Paranoid Privacy

ParanoidI wonder what would have been the result of the Revolutionary War if the heads of the British Army possessed a list of the names of every patriot and patriot sympathizer, a list of owned firearms, military experience, special wartime skills, who had extensive supplies and where, as well as a listing of what vulnerabilities each head of household had such as wives and children that they cared about.  It might also have been helpful to the British if they had a list of all known relatives and friends of the revolutionists so that they could best determine where the patriots might flee for safety or meet for strategy sessions. In fact, the British were provided with a great deal of this intelligence by cowardly, non-sympathetic citizens who were loyal to the Crown. Thankfully, ultimately it wasn’t enough for them to win the war.  It is my belief that the British’s loss was primarily due to the lack of knowledge they had about the revolutionary citizens.  As a result, the American citizens, their weapons and their resolve were an invaluable element of surprise for the British which defined the outcome of the war. Nothing can be more underestimated in a time of war than the element of surprise combined with a deep passion and commitment.