Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

Failing to prepare equates to preparing to fail.
Lately we have been inundated with reasons to prepare from the ridiculous zombie hordes to the more probable economic collapse.
Unfortunately, while people are so concerned with scenarios that are remote in their probability they fail to look at simple things like job loss or a health crisis.
I have been preparing since the early 1990's and doing so has kept my family from starving or being homeless after I was in a head on collision in November of 2008. In an instant I lost my health and employment. There is nothing like going from clearing $100 000+ per year to nothing, talk about a lifestyle change. Had I not been prepared we would have all been homeless and hungry. Now almost 4 years later I am still not able to return to work and I have a few more surgeries to go. We are still living off of the food that I and my wife had the forethought to store. Because we lived debt free aside from our home we were able to pay it off from savings. My wife, for the first time since we were married in 1991, went to work so we could start to rebuild our food and cash stores.
What if I had not prepared? We would have lost our home and had to move into a rental, live with family, or been homeless. Worse than all of that we may have had to live in some sort of government housing. As for food, when you have none you starve, go to a food bank, ask for handouts from your church, or go on food stamps. None of these is ever acceptable to me. Why should I be a burden on society because I failed to prepare? I have a responsibility as a citizen and as a Patriarch in my family to do all that is necessary to ensure that my family is not a burden on society and I do that by being prepared. I make every effort to anticipate the future needs of my family and to anticipate every possible every possible emergency scenario but the one that got me I did not anticipate. Perhaps the simplicity of it lulled me into believing that it was unlikely to happen. Had somebody told me five years ago that a car accident would cause me to lose my health and my job I would have laughed at them. How many other people would feel the same way? The one good thing is that I was prepared.
One thing I learned about food storage early on was to buy food like everyone is an adult as this will ensure that you do not have a shortage as your children grow. Another thing I learned was to buy food that everyone likes to eat and has a long shelf life. You can have tons of food, but if nobody wants to eat it or it goes bad you have tons of what? I also learned to look for things on sale, marked down, or if I can get it with a coupon. Using a combination of these has at times allowed me to get my stores for free and you cannot beat that price.
There is a great sense of relief in knowing that you are prepared for almost any emergency.
One thing you never want to hear your family say is that they are hungry or cold and prepping will ensure that you do not.
S.R, RN from AR
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What a excellent legacy you are passing on to your family. It's sad that so many cannot see beyond the moment and seek instant gratification. Your family is so blessed to have you.

its sucks to struggle everyday especially when you have a family that you need to provide for and everything you need is sky high in the stores plus the gas prices and a lot of people just walk because of the gas prices... in your not weird your smart and wonderful for taking the time to warn people of how crazy things can really get in life... some people dont understand how bad things could really get..

hope you win... that video was great...

Thanx for your time in effort of doing this mind blowing video... i reealy liked it... i thought was the only one that thought crazy stuff could happen.. in to be prepared for the worst.. my parents told us that for years growning up prepare us for hard times and good times... life is toooo short...

:) niceeee

good luckkk... hope you win... :)

we need more people out there to think like you do... enjoyed watch this video.. thank you

Unbeliveable power of teh sun

What a way to cook

I love the idea

Thnaks for sharing this is omething we all should have

You are practicing what we all should be doing.


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