Eggsactly Right

Like many, I tend to be an emotional eater. And dog-gone-it, if I want a fried egg, I want a fried egg. And no amount of seasoning of French name-calling will sufficiently entice me to mentally switch from the envisioned savor of a fried egg to settle for an omelet made from powdered eggs. Yes, this certainly is a problem if I find myself completely out of real, honest to goodness eggs!  Powdered eggs and other egg substitutes are great for baking and such, but there’s just nothing else that compares to a real  fried egg, over medium–not to mention the fact that it’s also been impossible thus far for me to make my sinfully delicious cream puffs with any of the substitutes. So, not one to leave something as important as a hankering for a fried egg to chance, I’m happy to say that there’s a great alternative to powdered eggs or “egg substitutes.