Drawing WINNERS Announced!

morning-moos-chocolate-milkWell, the day has come! We drew winners of the two giveaway items we've got for you. For this 2 week giveaway I'm giving away some delicious chocolate and some vanilla Morning Moo's Milk Alternative. I LOVE this stuff. It's got 2% milk fat in it, so it's like drinking 2% milk. It has just a tad of sweetener to enhance the palatability of it. So... the winners are...*drum roll*

Lisa Lacoparra


Debbie Kirk 

Contact Sarah at preparednesspro dot com to make arrangements to claim your prizes!


PLUS, on the 15th and last day of each month, Preparedness Pro will draw a new winner for another great preparedness prize! Any relevant comment on the blog automatically enrolls you in the drawing. Prizes will vary from freeze dried foods, books, solar gadgets, and more! Maybe you'll be the next winner. Keep those comments coming! 

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Here's what happens. Every time you make a comment on ANY article on our site during the time period, your name is entered in the drawing. Then we enter all of the names into an online drawing system that randomly selects the winner. The more times you comment, the more times you're entered. Just make the comment relevant and kind and you'll increase your chances to win. Not to mention the fact that you'll get a great education as you read all of the articles.

Ok, so am I entered every time I make a comment or just once for the up coming drawing?

Here's something funny Jaime. My sister just called me last night and told me that she went to a Preparedness Fair. She said that someone had 6 different kinds of powdered milk for her to sample. She told me, "Sorry Sis. They didn't have a Blue Chip brand for me to taste, but I really loved the Morning Moos." (Just in case you didn't know, Morning Moo's IS a Blue Chip brand.) :-)

Are multiple entries allowed (meaning, do I get my name entered in the drawing for each post I comment on)?


Congrats!! It's fun to get the prize in the mail :)

Yup, every time you make a comment on any post, your name is entered in the drawing.

Congradulations to Lisa and Debbie! Way to go :)

Congrats to all the winners. Now I will go pout in the corner for not winning. No big deal I never win, I have the luck of the Irish, Foreign domination for 800 years, Plague, Famine. Aye that's a lucky people.
If I am pathetic enough, maybe some will feel sorry for me. I don't think it will happen but worth a shot. If by some bizarre chance I win, send it to razr. She fires me up and that's worth more than anything.

When it says drink mix, is it actually powdered milk, or a substitute? Either or, it's kind of hard to go wrong with chocolate... :)
Thought I'd let you know that there is a post up as of this evening over at Idaho Preppers that mentions one of your many helpful hints. You're everywhere (in a good way :) ) and I know I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks for all the info!

It would have been a nice little prize, but I doubt I could have won....even if I wasn't too lazy to post a few comments. Like in other USA sites, I can't imagine UK contestants being eligible.

Congratulation. What a yummy prize!

How exciting! My husband just realized that Morning Moos has chocolate milk and now it's on the list of food storage items "needed!"

They aren't allowed to label it as "milk" because they have non-milk products in it. So it's "milk alternative" now.

well, not posting does make it hard. But last time we had a foreign country winner. So you never know.

What is a good deal for morning moo?

one can of regular Morning Moo's will make 5.5 gallons of milk. So depending on what milk runs in your area, that determines whether or not it's a good deal. Here, I won't buy it at all unless it's around $8 on sale. But it just went down to $6.99 and I bought a lot as that made it $1.27 a gallon for milk. At Costco, it breaks down to a $1.06 per gallon every day in the 37 pound pails.

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