A Worthwhile Library for 2012

, The Preparedness Pro

One of the things that I enjoy most about the beginnings of a new year is laying out my list of library books to study that year based on what librarymy new targeted aspect of self-reliance is for that year. For example, this past year my goal was to master auricular therapy and to at least try my hand at raised garden beds. This year I want to master making artisan breads and some other alternative health care modalities. So I mosey over to Amazon and do some looking around based on my chosen topics, add the library books to my wish list and purchase them throughout the year. (I frequently purchase used library books because they are can be significantly less than the new ones and in great condition.)

Get Out of Dodge–“Urban Survival”

I was once asked to teach more about urban survival “because all anyone ever says is that you have to get out of the city when disaster strikes.” I also came across a radio show host who ostensibly discusses urban survival every week on her show. Well, I hope she’s got a very creative mind because if I were to address “urban survival” it would last about one hour, because frankly, there’s no such thing as urban survival folks. When it comes to dealing with a bona fide disaster, you need to get out of the city, plain and simple. This means that there’s a reason why you “only hear instructions to get out of the city when disaster strikes assuming you expect to last longer than a couple of weeks, at best. The problem, though, is that the longer you wait to get out of the city, the more dangerous your exit will be and the more problems will confront you as well.

Menses Preparedness

(Sorry folks. It had to be addressed eventually.) This will either be the worst article you’ve read from me, or, if you’re female, it may be one of the best. menses-preparation-TampaxLadies, exactly what do you intend to do during a prolonged emergency survival situation when you’re not able to obtain feminine products which you’ve grown accustomed to? I admit, I’m storing loads of these kinds of products, but frankly, I’m intending to use feminine pads as bandages, if necessary.