Because No One Else Will

The word "prepper" is sure being used a lot lately. Some people think that anyone that is a "prepper" must be crazy. Well, I  can tell you that a "prepper" is someone that is simply preparing for something in the future.

Each day we all prepare for something. When we buy groceries for the week, we are preparing for that week. We are being self reliant for that week. So think on a grander scale of things. Say we knew next month that all stores that sold food would be closed. Oh man, what are you going to do? Well, you aren't going to let your family starve that month. You know ahead of time so you are going to prepare.

We all should know that anything can happen at any given time. There may be a horrible storm, earthquake, war on our homeland, or any other number of things. We have to be ready. How do  you get ready you may wonder? Well, you have to figure what is best for your family. Bulk foods, dehydrated foods, freeze dried foods, canned foods or a mix of all of these.

You will need to store plenty of water for your family or find a source of water for your family. You will need to know how to protect yourself and your family.

If you are wanting to become a preparer, there are lots of places you can look for help. It is never to late to start. Sit, think, and begin a list of what you want to prepare.

Prepare for your family, because no one else will.


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So True every one is really prepping and dont even know it. and prepping for your family is first and for most

I am with you 100%.


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