20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions Will Return

dust bowlSome of you may be completely  unaware of what is meant when the phrase “dust bowl” is used. As a quick tutorial, the dust bowl was a devastating time in the history of our nation in which we had burdensome drought conditions coupled by extreme high temperatures, destructive winds, and harsh erosion in the 1930’s. This onslaught of dust affected the majority of the nation in one way or another because this dust bowl weather pattern sorely taxed already struggling farmers as a result of economic breakdowns endured during this time as well. Dust bowl means that crops fail, cattle die, and farmers lose their land to banks because they are unable to keep up on their payments.  The harsh weather conditions lasted from 1933 to 1940. Rain finally came in 1941. During that time people moved from rural settings to suburban ones. You can imagine what kind of economic impact such devastation brought to the rest of the nation.


Zeroing In On Our Drinking Water Needs

waterYes, I admit. I harp about water, water, water virtually non-stop. But I realize that perhaps I haven’t provided you with a thorough foundation as to why I’m so seriously convinced that a self-reliant water scenario is a serious issue for families of any and every size, regardless of what your water source is. Municipal, river, spring, well, etc. They all have some realistic vulnerabilities for which we should prepare in an effort of self-reliance.

Peaceful Preparedness in Action

Today I posted a question for our Facebook readers. “What is one aspect of preparedness that you feel comfortable with right now?”  Unfortunately, for the most part the answers were riddled with regrets and superimposed labels of failure. I was a bit saddened to read some of the responses because the “cure” is so incredibly easy and yet there were many who were beating  themselves up for not having “arrived” at the perfect state of preparedness.

The Necessity of Water Storage INSIDE Your Home

A couple of weekends ago I was visiting with a wonderful couple who live out in the middle of a gorgeous portion of what I call “God’s country.” Their house was up at the top of a hill with 20 acres and a beautiful, rolling stream nearby.  They were conscientious of many of the principles of preparedness—more so that most I get to visit with.  However, when I asked about their Water Preparedness, one of them said to me, “What do I need that for?” He knew he needed water, of course, but he saw no need to make room for any water storage inside his home when he had a beautiful natural source outside.  Unfortunately, as I began to share just a few of the reasons why this would be important, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to share anything new with him. He felt quite physically strong at the time, I’m sure, and perhaps even invincible to what might someday pollute the water outside his home, making his outside water unfit and even deadly to drink.

Permission to Be Lazy With Your Water Storage—Sort of

Last night I attended a fascinating medical lecture. The speaker certainly knew his stuff on how to use nutrition and oxygen and plant botanicals to heal the human body. You could tell that he wasn’t some newcomer to the scene of health and science. His 15 years of lecturing came through beautifully. I certainly  know that my health will be better for  having attended.  He also did an amazing job in better illustrating for me about the ills of canola oil and other vegetable oils, synthetics in our food, etc. Anyway, for some reason he was asked a question from the audience about water storage. What the audience member thought that had to do with his topic was beyond me, but he went ahead and took time to give her his opinion about water storage—the only problem was he was just a tad off.

Hydration-Water Preparedness

by Kellene

[caption id="attachment_4558" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Hydration is more important than you realize"]water[/caption]

When I mention water to folks as being a part of preparedness, I usually get a response that reveals they are thinking solely of storing water for the purposes of drinking, cooking, and sanitation. But what many people do not realize is vital role that consuming water today plays into your Water Preparedness.

The California Water Crisis

Every once in a while it’s good to bring the “what if” scenarios a little closer to home. Sometimes an emergency doesn’t need to be brought on by Mother Nature, or a major financial collapse. Sometimes it can be brought to the forefront by a lack of common sense. So today I thought I’d share this clip with you regarding a very real, man-made water crisis in California. This is indeed a man-made disaster. But it is real nonetheless, with real consequences, dire in nature. It gives us just one more reason to remind us that we need to be prepared with appropriate stores of food, water, and financial strength.