Ensure the Peace

  I’m convinced that the difference between peace and misery is practice—especially when it comes to preparedness. Practice is a very powerful educator and every time I practice, it is a time when I learn something new; see the scenario a little differently, recognize weaknesses which cause me to reevaluate Read more…

Who’s Blackmailing You?


Live your life.  Don’t leverage it.

preparednessIn the world of “emergency preparedness” which any regular reader of mine will know that I don’t subscribe to, it is common to hear proposals to “get off the grid.”  Typically what that entails is someone living via their own food, water, and electric production. In some instances it may even encourage a hermit type of lifestyle.  Well, in understanding reality, I believe that the hermit aspect of being off the grid is unrealistic.  People, by nature, are a social lot thus making self-imposed exile unrealistic.  However, we still have the right and even a duty to be very particular of the company we keep, right? So today, I’m going to point out some villainous low lifes, that I recommend you cease associating with as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I realize this

Hydration-Water Preparedness

by Kellene

[caption id="attachment_4558" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Hydration is more important than you realize"]water[/caption]

When I mention water to folks as being a part of preparedness, I usually get a response that reveals they are thinking solely of storing water for the purposes of drinking, cooking, and sanitation. But what many people do not realize is vital role that consuming water today plays into your Water Preparedness.

The Law of Contrasts

[caption id="attachment_4018" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Are you looking at homes that are way out of your price range?"]Contrasts[/caption]

It’s common in the world of real estate sales for a realtor to show their prospective buyers homes that are WAY out of their price range in order to soften them up enough to buy a home that is a bit above their intended price range. By viewing all of the larger homes, the buyers are usually more willing to accept a home that may be a bit more than what they were willing to pay, but still be manageable in contrast to the enormous homes they have already viewed.  This strategy works well in a myriad of sales fields and is a strategy called “the law of contrasts.” Today, I’m going to use that same strategy on you. *grin*