Do It Yourself Grains

So to start off let me ask you a question. Do you have your rice?

I don’t know about you, but rice is one of my “must have” staples in my home. It is a part of the 350 pounds of grains I have per person for a year’s supply.  I especially love the heartiness which my brown rice affords me. But there are some rough roads ahead in this regard due to the flooding which is going on in our heartland area.

Preparedness Pro in Your Kitchen

by Kellene

[caption id="attachment_5006" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Solar Oven Chicken. Yum"][/caption]

As all of our regular readers know, I LOVE to cook!  You may also know that I fully expect to love to cook even in the midst of a full day, camping out, or in the event the power company experiences a breakdown. Yup. The last thing I fear about an apocalyptic event is eating garbage. But I realize that many of you don’t feel quite so enthusiastic about preparing your favorite dishes under challenging circumstances.  So, I’d like to help you out.  What I’d like to do is help you adapt your favorite dishes to more Everyday Preparedness methods.

Easy Recipe Day

Today I’ve been doing a lot of research on future articles while my stomach grumbled—I’m ignoring it for now. But for some reason I’ve been fantasizing about all kinds of quick meals that I wanted to make tonight for dinner. And if it’s a quick, nutritious meal, then it’s bound to have a pressure cooker involved (at least in my house). So I realized that I could share some of these recipes with you. The first two are made in a pressure cooker, the other two are made simply in regular pans. They are recipes that I would make from my pantry for the most part. So I hope you enjoy them.