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EMP 101: Part I

What You Need to Know About the Likelihood of an EMP Attack on the U.S. A Multi-Part Preparedness Series

emp-attack-one-second-afterWhat do you really need to know about surviving--even thriving amidst an EMP??  

Focus on Fruits and Veggies

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I’ve conducted over 100 food storage evaluations over the last year and a half, and while there are a myriad of issues and common errors that many make, one thing that concerns me the most is a lack of emphasis on the storage of fruits and vegetables.  These items are critical in fulfilling the body’s need for fiber, vitamins and minerals.  The best weapon you can have in an emergency is your health and fruits and veggies are a key to providing this.  A focus on fruits and veggies has a great deal of lifesaving merit.

The Real Face of the Swine Flu

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Yes, The WHO has moved the swine flu alert level to level 6, the highest level available.  While some may speculate that this is merely a political move to free up funds for willy-nilly spending, understand that this is also a very historical move.  There are viable concerns about the swine flu.  This article intends to show you the real face of the H1N1 virus.  Here are a handful of facts that you truly do need to know.

The Ease and Magic of Growing Your Own Herbs

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Someone mentioned to me this morning that they wish they had a farm.  I personally have been wishing that I had a space for a real garden.  I have recently embraced the use of square foot gardening and one thing I decided to do this year in my garden that has me practically giddy is planting herbs in the space that I normally have planted flowers.  I have to tell you, I’m thrilled with the results.  I never fully knew about the ease and magic of growing your own herbs!  I can’t believe I’ve been paying $3 to $8 for a bottle of herbs that are easily grown in my “flower” garden!  Let’s start at the beginning.

Cutting Coupons—Sanity and Peace

cutting-couponsI can’t think of a single person I know who wouldn’t love more sanity and peace in their life.  But I suspect that very few of them would think of cutting coupons as a source of that sanity and peace, right?

Last Sunday at church, a guy gave a lesson to the whole congregation on financial preparedness and being financially prudent regardless of whether you’re struggling or not.  His advice was timely and right on.  

You Don’t Have To Waste Your Food Storage Money

waste-food-storage-moneyThere’s nothing sadder to me than when I see someone who’s finally started taking steps to build up their food storage, only to hear that they’ve wasted tons of money by having to throw food out.  I see folks buy foods regularly without being mindful of the best way to store it.  More unfortunate is that folks are throwing away perfectly good grains when there’s no need to.  The good news is that you don’t have to waste your food storage money this way.  I’m going to show you how to maximize every precious buck!  This article is to help you understand how NOT to waste all of that hard work and food storage money.


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