The Tattler Tale—Canning Heaven

Some of you are definitely going to regret reading this, especially those of you who do any type of canning.

When it comes to canning I often ask myself why someone never came up with an alternative to the flat lid portion that has to be replaced all the time.  I mean really, for over 75 years we’ve been doing canning the same way.  Well, hang on to your Blackberry’s folks, ’cause enlightenment has come—to a man no less! *grin* Go figure. (Seriously, I’m shocked that it wasn’t a woman who thought of this since it’s usually women who do the canning in the home.)

Two weekends ago I found the Holy Grail of canning supplies—REUSABLE CANNING LIDS!! Yes, there IS a God and he inspired a unique man by the name of Loren Steig from Michigan (we can’t all have the good fortune of being Buckeyes, I guess).