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Preparedness Mythbusters  What? You mean Wikipedia and Snopes and the ramblings on Facebook could be wrong? *ahem* When times get tough it’s no time to discover that you may have put stock in some nonsensical homespun tale. Preparedness Pro understands that acting upon correct information is just as important as preparedness efforts. So below you will find some of the more common myths we've heard and we'll be sure to add more as we encounter them.

Myth: Rotate your water storage every 6 months to 2 years.

GREAT Recipe to Share AND Announcing Our EcoZoom Stove Winner

Here's the winning recipe to share with all of you from our EcoZoom Stove Contest. And here's announcing the winner...


Drum Roll Please.......

The winner of the EcoZoom Stove Contest is Renee L.!  Congratulations to Renee for her winning entry "Elvis Presley Cake".  Thank you to all who sent in recipes for this contest.  It took us quite a while to go through and test them all, but Renee's recipe just hit us as FABULOUS. And we're going to share it with all of you as well.   Enjoy!


Elvis Presley Cake

The Irreplaceable Ultra Important Preparedness Tool--Part I

After watching the extensive devastation that’s happened in the Philippines and the Midwest region of the U.S. this past week, I felt the need to emphasize the most important resource that we all MUST have in order to be able to withstand something as devastating as what these millions of people have had to endure. 

Image Courtesy basketman at


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