Tomato soup, recipe
20 Dec 2013 by filed in Recipes
Brrr it is cold outside and when the weather is like this there is nothing more warming from the top of your head to the tip of your toes than a pot of hot, steaming delicious soup. It just hits the spot.  So, today I am double dog daring you to make this soup and not drool over it!  Make sure you have some crusty French bread to serve with it.  And YES it can most certainly be made with shelf-stable foods including powdered sour cream, cream cheese, powdered whipping cream (that you can get...
09 Apr 2010 by filed in Food Preparedness
Hey, it's Friday! This means that the Preparedness Pro is going to adapt one of your favorite dishes and make it with shelf-stable items that you can use with or without electricity. Today’s shelf-stable recipe is one of my husband’s favorite. It’s a mild twist on a Shepherds Pie recipe my mom used to make. However, Mom’s recipe took too much time and didn’t consist of items that I could just pull off of my shelf.  Whenever I make this for friends and family, they typically declare it as their...
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