Cooking Rice or Pasta with Little to No Water

Many of the meals in the U.S. rely on the delicious addition of pasta or rice to soak up all of the great meat juices or gourmet sauces. Pasta is a great filler for a meal, is loved as a comfort food for many, and is a significant part of the recommend 350 pounds of grains, per person per year that self-reliant persons have on hand for their family. The problem, though, is that the preparation of pasta usually requires a significant amount of water and fuel to make properly. While few of us would ever consider this thought when cooking among running water and on the modern appliances we enjoy in our kitchen, this fact presents a challenge if we are ever in need of making some drastic modifications in these cooking and eating habits in the future.


Grain: How Much and How to Cook


grainLast weekend I wanted to create a recipe in which I could successfully use wheat pasta as a grain in our diet. My husband tends to be just as picky as any of the kids I know when it comes to eating “healthy foods” so when he declared the culinary creation one of his favorite top 10, I was thrilled and relieved.  Relieved because it meant that I wasn’t going to have to eat the leftovers single-handedly, and thrilled because it was an easy one for me to make.  I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you down below. Before I do that though, I wanted to clear up some of the confusion that folks have about how much wheat they should store and what they should be able to do with it. So here goes.

Easy Recipe Day

Today I’ve been doing a lot of research on future articles while my stomach grumbled—I’m ignoring it for now. But for some reason I’ve been fantasizing about all kinds of quick meals that I wanted to make tonight for dinner. And if it’s a quick, nutritious meal, then it’s bound to have a pressure cooker involved (at least in my house). So I realized that I could share some of these recipes with you. The first two are made in a pressure cooker, the other two are made simply in regular pans. They are recipes that I would make from my pantry for the most part. So I hope you enjoy them.