Expiration dates

Catching Up With the Truth About Expiration Dates and Butter

Expiration datesIt’s interesting. Over the last year and a half, I have taken a lot of flack because I had the audacity to encourage folks to use their food items well past the expiration date and have also advocated bottling your own butter. “You’re going to be responsible for killing people!” one woman wrote.  “Who do you think you are?” said another. Well, folks, I still stand by my outlandish practice of ignoring expiration dates on food, and I don’t plan on dying from bottled butter either.  But I did get a bit of satisfaction recently when one of the lame-stream media dared to support my position—albeit softly.

The Necessity of Toilet Paper

by Kellene [caption id="attachment_4713" align="alignright" width="254" caption="Do you have enough toilet paper in your storage?"]toilet paper[/caption] Yesterday I came across an “emergency preparedness blog” that was alarmingly incorrect. It was a basic topic, but it was addressed in a very misguided manner. The author wrote about what she plans to use in an emergency for her toilet hygiene—rags instead of toilet paper. So as not to risk educating anyone incorrectly, rather than providing a link to the article I will instead provide a few summations of the article which she posted on this national “preppers” site.

You Don’t Have To Waste Your Food Storage Money

waste-food-storage-moneyThere’s nothing sadder to me than when I see someone who’s finally started taking steps to build up their food storage, only to hear that they’ve wasted tons of money by having to throw food out.  I see folks buy foods regularly without being mindful of the best way to store it.  More unfortunate is that folks are throwing away perfectly good grains when there’s no need to.  The good news is that you don’t have to waste your food storage money this way.  I’m going to show you how to maximize every precious buck!  This article is to help you understand how NOT to waste all of that hard work and food storage money.