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Firearms in Your Preparedness Supplies

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Firearms(Fair Warning: I'm speaking my mind a bit here with very little censoring...ahem...) In my opinion, any person who claims to be knowledgeable on the topic of  "emergency preparedness" but does NOT address the issue of firearms as a necessary component to  that kind of preparedness, is either a coward for not wanting to discuss such a “delicate” yet vital issue, or still has a long way to go in their quest for knowledge on the topic.  I have read and studied literally hundreds of books and “expert websites” on the topic of emergency preparedness, interviewed over 60 military, law enforcement and self-defense experts on the emergency preparedness and yet I have NEVER seen the need for firearms clearly addressed for any other purpose other than for “hunting” or the need to defend oneself against a roving pack of wild dogs.  Can we please dispense with the niceties and the "politically correct" discussions that have been created based on fear and hate-mongering rhetoric and let's talk in a very practical and common sense manner on the topic? I'm not talking about the "need" for a firearm so that you can kill someone who's hungry; I'm talking about the very realistic need of protecting yourself everyday AND in the midst of a disaster scenario. I'm all about restraining one's temper and only using fatal measures IF necessary, but there are many who won't even allow themselves to consider the reality of such measures being necessary. So, let's chat frankly for a moment, OK?

How to Know If You Have Enough

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I am frequently told that folks are storing food and water, etc., but aren’t sure whether or not they have enough.  Ironically, over 100 families who believe they were ready to survive off of their food and water storage for one year, were recently evaluated.  Only 5 of them indeed had enough for one year.  Knowing, really knowing whether you have enough can be a tough call since we’re so accustomed to living moment to moment in between runs to the grocery store.  

Thirty Minutes. Do You Feel Lucky Today?

If there ever is a cause for a run on the grocery stores, the supplies will be depleted in thirty minutes. That’s it.  One half hour warning is all you will have to get more food, more water, more produce, more seeds, more medical supplies, etc.—you and the rest of your community.  Yet in that thirty minutes, your local stores will only be able to supply less than 1% of your community with the goods they would need or hoard.  Do you really want to risk that you’ll be a part of that lucky 1% and that you’re fast enough to get all of your necessary goods available in that one half hour?

Embracing SPAM

Embracing SPAM



I’ve encountered some pretty strong facial expressions when I insinuate that having SPAM in one’s food storage is an asset.  And to be forthright, I totally get it.  Even when we were dirt poor, my mother never made us eat it.


However, I wasn’t educated in matters of emergency preparedness then either.  But I certainly am now, and as a result, have come to embrace the wonders of SPAM.  I’ve discovered that if I cook with it much like I would chicken or pork in a recipe, then it’s delightful.

MS-13 101

With all that is going on in your life, why should you be better informed of a gang of illegal immigrant rebels?  Because they are a realistic face of the harm which threatens your life, even your everyday life.  They are not an obscure gang.  In fact, the FBI defines MS-13 as the most organized crime entity in the U.S.  They are feared not solely because of their horrific violent acts, but due to their organization.  They specifically target middle and high school for recruitments.  They have no compunction of committing violent acts upon their fellow citizens, as they fear no repercussions.  


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