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Everything You Need to Know for an ABUNDANT Garden-Part 1


Will your gardening skills today be enough for your survival tomorrow?

Perhaps not, but that can be easily remedied!

There’s no denying it, when it comes to our food supply in this nation, we are in deep trouble.  I won’t get into all of the reasons why I say that, as I believe it would be better in a different article, but I will say that I’m sufficiently convinced  of this potential 


Deseret News Issues Correction and Apology to Preparedness Pro

It's not often that one finds a stand-up person to wholeheartedly admit mistakes with no intent to deflect the brunt of the wrongdoing, but this evening I received this note of apology from the author of the article which appeared in the Deseret News today, which article had cast doubt on the legitimacy of the "halting of canning" article that was so widespread amidst



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