EVERYTHING You Wanted to Know On the “Federal Agent’s Raid on the LDS Cannery” Story

Holy cow! What a mess!!! Here’s a breakdown of the latest “drama” in the world of preparedness. I will forewarn you though; I have gone into great detail on the matter of whether or not the whole Federal Agents, Raid, Demand Customer List, LDS Cannery, Mormon Food Storage Facility” is true. Not only did I do some major “gum shoeing” on this story but I also share some baseline facts here that really should be considered before you make an opinion on this matter. Hopefully you’ll find this information helpful and by the end of it you can base your opinion and act in your best interests and that of your family’s preparedness efforts.

The Necessity of Water Storage INSIDE Your Home

A couple of weekends ago I was visiting with a wonderful couple who live out in the middle of a gorgeous portion of what I call “God’s country.” Their house was up at the top of a hill with 20 acres and a beautiful, rolling stream nearby.  They were conscientious of many of the principles of preparedness—more so that most I get to visit with.  However, when I asked about their Water Preparedness, one of them said to me, “What do I need that for?” He knew he needed water, of course, but he saw no need to make room for any water storage inside his home when he had a beautiful natural source outside.  Unfortunately, as I began to share just a few of the reasons why this would be important, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to share anything new with him. He felt quite physically strong at the time, I’m sure, and perhaps even invincible to what might someday pollute the water outside his home, making his outside water unfit and even deadly to drink.

Paying Attention to Foreshadowing

In light of California’s newest law to go into effect as well as the uncertain future regarding our access to quality foods, I am in a definite buying mood. “Buying what?” you may ask—ammo and seeds and just about anything that goes along with that including quality gardening tools, ammo storage containers, more range time for practice, etc. etc. If you’ve been too busy to see the recent news, allow me to catch you up to speed. (Important update: California ammo law has been shut down! Yah! http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Read.aspx?ID=6128)