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Bean Fest!

Today we’re going to take another look at beans and all of the GREAT things that you can do with them. I’m so enamored with the bounty of bean possibilities that I’ve set out the past 6 months to ensure that I have several hundred pounds of a variety of beans as well as an assortment of more than 40 different kinds of beans that I can grow which will provide me with endless possibilities of this staple thanks to my ability to acquire organic, non-hybrid, non-gmo beans.

Our Silent Partner

I have often shared that part of the reason why I do what I do is because I just can't handle the thought of millions and millions of people needlessly suffering when just a little bit of guidance, encouragement or support could have made a difference. My entire life is seasoned with the various answers to those prayers that I've offered--answered in the form of the right person at the right time to say or do the perfect thing.


G. Edward Griffin Warns of Rising Food Costs and Monetary Manipulation

  Personally, I'm more inclined to state that our government and their Wall Street and Federal Reserve cohorts are actually manipulating food prices in much the same way they are manipulating gold prices, fuel prices, ammo and firearm prices, and the value of the USD.


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