Catching Up With Preparedness Pro

What’s Happening in the Preparedness Pro Calendar

PreparednessThis update highlights upcoming classes taught in Colorado Springs, a lifetime of FRESH nutrition for under $200, and a teaser of what’s next for The Preparedness Pro–Hollywood?? Just to name a few… Catching everyone up with the past 4 weeks feels a little more like trying to catch the jet plane from Salt Lake City after it’s already landed at JFK airport, but I’ll do my best because I’d feel awful if I looked back a few weeks from now and realized that I never shared a few important tidbits. So here we go…


Just Gloves

We’ve been told to remember our hat, our coat, and sometimes even a clean pair of underwear, but in my opinion, no preparedness glovesefforts are complete without the proper gloves. Yup, gloves—and I’m not talking about the obvious ones needed to protect our hands from freezing weather. I’m talking about the other gloves that you’ll wish you had if you get thrown any of the potential curve balls of more widespread and challenging times.