Do It Yourself Colloidal Silver

 I get asked frequently for my opinion about colloidal silver and its use against all kinds of ailments--more specifically about fighting the flu, cold, chills, etc.—especially this time of year.  The fact is, yes, I have colloidal silver and I have used it periodically over the last couple of decades, however, it’s not exactly something I’ve been comfortable relying upon exclusively.  The reason for this is because I haven’t found any brand that has the shelf-life I require in order to invest in something like that. If I spend the money on an alternative health care approach I need it to last on the shelf and maintain its efficacy.  Well, the good news is that now I no longer have to spend a small fortune buying and replenishing my supply. I can now make it myself for a pittance and with some very simple supplies.

Now, before I get into all of that allow me to share a bit about colloidal silver for those of you who may not be familiar with it.  Everything that I’ve ever read on the topic supports the notion that silver has been used for health purposes for several thousand of years. In fact, there’s quite a bit of history available from the Babylonian and Greek cultures which elaborate extensively on its use. Mind you, I’m not exactly what someone would call a “joiner” so just because “everyone’s been doing for a long time” isn’t necessarily sufficient reason to use it in my book. I’m more of a “hard evidence” kind of gal, but I figure that the medical experts of the Babylonians and Greeks most likely didn’t have the undo pressure from the news media and the American Medical Association to endorse the use of silver. Thus chances are, there’s some merit to it. I came across several accounts of the use of silver coins in the bottom of wells to ensure quality drinking water as well as adding it to pitchers of milk prior to the use of refrigeration in order to make it last longer (In fact, it was this initial bit of study that led me to understand the merit in bottling one’s own butter). You see, real silver has a neutralizing effect on bacteria. During the Roman wars, the medical personnel (the equivalent of today’s field medics) would use silver-infused liquids to heal even the most serious of wounds. I simply have not been able to find anything to dispute the neutralizing effect that silver has on bacteria.  It makes complete sense to me after all, because I know that silver is a mineral and bacteria simply cannot thrive in a mineral environment.  Perhaps this is exactly why I love using the Berkey Water Filters which offers silver-infused filters to ensure a thorough purification process of even the smallest of germs and bacteria. Even NASA utilizes silver in their water filtration systems.  It’s also why I use mineral make-up, including in my mascara—I simply can’t stand the thought of putting bacteria on my skin and into my pores. One of the bits of research that really got my attention was actually when I discovered what the FDA almost did—they were almost successful in making colloidal silver available only through a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. Feeling quite familiar with the shenanigans of the FDA, I have to say that this bit of news got the better of my curiosity. “Why in the world would the FDA attempt to lay a financial snare to users of colloidal silver if it was all just a bit of hooey?”  At first I thought their failure in barricading colloidal silver was simply because no one would have been able to patent such methodology thus there was no financial gain, but in actuality I’ve concluded that the primary reason why such licensing did not take place was because the FDA did not want to appear to endorse or substantiate any substance which had been considered “alternative medicine” for so long. They FDA authorities decided that such an action would open up a Pandora’s Box in relation to all of the alternative cures for diseases and everyday ailments which they had so methodically denigrated over the years. Too many times they had come down so fiercely on such alternative methods. It would simply be a public relations disaster with long-term consequences for them to substantiate any portion of the alternative world of medicine. The concern was that they would prove themselves fallible in this one regard which would set an uncomfortable precedence for many other non-mainstream methods which they had so effectively scorned. So, to be completely frank with you, this little bit of information was highly convincing to me that colloidal silver had merit—especially when combined with litany of other research that’s available out there. (Fortunately, the FDA has officially classified colloidal silver as a pre-1938 drug, and thus not subject to regulation so long as standard manufacturing processes are utilized.) Ideally we all have a level of .001% of silver in our bodies. It’s consumed through the foods we eat—although has been shown dramatically depleted in most mainstream produce we consume nowadays, and more abundant in organic, healthier grown options. Dr. Robert Becker, M.D., author of “The Body Electric” convincingly links the connection of a compromised immune system with bodies that are seriously deficient in vital minerals including silver. He advocates the use of silver because his research found that it neutralizes even pathogenic bacteria strains without compromising the integrity of the cell walls—unlike anti-biotics which break down the cell walls. It’s also been proven to be an effective foe against numerous fungi. Silver is used combined with ointments by hospital burn units all over the U.S.  (In fact, it’s for this purpose which I primarily use colloidal silver now.) Silver has actually been demonstrated to rebuild damaged cellular tissue.  It’s also been proven effective against a broad spectrum of infectious diseases.  I’ve seen wonderful results even for individuals who are fighting pneumonia, when combined with other effective alternative care methods. The effectiveness of colloidal silver is primarily contingent on the size of the silver particles which are suspended in the liquid. If they are too big, they will be essentially useless. They also must have an electrical charge to them in order to be effective. This goes back to the whole “every single cell has a frequency/megahertz. The lower the frequency, the more diseased the cell.” I would caution anyone from purchasing any colloidal silver which uses powdered silver.  Powder simply settles to the bottom and thus eliminates the “colloidal” requirement for effectiveness. The great aspect about colloidal silver is we haven’t yet found a bacteria strain that is immune to it. The reason is simple. As stated before,  bacteria simply cannot survive, let alone thrive, in a mineral rich environment. Of course there are plenty of examples of folks who violated the fundamentals of common sense and overdid on their intake of silver. But frankly, in my mind that’s not the worst thing that could happen to someone.  After all, it was the over-consumption of silver which created the term “blue blood” when referring to royalty.  Those who were extremely wealthy ate off of pure silver plates and as a result, they literally would have a blue hue to their skin color. Also, researchers are consistent in mentioning that there has yet to be any evidence that silver interferes with other medications and treatments a person may be using for balancing their health. OK. So how can you simply make your very own colloidal silver? (After all, it’s all about self-reliance, right?) Well, fortunately I don’t have to write all about that because it’s already been done! (Thank you, Steve Cox!!!) To get complete directions simply click here. You’ll also get a bit more information on the topic of colloidal silver at this site. Be sure to click on the expanded directions for the DIY Colloidal Silver Generator—the Saran Wrap really does make a difference. Enjoy!

Also, here's a YouTube video I enjoyed watching on the topic as well.


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Kellene finally sees a reason to buy silver! LOL even if it just an Oz. LOL

You made me laugh out loud with that one, Jamie!

Oh thank you, I have been wondering about this for a long while but was not sure if I should trust the sources I was reading, but I do trust you and greatly value your opinion and all the research you do!! Thanks again!

I have had this generator for several years
It works very well and even tests the purity of the water, which is nice since
I have found some water labeled as distilled when it was not. I simply spray my throat 2 or 3 times, once a day, with the silver. And avoid the colds and sickness of those around me.


You might want to check out Silver Guard (formally called Silver Shield) by Nature's Sunshine. It's patented, and it has an indefinite shelf life. We love it. I store it in our supplies and use every winter during germ season.

Yeah, I checked that out. But now that I can make my own, I didn't see the purpose in purchasing it for 20 times more than what I can make it for. You know me...the coupon queen. :-)

Thanks for this knowledgeable post. I agree that the purchase price exceeds my expectations for shelf life as well. I'm checking out that link and hopefully I can make some headway in that direction.

This is too weird! I was printing material this morning from about making your own colloidal silver and info kept coming up bleach! So I thought maybe Kellene had something in her archives about it so I could better understand what I was dealing with...HOLY CRAP THIS CAME UP!!! Are you psychic?I have learned so much from your website---thank you thank you! Do you or anyone out in computer land have any information on potassium iodide pills in case of nuclear attack? Could plain ole potassium pills be used along with something else? Any information would be great. Thank you Kellene-you are surely the PREPARDNESS PRO!!! (Guess I should look in the archives-duh!)

*theme from Twilight ringing in my head now*

Pat, One of our readers sent me this in an e-mail in response to your comment:
This is additional info. regarding the article from Pat.
My Naturpathic Prac. adviced Iodoral (Iodine/Potassium Iodide).
The best price is from amazon that is available in a lg. bottle of 180 ct.
I only need 1/2 tablet daily.

I built this generator several years ago. I found this same article on a different website back then and it does work well with the fish tank aerator. I use silver electrodes I get from Ten pairs of electrodes are currently $88 - best buy. However, I want to tell you of a discovery a friend of mine made several years ago and that I use with this method: Heat the distilled water with a cup warmer and keep it on during the process. It makes clear (not cloudy, like you get with cold water) solution every time. My warmer is actually a candle wax melter, which has a ceramic base and is the size of a coffee cup warmer. I fill a quart canning jar with distilled water, put in the tube from the fish tank aerator, hook up my electrodes, which hang in the lip of the jar on opposite sides so they don't touch and turn everything on. I let it perk about 8 hours just to make sure. I have an expensive meter to test ppm, but any cheap laser pen light shining through the solution will show the silver particles sparkling in the water. That's how you know the solution is successful.

I have been making and using colloidal silver for about 15 years and it works very well. Once again you have nailed it. Keep up the good work. We love what you do for us.

We use this for ear infections, pinkeye, washing cuts, mouth rinse & sinus rinse. It's good to ingest too?

Silver is a vital mineral for our bodies. In a colloidal form it will be better absorbed by our digestive system and into the blood.

I have always been concerned about how much to take per day. Any suggestions?

I would recommend reading the additional information at the link I suggested. It's got some guidelines there.

I drink a mouthful a day.

I looked into colloidal silver a few years ago and have been very impressed by its abilities. However, I am also worried about Argyria (when you skin turns blue from too much silver, irreversible). A co-worker of my mother-in-law actually had this happen to her after taking silver supplements for cancer treatments. I have been able to find very little information about how much silver consumption is necessary for Argyria or what a safe dose is. What is your knowledge about Argyria and how to avoid it?

Good question...actually, if you strictly use colloidal silver, you have a substantially less risk of Argyria because the colloidal form is easier for your body to use what it needs and get rid of the rest. Our bodies are amazing in this regard, as I'm sure you well know, and so long as we give it nutrients instead of pasty, leaching chemicals, it's quite successful of eliminating toxins.
Actually, Argyria is reversible with the diligent use of Black Cumin essential oil and an accelerated liver cleanse of peppermint and lemon essential oil. (One drop peppermint and one drop lemon in at least 1 tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I would do this three times a day with LOTS of water if I were trying to combat such an illness.
One thing that folks don't usually realize about colloidal silver is that it doesn't take much at all to receive benefits from it. Personally, I wouldn't habitually use more than two squirts of it 2-5 times a day (depending on if I was simply maintaining health vs. battling something).

A quick note of correction: silver is antimicrobial because of the oligodynamic effect, not because of a mineral-rich environment. To quote from wikipedia, it is a "toxic effect of metal ions on living cells, algae, molds, spores, fungus, virus, prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, even in relatively low concentrations." Copper, gold, aluminum, and mercury are a few other metals that share this effect, among others.

The most fascinating aspect of it to me is the fact that silver and copper along with high copper alloys such as brass are all self-sanitizing. That gets me excited because that means, for example, silver utensils, fully licked off after use, actually shouldn't need to be washed at least as far as germs go. Doorknobs self-sanitize, faucets are always germ-free, the flush handle is always sanitary, etc. But of course this means the surface must be lacquer-free, so there's the trade-off of polishing.

Another exciting thing is that according to what I've read, electroplating is not all that difficult to learn. Which means if you wanted to utilize the ologidynamic effect in your home instead of replacing everything you could simply learn to apply a thin coating of silver or copper or possibly gold and use that instead. You would have the disadvantage of it wearing down every once in a while, but for some the advantages would be worth it.

While not a germ freak by any means I'm a big fan of the oligodynamic effect and wish more people were aware of its amazing properties.

Remember folks, if you're going to add info to this blog, it's got to be correct and from a reputable source. ALL Wiki entries are written by lay people and is not verified until someone who has nothing but time on their hands wants to go in and dispute information. In other words, I highly recommend no one get information that their life or their peace relies upon from Wikipedia.

Also, if a person is going to correct me, you may want to make sure you get all of the information. I don't mind alternative views, but I have a firm policy of allowing incorrect information being posted on my blog. (To the point that when I'm fallible I'll even go back and delete the entire article until it's corrected.) So, to claim that the mineral-rich environment does not have a anti-microbial effect would be erroneous.

Having said that though, as stated clearly in the article repeatedly, a mineral rich environment IS INDEED a foe to bacteria. Is there ALSO a oligodynamic effect? Several scientists say "yes." However, it is for the very same faulty leaps of logic that seem to be applied when someone presumes an oligodynamic effect is in place that it was not included in the article. If the domino effect were accurate when an oligodynamic effecit is in play, it would actually contradict a great deal of well-proven science presently standing. Also, many folks are confused in understanding the difference between silver and COLLOIDAL SILVER.

The jump from licking off silver utensils and then having them be germ free goes against a great deal of science. This article isn't about the consumption of silver. It's about COLLOIDAL Silver, which is very, very different. It's a dangerous leap of logic for one to assume that all that which appears silver is clean.

I apologize for any misinformation. Clearly, my learning is only as good as its source, and I do the best with what is available to me, which at the moment. for health reasons, is only Google. I realize Wikipedia can be incorrect, however, I find it a good place to get an idea of what the "common knowledge" on a subject is.

If a mineral-righ environment was the cause of the antimicrobial activity then why did your research indicate that people would place silver coins in wells to ensure good drinking water? To the best of my knowledge, wells tend to have high mineral content already, so it would seem there would be no need.

I understand there is a difference between silver and colloidal silver. Your article spoke about silver (silver coins in wells and milk jugs) and then went directly to speaking of colloidal silver ("silver-infused liquids") as having the same benefits. If you wish for commenters to make a significant distinction between the two then I recommend you do the same.

I did not say that all which *appears* silver is clean; that's just stupid. I said that silver and certain other metals are self-sanitizing. It takes them hours to sanitize, yes, but according to what I've read it does happen. I'm genuinely sorry that I cannot run down to the local library and double-check everything for you. But perhaps you might be interested in the subject enough to do your own research on it. After all, if a mineral rich environment is all that's needed to inhibit bacteria then why specify silver for that use? Surely there are plenty of other minerals that could be utilized if that were the case?

Again, I am truly sorry for any misinformation. All I can say is I do the best with what I have. Thank you for what you do.

I think Heidi your intentions were good. It highlights how the Internet can be both good and bad. I tend to be anal-retentive and a researcher by bent. The trick is follow up, and folks tend to support data that supports their conclusions. It's human nature, as was said in the movie "African Queen" "Nature, Mr. Olnutt is what we were put on earth to rise above."
I've found that if I can get 3 different sources to agree from left, right and center then the data is fairly solid. Not always but it's a good place to start.
Gosh I know Kellene and I went around and around over the US Ag Dept. on commodities. Kellene thought we were looking at a spike in commodities, I thought we were looking at a spike on commodities yet the Feds said everything was fine and we had a bumper crop of all crops. Not so much now on how great cotton is doing. Cotton is rising 108% and it was supposedly a good harvest in 2010. I know cause I was complaining I couldn't eat cotton though the USDA was pumping the great US harvest back in August 2010.
Commodities prices are up Sugar 100% in the last year, 200% since 08. Wheat 100% this year, Coffee 71% this year, Natural Gas 75% or higher, meat 20% up in 3 months. Fuel up 100-150% in 2 years. Inflation is here and will get nasty. We have 3-6 months to get some cheap food. Before the base cost get passed on. It has to, I don't blame the stores or the providers, heck they have ate several price hikes but they no longer can do it. I think a 10-30% rise in food costs across the board will happen March-June 2011 time frame. Not all bad if you got food other hard goods will get cheap cause folks need food and fuel.

May I ask what brand of mineral make up you use? I have used Bare essencials and really like it. Thanks, Terrie

I use the same, Terrie.

Anyone please share with me the reliable place to buy a silver bar to use for the generator?
The clock is ticking and I'm trying to get ready.
HUGE much oblige to Kellene and others for your help and shared investigated knowledge in preparedness.
My husband and I have been working toward this for 2 years and now are getting the younger family members involved.
That is our commission to pass belief, knowledge and skill on to the generations behind us.
Talk freely and frequently on preparedness while we can.

I found 1 oz. silver bars at the coin dealer in the next large city from us.
Thanx anyway ya'll.

Coins have a high enough silver content? I know that .925 doesn't cut it. I inherited some dimes, quarters and half dollars from my Dad but hadn't thought about using them to make colloidal silver as I still have some rods left (when silver was 7 bucks!) I've kept the coins as they might be useful in a trade situation and if I can use them for making C-silver all the better. A silver dime suddenly becomes more *valuable*.

the links on how to make are not working for me??? Anyone else? I would like to read about how to make..

Kellene....the links no longer work that give directions on how to make colloidal silver...can you help?


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