Catching Up With Preparedness Pro

What’s Happening in the Preparedness Pro Calendar

PreparednessThis update highlights upcoming classes taught in Colorado Springs, a lifetime of FRESH nutrition for under $200, and a teaser of what’s next for The Preparedness Pro–Hollywood?? Just to name a few… Catching everyone up with the past 4 weeks feels a little more like trying to catch the jet plane from Salt Lake City after it’s already landed at JFK airport, but I’ll do my best because I’d feel awful if I looked back a few weeks from now and realized that I never shared a few important tidbits. So here we go…

I’m Coming to Your House

houseI have to say, this is my most hated and loathed 5 word sentence.  Anyone who has the temerity to take control of their future though, aka practices self-reliance, has heard these words, or a derivative thereof way too many times.

“When things get rough, I’m coming to YOUR house!” “Why do I need to prepare for anything? I’ll just go to my parents house?” “If the world comes to an end, I’ll just get my gun and find me a Mormon.”

Mama Bear of 8

Nobody wants to be afraid. Most people wear blinders to threats of natural disaster and civil strife. Pretending everything will be fine and nothing can or will happen to them. You either will live in fear and do what the “Joneses” do or you will PREP. I have FINALLY chosen Read more…