The Decision to Overcome All Excuses

My wife and I made the decision to begin prepping in one day.  That is the point that I feel really needs to be made, it's a decision that can be made in one day at one moment and the impact can affect hundreds, if not thousands.
We have been prepping now for about 5 years, but have gotten serious about it in the last 2 years. I can only imagine how much more could have been accomplished if we would have been more serious from the beginning. This is why I feel led to enter this contest, not just to have a chance to win some really cool gifts, but to encourage other people of the importance of proper preparation.  As far as we are concerned the first step is to realize that you have to start somewhere, sometime.  That somewhere is where you are and that sometime is NOW!  You can't allow yourselves to be overwhelmed, you must START.  
We live on a very limited budget; I have been unemployed for close to a year now; we live primarily on my wife's income, being a family of 4 our budget is very tight. We simply put our needs before God first, and follow that up with educating ourselves on how to use coupons and bargain shopping.  One of the most helpful means of stocking up on food supplies is the LDS canneries.  I strongly suggest looking for one of these in your areas and if there isn't one the next best thing is [edited for accuracy].  Networking with other people really helps too!  We are part of a network that we felt the Lord's lead to start.  It has been a true blessing and a wealth of information, everyone of us have something to give and add to a group setting.  You will be amazed at what a group of serious people can get done when they all are in one accord on this subject.  This could be the game changer for anyone that struggles with that overwhelming feeling. 
In closing I would like to again stress the importance of just simply starting!  If it's just a can of soup, that's a can ahead of where you where just yesterday.  If it's just research, that's information that you didn't have yesterday.  You see, the only thing that is really holding you back is you.  Believe me, you can do this, and the rewards are eternal.  The confidence that you will begin to have is amazing.  Before you know it, your storage will begin to grow right before your eyes. There is going to be a time when many will be in need of help, it is my desire to help anyone who has an ear to hear!!  The importance of this time of preparing has never been more serious!  There is no better time then now!
May God bless you and your efforts!

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it is time to start doing something...thanks for the encouragement!

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im going to start now, its time to make changes, i am a pig in this world and its time for me to be an eagle.

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Voting for this one is a worthwhile step in getting started.

I vote for this for the nudge and frame of mind to start no matter what the odds.

I vote for this for giving me reasons for prepping

I vote for this for leading me in the directions to get quantities I can afford.

Don't be intimidated, you have to start somewhere. One can, one idea one step at a time!!

I'm so thankful for all that a page like this is doing for those who may not know where and how to start!!

Such great encouragement to start. It doesn't have to be grand-just one little thing per day. Knowledge is free. Great article.

good ideas, thanks

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you have to start somewhere,,now is good.

I think a little at a time is the key.

I started preparing about 5 yrs ago also, it is good.

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