Yes, You Can Easily Can Meat

meat-butcherIf you’re like me, you’re an avid meat eater.  I plan on having meat protein in at least one meal a day, even during an emergency.  Rather than relying on my hunting skills or the availabilty of tasty game after a nuclear blast, a hurricane, or an earthquake, I’ve made sure to store chicken, turkey, SPAM, seafood, and beef.  However, I got sick of paying $4 to $6 a pound real fast!  I also didn’t really want to eat “jerky” for a whole year either.  So I simply HAD to find out for myself whether or not it’s possible to can “bottle” meat.  Sure enough, YES, it is.  And it’s EASY to can meat!

Food Storage Dishes Fit for a King

Many are reluctant to take food storage preparations seriously due to a fear that they will have to live merely on beans and rice.  While I do enjoy a good meal of beans and rice, I’ll admit the thought of it makes me somewhat depressed.  As a professional preparedness consultant, I can assure you that your meals need not be any less enjoyable during an emergency than they are now.  You can truly anticipate meals that are fit for a king, even when you’re living off of your storable commodities.

Food is the Best Investment

[caption id="attachment_725" align="alignright" width="216" caption="Photo: James Davies"]Photo: James Davies[/caption] With the market being the way it is, many are asking what is the safest investment nowadays.  I’ll tell you.  FOOD.  FOOD is the BEST investment today.

Why?  Because if used properly, it’s life saving.  A meal today will always be worth a meal tomorrow.  Food is the best investment because Wall Street can never alter its impact on our appetites.

water storage

Better than FREE Food Storage!

Why don’t I believe someone who says they don’t have food storage because they can’t afford it?  Because chances are, these are the same folks who wouldn’t focus on food and water preparedness even if they had the funds.  Sad but true.  Why do I say this?  First of water storageall WATER STORAGE is FREE and yet I rarely see a person who has even a semblance of the amount of water they need.  Surely they have empty 2-liter bottles that they can use to store clean water in the event of an emergency.  And if they don’t, they sure as heck know someone who does.

But What about a Fire?

[caption id="attachment_693" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo c/o"]House fire[/caption] I’m not afraid of an earthquake.  I’m not afraid of a famine or a pandemic.  I’m not afraid of a nuclear attack.  And in some sadistic moments I hope that some idiot will actually try and harm me or my family so that I can put my firearm self-defense training to good use.  🙂  Obviously, the absence of fear is one of the fruits of being prepared.  But what about a fire?

Preserving Fresh Eggs

 eggs As I’ve been writing and researching recipes for my Emergency Preparedness cookbook, I’ve had an aversion to using any of my recipes which include eggs except for baking recipes.  While you can use the old egg-substitute concoction of gelatin*, or dry packed eggs, these alternatives are really only good for baking.  Dog gone it.  I KNOW that I’m going to crave real eggs in the midst of a crisis.  So I wanted to figure out a way to preserve fresh eggs for me and my family.

A Crisis of Choice

   OK. It’s no secret.  I could very easily be called “zealous” in my preparedness efforts.  Some lovingly or ignorantly (I don’t mind which) may even call me “paranoid.”  That’s OK.  The bottom line is I’m ready for the majority of crises that may occur.

Beans for Dessert

beansYou bet.  Even in an emergency you can feed your kids healthy, but scrumptious desserts!  Beans are incredibly versatile.  As you know they are also an excellent source of protein and Vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, and thiamine.  The human body even thrives when this particular food is relied upon.  It’s great for aiding digestive problems (ergo the creation of “Beano”), circulation, diabetes, and weight control.