Cake with Six Candles
20 Mar 2014 by filed in Entrepreneurship
 It’s My Birthday! (at least it WAS when I was writing this) *grin*  To celebrate, I’ve got LOTS of fabulous surprises in store for all of our readers that we’ve been working on for more than a year. But now I finally get to share SIX of them with you!!! 6 years ago, today, I officially founded Preparedness Pro. It just so happened to coincide with my own birthday. At the time, I was working hard in the world of finance and didn’t need something else on my plate, but I had a voice that I felt...
18 Nov 2010 by filed in Food Preparedness
Some of you are definitely going to regret reading this, especially those of you who do any type of canning. When it comes to canning I often ask myself why someone never came up with an alternative to the flat lid portion that has to be replaced all the time.  I mean really, for over 75 years we’ve been doing canning the same way.  Well, hang on to your Blackberry’s folks, 'cause enlightenment has come—to a man no less! *grin* Go figure. (Seriously, I’m shocked that it wasn’t a woman who...
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