems like mentally you've already consigned yourself to defeat of the pathetic and evil One Man Army and his minions. That's truly sad for me to see in a person. We simply don't talk like this in my household. There are NO victims in situations like this. Only Volunteers.

Thanks for a great and timely post, Kellene. I belong to a preparedness group made mostly of Marines, interestingly. We were just discussing this very topic. All of your advice has rang very true. You're awesome!!

While I agree that the Elites have additional financial sources at their command; ie your 401K, bank accounts, etc. I would not put anything past them.
Not all people were sheeple during the gold confiscation-most simply assumed that The United States Government was good, and would not do something to screw Americans and enrich a few. Sadly, those people are still around.
My grandmother was a midwife nurse-she had an unbelievable reach with many people in Dayton Ohio at the time, some rich and powerful. Childbirth is the great equalizer, and the greatest common bond that women have. Being a pauper or a queen, we know the demands of childbirth are the same for all. When FDR started sending his thugs to the banks, confiscating what gold was in PRIVATE vaults, my grandmother received a call from a woman that she had helped. That woman risked loosing her job to get my grandmother's jewelry to her home and save it from confiscation. We have lovely gold and diamond pieces because of that.
So, while I believe you-I don't put much past the Elites. Isn't it sad? I trust my system of government thoroughly-I have no faith in the people running it.

Wow, what an interesting story! Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl O

Question ??? You say you're associated with a Marine prepper group. How could contact be made, and what state are you in ?? I'm a retired Marine as you can probably tell by the email addy... Email me ?? My Wife & I are interested.

OOPS... I didn't include my email addy... [email protected]


Paul, why would they trust you?

About the powers that be: I know in Hurricane Katrina the N. O. police, did go into a man's house and took the man's guns and ammo. when the man objected they took them anyway. It made the news yet it was too late. What choice did the man have - shoot the police? Not likely and live.
We may have our constitution and quote it to them like this man did while saying this was all he had to defend himself and his family but they still took them. Had the police shot the family for not surrendering the family security there would have only been one sided story. Just sayin'


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