Food Shortage Series Part III

The Financial Storm Strengthened by Food Shortage

Today I will continue the series of Food Shortage. For starters though, I just want to say thank you for the mounds of e-mails I received from persons over the last couple of days begging me and encouraging me to continue with the series. It was almost as if some felt that I had given up on writing this series due to some of the negative comments that were posted in response.  Now, now, Folks; you should know me better than that. I don’t scare easily.

I do owe you all an apology, though. I picked the worst week of the year to launch this series when I knew that I would be swamped with the filming with TLC (The Learning Channel). But frankly, I didn’t want to wait even a week before I started providing the info. (As it turned out, on some of the issues I was only able to give some of  you a 48 hour advanced notice before the mainstream news started reporting portions of what I wrote.) As such, I took a leap of faith hoping I could balance the two. You can bet it was a pretty big obstacle I was dealing with if it got in the way, but a worthwhile one nonetheless.

So here we go.

As I mentioned in the first article, this whole nightmare scenario that’s playing out isn’t just about the produce shortage, the wheat and corn shortage. In fact, while I believe that either or those two issues are significant enough to cause some great discomfort to most Americans, I specifically mentioned that we have the makings of a perfect storm brewing, because in addition to all of this, we have a triple whammy factor when the looming financial collapse is thrown into the mix.

For those of you who have not gone back and listened to the Preparedness Radio Show broadcast on how to watch for THE biggest indicator of a looming financial collapse being right around the corner, here’s the link you can go to—download and listen.

There. Now. no more complaining.  On this particular show I specifically provided a very specific scenario by which you could properly gauge WHEN some of these rough financial times would surface based on some key indicators.  Unfortunately, these events have manifested themselves right about the same time as the recent storms hit and froze the produce crops, reliable news got out about China attempting to buy up all of the wheat supplies available, and also just following Ben Bernanke’s confession that we were in for another 2 to 3 years of a rough road ahead of us financially.

Two of the most critical matters adding substance to this speeding snowball of challenges is the fact that Mexico’s law (which was passed last September) is now taking effect in that no businesses are permitted to accept U.S. dollars anymore. Pesos only. Ruh-roh. (You’ll have a better idea of what this means once you listen to the broadcast. This article will be meaty enough without my having to go and recap that.) The second issue will be the revelation of just how much U.S. debt China holds at present.

As an added blow to China and Russia’s flagrant violation of the Petrodollar Treaty, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has elected to back them in proposing a diminishing reliance on the U.S. dollar and more focus on the Yuan and “other currencies.” This is akin to a child seemingly misbehaving only to discover that the guardian was actually instigating the behavior. This is a very, very bad sign for our financial security.

Report Urges G-20 Overhaul

The IMF may continue to refer to themselves as “the lender of last resort” but let’s not kid ourselves. They have been pulling the strings quite adeptly since 1913.Why else do you think that the Federal Reserve got away with giving trillions of dollars of U.S. dollars from the “stimulus package” to FOREIGN NATIONS on the sly? Yup, Big Brother, the IMF definitely had a hand in that. I’ve warned folks many times that the American people are not the employer of the Federal Reserve. The IMF is; and that’s exactly who they report to. They simply collateralize their shenanigans on the backs of Americans.

Continuing on…keep in mind that rather than rein in the reckless spending (if the House and Senate approve a measure to keep the present spending limit) the U.S. will indeed fail to meet it’s obligations on payment of debt and thus would not be able to “borrow their way out” of this scenario that we find ourselves in.  Such an action will carry with it no other alternative other than drastically diminishing the value of ever single dollar in print.

There are a lot of financial ills creeping up on us that most do not see, and even if they are reported by the mainstream media, it is done so in such a manner that most do not connect the dots directly to their own bank account.  For example, there are actually MORE loans that are ripe for foreclosure than have been filed at this point. This is a result of the back log of cases at major mortgage holders (if indeed they actually hold the original promissory note—but that’s a whole other article).  Just as a rock which precariously balances on the end of the cliff, this additional $21 million may be just the problem that brings it thundering down into the deep. For those of you who believe that the banks will just get another bail out, understand that these banks have already had a bail out directly and through their relationships with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  There’s only so much carnage that can be hidden folks—even with bailouts that are done with bogus currency and lifeless digits on a computer screen.

Just to give you a point of reference, the present load of foreclosures is more than 7.8 TIMES the historical average. Translation, not only is it the highest every, but it’s beat its highest rate in terms of dollars by 7.8 times.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that in rough times Americans usually turn to the one asset they can count on—their home—and attempt to pull equity out in order to stave off tougher times. Aside from the rate of foreclosures in this nation being at an all time high, those who are able to stay in their homes are actually experienced plunging values—thus there is no equity from which to draw! (Frankly I see that as a blessing, but I’m sure many don’t feel that way.)

So with all of that news, does that mean that at least rental properties will increase in value and cash flow? Nope. Why? Because it’s just that bad! Folks aren’t moving into a home and then into an apartment folks. They are doubling up or moving back in with Mom and Dad. Even Deutsche Bank weighed in on this matter showing that rental vacancies are also at a historical high of 11.1 percent of inventories. What this will do is actually drive UP monthly housing payments for those who can afford to get a new mortgage. When combined with the food and fuel cost increases, this means an actual doubling of last years consumer costs!  Yup, there’s definitely some head scratching going on in the banking circles. They always have assumed that when times get tough in one market, the other market (rentals) will increase, but this is not happening.

Deutsche Bank Sees U.S. Rents Doubling Inflation: Chart of Day

In an effort to gain greater financial standing, one of our nation’s earliest tyrants, J.P. Morgan and Chase entities have blatantly informed it’s high-browed customers that they would be willing to take gold as payment and collateral for large financial transactions.  Morgan and Chase are two of the biggest originators of the Federal Reserve, Folks. If there’s anyone who has an inside scoop on the true state of affairs with our currency, it’s them! This move to gold is simply an indicator that they are playing both sides of the fence—the currency which they feign to believe in so greatly, and the gold which they believe will help them survive any collapse while still living the high life.

Here’s another little insight, Folks. The U.S. currency is not the only currency that’s being printed without prudence. It is also happening in Japan, EU, UK, China and India. If the other more prevalent monies are being devalued, then not even some savvy trading platform games can bring the dollar back into favor, because that which it would normally be hedged against to increase in value is also broaching on valueless paper. Are you aware that if you are a member of the IMF then you are forbidden to use gold-backed currency? Because, you see, if it’s gold-backed, you can’t have reckless inflation! Only fiat currencies can be manipulated out of the hands of the majority and into the hands of the uber-wealthy. (See Article 4, Section 2b of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s Articles of Agreement)

Recently, someone posted incorrect information on the comment section of this blog. (As a policy I don’t permit misinformation to be posted—at the very least without correction.)  In an attempt to correct my research, he cited the typical droll numbers put out by the mainstream media which are supposed to reflect the amount of foreign debt held by China and or Japan. Well, Bernanke made an unprecedented move this past month by revealing just how much U.S. debt China  really holds—“AT LEAST TWO TRILLION DOLLARS!” This means that China holds at least TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of all of U.S. debt! This is more than DOUBLE the amount of state sanctioned sound bites we typically receive which has recently been reported at “only” 9.5%! Even Nov. 2010’s latest figures showed a paltry $896 Billion held by China. Perhaps now we can all better understand why China manipulated the value of their own Yuan and decided that it has had enough of a love affair with its U.S. girlfriend! Even though Bernanke knows this, he even took a financial beating playing in China’s market as he was caught off guard with the impact of their market of the global food inflation—caused by China’s shortage. (This is why I was making such a big deal of the fact that China’s been hiding the reality of their drought situation until just recently.)

In 2010, there were more Americans living below the poverty level than ever before. With this series of dominoes falling down, it doesn’t look like 2011 will be an improvement. So far, unemployment and underemployment are to blame. What happens, though, when the very basic of necessities such as food and fuel are priced out of range for those same persons?  Keep in mind that this also means that people in this same income range are desperately looking for work.  Any corporate pencil sharpener knows that if he can get the same work done for 30-50% less in wages, he’ll see an increase in his own bank account. This clearly threatens the jobs held presently by the rest of Americans.

O.K. You have been reading this for the last 5 minutes and your face has turned a bit blue because you forgot to breathe. So please take a deep breath and then ask yourself the most important question. What’s your countermove to all of this? What are you going to do to put yourself in a better position in spite of all of this?

I’ll take a look at that later this week in this series. Til then, remember there’s no such thing as emergency preparedness—that’s an oxymoron. Where there’s peace, there is preparedness.

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The US dollar is no longer being accepted in the area of Canada in which I live either. Six months ago people were thrilled to get paid in USD instead of Canadian - now they want nothing to do with American money.

Eye-opening information as usual!

I cant' even find that info on any search engines at first glance. Interesting.

Kellene, I too wondered what happened to the rest of the series. I want to thank you so much for all you do and I am very glad to find you are back and finishing the series. Your information is correct too, for I read no less than 25 other sites everyday. Nothing looks good on any of the sites. You must read almost 24-7 to compile such a wealth of info in which to pass on to your readers. Thanks again!!!

No,the breath holding was when we hadn't heard back from you.
I was nervous "they" had come and hauled you away from all of us truth seekers. Great to see you back in the saddle. Hope all went well with your TV gig.
Much Oblige for your giving of time and info. When you get your crown of jewels; I will help you haul it around the street of gold in a wheel barrow!!


Kellene you might check out or .org on fiats being accepted. There are a few that travel and saying that the US dollar is no longer King.
A bit of crap to wade through but there are a couple of ponies under all that manure.

Things are speeding up. I don't think we face a slow decline. When folks lose faith in the system,it happens with a snap!
Walgreens has a great sale on seeds. I'll be growing some salads in a bucket. Getting the starts growing inside the 1st of March and some new beds started. I think it will happen this year. If I'm wrong I'll be happy.
But you never know what will hit next( N.Z. Christchurch earthquake)

I just figured out what I'm going to spend my $12 store credit on at Smith's--money which I received for taking a whole bunch of items out of their store for FREE thanks to coupons. I'll leverage that $12 for the items I need for sprouting and yes, I'm going to do my very, very first garden this year--a container garden. Crossing my fingers. I've NEVER been good at a real garden before.

Your opinion, is well, an opinion. Cite your sources.

Actually Dave, this is a blog which fosters self-reliance, not spoon feeding.
This is what's for dinner; if you like it, enjoy; if you don't, enjoy elsewhere.

Touche' Kellene! ;)

Businesses in Mexico aren't allowed to accept US dollars now either -- evidently they passed a law in September 2010. One story is here:

"The Mexican government had made it clear that they will no longer allow ANY businesses to accept US dollars including American companies regardless of the operation or who is paying in American dollars."

I googled 'Mexico not accept US dollars' and found more stories, too.

Yes, Nona, that was specifically mentioned in the article. Thanks for the link though.

Don't forget the unrest in the middle east. If the oil producing nations have a change of power AND unite to humble us by cutting of the oil supply to this nation we will turn into a third world nation. I think this possible scenario is more scary than any other.
I just found your blog site using Google looking for information on canning butter. Appreciate your information..!

Jamie got smacked down. Jamie/Mongo is simply a pawn in the game of life. LOL

This is a great series. I have been preparing for several years for these events and am still considered sane....because no one outside my immediate family knows anything about it. I frequently ask people what they might be doing to deal with potential hard times ahead and they just look in wonder at what I am talking about.

I am glad that you are presenting this service to the public. Fortunately, my financial situation is better than a lot of people and I am able to put things back regularly. My son and his family are helping with the heavy work and my daughter and her family are helping as well. We are preparing for the possibility of having both of our children, their spouses and our grandchilden to move in with us. My wife's mother currently lives with us due to poor health.

We have managed to become totally debt free and have enough resources available to have gotten the home place in shape for livestock,storage, adequate water, gardening and hunting. God has truly blessed us and we hope to be able to help others through our church. We are very guarded as to letting anyone know that we are prepared and so plan to donate through the church.

I don't have enough food for all who come but I have enough protection to discourage even the most determined who may insist that we give up our supplies. I urge all your readers to keep their preparations quiet. You just don't know who might say something that could send the wrong kind of people your way in the middle of the night.

Thanks again for a valuable service.

Sounds absolutely perfect to me, Sandman.

There are good garden stores to assist & advise...of course a wealth of books& net info. I'm doing worm compost this year. Indoor and outdoor gardens this year too. Wish I grew spinach when I felt strongly impressed... What do you think our banks will take for mortgage payments? Thanks again.

3 years ago I was sitting at my kitchen table and a firm voice came into my head that stated -You must prepare now!!! (Skitzo--whoooo!) It really shook me up. I was not alseep then I was in a coma--as far as current events go. Since then I have canned everything in site-and was made fun of--my husband and I planted a huge garden--was made fun of--we hunt wild meat that has no crazy injections or antibiotics in them and I CANNED the meat in case of power outages--and was made fun of--I have bought open pollinated and heirloom seed and stored in air released jars--and of course made fun of. I've been told by friends that their plan is to come to our house. I told my husband if any one we know comes here looking for something to eat (except our children and their families)- I will give them a bowl of soup and a piece of bread- if they want to borrow tolet paper... they'll get an old catalog. I am so tired of relatives and "friends" saying they will just starve (they have no idea of how horrible of a death that will be). I have even been told by some that they heard people taste like pork! This is not funny stuff! What about their children and grandchildren? How selfish can they be. I think they are just lazy and don't want to deal with the thought of their lives changing. This experience had helped me relate somewhat to what Noah must have gone through! I listen to your broadcasts faithfully and read all your blogs. Thank you so much for all you do there is a special wonderful place for you in the hereafter. And thank you for letting me VENT! Ahhh I feel so much better now! Better get busy bottling that turkey I've had frozen since Christmas. God bless the Preppars!

The Little Red Hen Story sure is coming into play nowadays. Who would have thought when I first read that story at the age of 6 that I would witness the reality of it so many years later?
By the way, how does one go about "borrowing toilet paper.?" I assure you. I wouldn't want it back after they were done with it. :-)


Do you know who would sell Non-Hybrid seeds over the counter or are they all mail order? Thanks. Denis from Metairie, LA

You know, I don't. Ever since I tried out some of the non-hybrid seeds, I've been ordering them online. If it were me, I'd do a search for non-hybrid and your city on a reliable search engine. Take care!

You should be able to find some Non-Hybrid seeds at your local garden center or big box hardware/home center. Just make sure they say Heirloom seeds on the label. Heirloom seeds have not been genetically modified. If you want the largest variety of fruit/vegetable seeds you probably need to order online. Burpee has a nice selection.

I believe if it says "open pollinated" that it will breed true. No sense paying extra $$ for a "Heirloom" seed.

I have been lucky enough to find hybrid seeds at Walmart. Not all are hybrid, just look for the word in the bottom left hand corner of the packet.

Our local ACE hardware sells some heirlooms seeds.

I order mine from Territorial seed Company in Cottage Grove OR.

I have had good success with them and remember to save seeds from your best produce for next year as long as you donot use hybrid seeds to start.

I agree with most of what you say, but: If you have a fixed rate loan on your house in dollars and dollars can be had by the truckload for nothing, would it not be better to buy food fuel and staples rather then pay off the loan? Please explain how I am wrong if possible

Good question. Your question actually is answered in the fact that there are 10 Principles of Preparedness. In order of prioritization, Financial Preparedness is number NINE. This means that there are eight other areas of preparedness which will need your physical, mental, and financial attention before you can completely succeed in being self-reliant financially. So just stay focused on getting the other Principles put into place first. As you are able, I would still make a concerted effort to get out of debt, even with your mortgage. But yes, get while the worthless currency will allow you to get the more important necessities.

Kellene - not accepting USD is not a policy here - but many of the stores, particularly in Niagara Falls, Canada, have signs posted at the cash register that they are not accepting American money at this time. I've also seen signs in convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Scary stuff - people used to trip all over themselves here to get US money.

I can confirm one liquor store in Calgary, Alberta with a sign on the door that says they do not accept any US currency, and it's a franchise operation, not just a "Mom & Pop" shop.

I still have lots to do but I try to keep consistent with your priority list. I can't help but have a little fear of the unknown. Things can be so overwhelming at times, especially when like that roll of toilet paper the closer we get the faster it goes. It's so important for me to not make fear based decisions and keep steady and peaceful doing what I know I need to be. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. I think your right about this perfect storm that's brewing but I love you logical and honest take on things! I look forward to reading more!!!

If I only keep enough money in the bank to cover debit card use and I don’t have gold or silver hidden away, and no debt either thank goodness, then what do I do with my surplus money and retirement savings at this point? Mine are in Vanguard IRA funds and a credit union. Should I keep it under a mattress instead? And if paper is worthless? There are no easy answers, especially for those of us who live alone in condos in the middle of hugh cities. Yes, investing in freeze-dried food, a Berkey water filter, a solar oven, and container gardening are all good and doable. Still, how do I protect my hard-earned savings for my old age? Even though I have been frugal and smart all my life, because I don't have a husband or children to take care of me, it is possible that I could end up a “bag lady” afterall. Should our economy and monetary system collapse, which is a possibility, the older we are the less likely we are to survive, no matter how much money we may have saved or how well we have prepared. That's when the First Principle of Prepareness will apply - "Only one's belief system will provide a measure of sanity and peace."

Sorry. I meant to say Heirloom seeds instead of Hybrid seeds. My bad!


Is it possible to heat-treat flour and store in canning jars? I store all my flour in the freezers I have, but, if we lose electricity for a long period, such as during a societal collapse, I want to be able to preserve a bug-free flour. Every time I have stored flour outside of the frig/freezer, it eventually gets bugs (I believe the eggs are in the flour and they hatch out), so long storage is difficult outside of cold storage, but I was thinking of the possibility of pasturizing or sterilizing flour in a large pan in the oven, then storing in canning jars. Would that work?

i use diatomaceous earth in all my dry goods except sugar and will make them turn to brick.
I read D.E. takes the moisture from the air and the parasites suffocate.
So, instead of eating live parasites, I'm eating dead parasites??

You should not be using it on any of your powdered substances at all, including flour. And yes, you're eating dead parasites, most of which can't be seen because they didn't hatch. :-)

'Food-grade' DE is safe to ingest and has been used for many years as a de-wormer for pets, horses, etc. and has been taken as a 'supplement' by humans for quite some time as well. DE used for pest control or pool filters is treated with fillers and chemicals and should never be used for food storage or used for consumption. DE is the miniature fossilized remains of a diatom. It has the unique feature of being covered in sharp edges/ridges/etc.(only viewable with magnification) which pierce the external skeleton of insects causing them to dehydrate and die(ignore Wikipedia, any idiot can edit their info). Keep in mind that there are insect contaminants in virtually any food, especially processed foods. Look up the FDA allowances for food contamination; maggots in canned mushrooms, rat hair and bugs in flours, etc. Not treating flours, corn, rice, beans, etc. can result in proliferation of pests even inside sealed 'oxygen-free' bags resulting in much more contamination and food damage than with treatment. If you are still not convinced then use only whole grains for storage and any treated food can be washed before use; beans, rice, kernels, etc. eliminating virtually all DE. And yes I use it, and my dog's been on it for years, worm-free...

Yes, this is why there are three different articles written on diatomaceous earth on this blog site.


As I understand it, you only need to freeze your grain (NOT flour, grain) for a few days to kill the bug eggs. For LONG-term storage (20-30 years), pack the once-frozen, now-thawed grain in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

DISCLAIMER: This is what I have read... No practical experience.

Actually, that's incorrect. Freezing does not KILL, it only allows them to remain dormant.

What are your 10 areas of preparedness, in order of importance?

Good question Kathy I have been looking all over for it. There is a link but that does not seem to take me to the right page.

We'll fix that for you folks by the end of the week...

I also would like to know your 10 areas of preparedness....LOVE your your depth of knowledge and so appreciate your sharing!

Have been reading you for a while and wanted to pass on that most of the farmers markets this year will have a plant a fruit tree in your yard plan. I grow apples and write a bit about preparedness and small farming on my blog and FB site. Please keep up your good work... and get everyone to plant this year... the food shortages are (unfortunately) real.

Why not DE??

Just curious..

You're going to be on TLC? Cool! What is the show going to be about?

Yup, "Extreme Couponing"

I love that show! Will you post to advise us when you will appear? I'd hate to miss seeing you!

Kellene, this series is so thorough. I really appreciate 'the big picture' explanation with the sound advice to 'brace ourselves', it's quite refreshing after so much of the Armageddon / high anxiety approach.

I've been very proactive in preparing. from scratch cooking to getting grains and learning skills. Since it's Kellene's blog she is allowed to smack me down on my ideas. She is harsh but has a reason. She lives this everyday, it ain't a hobby.
Follow her top ten, most cost you no money. Spend your money where it will do the most good. I thankfully had time to realize how smart Kellene was and how little I knew about prepping. You don't have time anymore to mistakes. You must be as efficient as possible cause the " Economic Meltdown" is happening now. Don't panic!! but if you have only $30.00 to spend you must prioritise if it will be beans, rice, grain, a mill or an Oz. of silver or a pressure cooker. Kellene's top 10 will help you with that decision. I think being debt free is important and paid off all debts accept the mortgage. I think we are looking at hyper-inflation ala Weimar and Zimbabwe at worst or a world-wide Stagflation and price fixing via Gov. mandate which means a grey/blackmarket or long lines and no production and shortages.

We have a year supply and we are out of debt except our house. We are now working on a plan to pay off the house early. I do think it is important to work on paying off your house if you can. It will give us so much freedom once it is paid off.

Thank you for your efforts to keep people informed. It surprizes me how many people don't realize what is happening before their eves, that everthing is okay and life just goes on. People need to educate themselfs and take measures to be prepared. There are difficult times ahead and be aware ahead of time will allow a person more of a peace of mind and hope. Be Prepared. Thanks again for your work. Michael

Thank you so much for this series of extremely well written, well researched information. Even though I'm still trying to be calm and methodical in my prepping, reading this has increased my urgency and my thought that maybe I started too little too late! Yikes! Thanks again for your calm presentation of information.

There certainly were some specifics that I was able to share these past two weeks, but such information was only driven by some scenarios playing out when they did. Personally, I believe that I've been sharing ample info over the past two years to help folks see a bigger picture. I do hope though that this more specific info these past two weeks will help folks to be able to wake up their friends and family to the need for preparedness. *crossing my fingers*

I have yet to wake up my in laws and my family lives on the other side of the father in law made a comment the other day that he might need a room at our house before to long...

I would respond accordingly, Terrie--"If you think you can afford the rent to stay in our home, Dad, then surely you can afford to get things in order in your own home" hah!! :-)

Thanks Kellene for encouraging peace through preparedness. If ye are prepared ye need not fear is an accurate statement. I am looking forward to the rest of the series and to your TLC program.

Thanks for that encouragement Kellene cuz I was thinking YIKES! I have tried to tell them nicely for awhile now even offering to help them all with "extreme couponing" but they cant be bothered so... now we are at this point...glad its them and not me but I will still try to help them out to some degree...

I am so glad that I found this site. My husband and I are just getting started into prepping and this has been the most beneficial site I have come across. I will spend hours reading everything I have missed, to get caught up. I wish someone had come to me sooner about being prepared. Yet I fail to mention it to family and friends for fear of being laughed at. We are a young couple and have our work cut out of us to be ready for any situation, but with this site I believe we will make it. Thank you

Here's a link discussing the most recent Treasury Department data on foreign ownership of treasury securities. It's an article from Zero Hedge, a financial website. The article contains a direct link to the Treasury Department release of the data.

If you have family nearby, you could just take charge of their food storage. That's what my mom did. She told her Mother-in-law and her parents that they needed food storage, but she would help them. Then, with their money, she got the things they needed from the cannery in several trips. Just the basic one year supply. Now if there's a problem, even if they do end up in the basement with them, they'll have their own food to contribute.

Thank you for all you do. Deena

Just wanted to say thanks for all the information. I am buying as many heirloom seeds as I can. I also got 2 gama lids and buckets. But the thing is we rent and do not own. We are on 10 acres. We are hoping to buy the property next yr. If God is willing. So a question? What if all fails and we are renting. what is going to happen to my husband and I...???

Well I tried to email and doubled the email so I have to redo this...I just want to say thanks for all the information. And I want to ask a question. We rent 10 acres and a small house. What would happen if all things go belly up and we are still renting? We are hoping to buy next yr. If God willing. I have also been buying as many heirloom seeds as I can with some extra money. And just got 2 gamma lids with buckets. Next month we are buying a rifle and ammo...

I too have felt an urgent need to get my house in order. I am a Department of Defense employee and have some of the best job security there is. If you have been listening to the news you know we are on the verge of a government shutdown..... This does not mean our government shuts down everything but it means all government contractors and DoD civilian employees (that are not key and essential like hospital personal etc) are on leave without pay until our gov. Can come to grips and agree on a budget. There has been speculation that between now and The end of Sep ( when a new fiscal year begins) that leave without pay could be 21 days or longer! This can have a huge impact on our economy. I have not even touched on the state gov issues going on laying of school sachets etc due to lack of funds and in some area even laying off some smaller run areas the police have been completely shut down and diverted to bigger police forces in the area!

Panic does not do any good... But as was stated be proactive and aware of what is going on.

Hum this is the first I have heard about any of this. Food shortage and a third financial crisis. Where exactly would I go to research this futher. There is nothing on any main stream news sites or even any hints of food problem, other than the ones we already heve comming...

Actually Rick, there is ample on the internet to support this. On our group on Facebook, I'm constantly posting articles from news all over.

I am getting a lot of different information on how long all purpose flour will last if put into a 5 gallon bucket with a mylar bag and oxygen absorbers. Could I get some opinions on this?

Barbara, it's imperative that you get your information directly from the manufacturer. There's no one answer because HOW the flour is manufactured can make as much as a 2-5 year difference in storage. Also keep in mind that while you may still be able to use flour, you are losing nutrients literally by the day. You're much better off storing the whole grain and making flour for long-term preparedness than trying to purchase lots of flour.

Any flour starts deteriorating within hours of being milled. That means if you store if for as little as six months, there is very little nutrition left in it. Nearly all of the nutrition is in the germ, which is taken out of all purpose white flour. So the millers add back some nutrition, but can't add back all. Sorry to tell you the bad news. The best way to store it, if you insist on using white all purpose flour, is to put it into the freezer immediately upon purchase. However, who knows how old it was before you purchased it!
The best thing, is to gradually get your family used to whole wheat flour. It also deteriorates quickly, but you can store the wheat berries for a very long time, properly prepared and stored.
I purchases organic white whole wheat berries (Prairie Gold)and milled my flour from that. It is lighter in taste and color than flour from the red winter wheat berries. I mixed it with all purpose or bread flour until I was using more whole wheat than white. Now I make white whole wheat bread from scratch, milling the flour just before starting the bread. I start it the night before so my wheat "soaks" and softens before baking. I get lovely loaves doing it that way.


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